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Laser cutting machine as an advanced processing technology has an unparalleled role in the manufacturing process of industrial robots

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers learned: According to the China Robot Industry Alliance, in 2013, China's industrial robot sales reached 36560 units, an increase of 60% year-on-year, and has surpassed Japan to become the world's largest robot power.
Based on an average 10-year life expectancy of robots, the number of robots in China in 2013 was about 130,000, accounting for about 5% of the world's industrial robots. The number of robots is still less than 310,000 in Japan in 2012, and 16 in the US and Germany. 10,000 units and 140,000 units in South Korea, ranking fifth in the world. Based on the current CAGR of China's industrial robot sales at 36% and Japan's CAGR of 4%, China's industrial robot inventory is expected to surpass Japan in 2017 to reach the world's number one position. Looking at the indicator of robot possession per 1,000 people, there are only 23 units per 1,000 people in China, less than 1/10 of Japan, and there is a large gap from the world average of 55 units. From this perspective, the market demand for industrial robots in China is still broad.
Laser cutting, as an advanced processing technology, plays an unparalleled role in the manufacturing process of industrial robots.
Laser cutting applications on industrial robots Laser cutting is widely used in mechanical processing and other fields, and it is playing an increasingly important role in improving product quality, improving labor productivity, reducing processing costs, and reducing material consumption. With the advent of high-power fiber lasers for optical fiber transmission and the continuous improvement of the positioning accuracy of industrial robots, the use of industrial robots for laser cutting has become a hot spot in the field of robot applications and laser cutting.
At CIMES2014, this application has also gained widespread popularity. The laser cutting system is an innovative combination of a fixed laser generator and a robot motion sequence. By fully integrating the laser beam guidance device into the robot arm, this requires The flexibility and high accuracy of the robot arm are most typical of Stäubli's TX90L laser cutting robot. The laser beam is centered on the operation of the TX90L robot. The laser beam moves on the workpiece under the control of a precise robot. When the robot follows the contour of the workpiece, the laser beam works to achieve the effect of cutting. TX90L robot is a high-precision, highly flexible six-axis robot with high path repeat accuracy, and it takes up very little space under a specified payload.
Current status of the domestic laser cutting market In 2013, the laser cutting machine market rose generally between 4% and 10%, and the imported brand laser cutting machine rose generally around 10% or even higher. With the increase of operating income, many macroeconomic factors such as rising raw materials and rising labor costs have greatly increased the operating burden of enterprises. China's current macroeconomic environment has become the main reason for the changes in the laser cutting machine market. From a long-term perspective, China's economy is still in an adjustment period, or "second round of adjustment-type growth period." No new upward trend will be formed, and periodic and phased adjustments are still not in place. The adjustment not in place includes two meanings: one is that economic growth is not in the end; the other is that the economic structural adjustment is far from being completed, and it can even be said that it has just begun.
Summary of laser cutting machine manufacturers There are many domestic companies and laser cutting companies, some companies such as Jinyun Laser have now used the industrial robot body as the object of motion control. The laser cutting robot not only has the characteristics of flexible robot movement and high flexibility, but also has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good quality, and narrow slit, etc., which meets the requirements of the development of modern manufacturing industry. In the context of the robot market's popularity, the laser cutting market, which is an indispensable part of the robot manufacturing process, has great prospects. With the innovative combination of laser cutting robots, the domestic laser cutting awards have been rising.
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