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Three major applications of 3D laser scanning technology

Release time: 2014.10.20 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
Three-dimensional laser scanning technology is currently mainly applied in the fields of digital protection of cultural relics, civil engineering, industrial measurement, restoration and preservation of historical and ancient buildings, etc., and its application in the field of geological disaster emergency investigation is still in the exploratory stage. This time, a large-scale engineering geological mapping and survey of Danjiang Reservoir was carried out using a three-dimensional laser scanner, and a set of overall technical routes and processes for three-dimensional laser scanning mapping and modeling of geological disasters were developed, realizing a three-dimensional, intuitive and comprehensive Displaying the full picture of geological disaster bodies, enriching the technical means of geological disaster body investigations and the manifestation of surveying and mapping results, not only reducing the work costs of the geological disaster prevention department, improving the decision-making level of emergency, investigation, and comprehensive prevention, but also for Hubei in the geological The popularization and application of 3D laser scanning technology in the field of disaster mapping has laid a theoretical foundation.
3D laser scanning technology, also known as "real-world replication technology", scans any complex scene environment and space, and directly completes large-scale, complex, irregular, standard or non-standard entities or real-world 3D data To the computer to quickly reconstruct the 3D model of the target and various mapping data such as lines, areas, volumes, and space. At the same time, the 3D laser point cloud data it collects can also be used for various post-processing tasks (such as : Mapping, metrology, analysis, simulation, simulation, display, monitoring, virtual reality, etc.), it is a symmetrical application tool for various forward engineering tools, namely: reverse engineering tools. All the collected 3D point cloud data and 3D modeling data can be converted to a variety of forward engineering software directly through the standard interface format.
Three-dimensional laser scanning technology has six application directions:
1. It can be used for system simulation, strategic planning, actual effect postponement, computer simulation, pre-research and rehearsal, virtual reality analysis and evaluation of various project tasks and product strategies.
2.It can be used for on-site acquisition of raw original 3D data and structural shapes, non-linear acquisition, rapid prototyping, 3D archiving, redesign, transformation and improvement, reverse 3D reconstruction, task simulation, simulation and evaluation, post-surveying measurement, storage capacity measurement, Structural property analysis and reverse engineering, verification of forward design, various structural property tests and tests, etc.
3. It can be used for engineering planning, hoisting, assembly, pipeline wiring, scheme evaluation, verification, layout simulation, three-dimensional visual management, etc. in transformation projects.
4.It can be used for deformation, aging, maintenance, inspection, monitoring, renovation, updating, processing, imitation research, imitation, structural analysis, strength analysis, static and dynamic analysis, loading analysis, collision test, structural simulation, internal view, etc. .. (such as: through stress analysis, finite element analysis, deformation analysis, structural property analysis, etc.). 5, can be used for enterprise visual management and virtual reality applications, such as: training, training, testing, virtual manufacturing, virtual design, virtual experiment, virtual scene, visual data resources of the simulator, evaluation, simulation, facility management, 3D archiving, Facility maintenance, GIS display, ...
6. It can be used for 2D drawing restoration of facilities (for example: for obsolete facilities, facilities with long-term disrepair, facilities with data loss, facilities with aging and deformation, etc.) and paperless operations.
The application range of 3D laser scanning technology is also very wide:
Quantitative real-world objects, 3D information collection, reverse 3D reconstruction, reverse 3D modeling spatial data inversion, object reverse travel design, pre-research and imitation, virtual reality application forward engineering contradiction, reverse engineering implementation, conceptual design simulation, reverse Analysis of drawing reduction structure characteristics, experimental engineering simulation, post-data measurement and measurement, target deformation monitoring engineering technical efficiency evaluation, computer simulation actual combat, environmental adaptation simulation, engineering mechanics analysis counter simulation deduction, enterprise paperless operation, virtual design manufacturing, subject effect test Integrate three-dimensional resources, create three-dimensional processes, tooling process planning, improvement and reconstruction of historical resource repairs, task plan optimization, object loading simulation, facility maintenance and repair mold design and manufacturing, prototype sample three-dimensional, mechanical and electrical product testing, three-dimensional modeling design, mold design and restoration The analysis of the application of 3D laser scanning technology in the analysis of compression mold casting inspection, process inspection inspection, and measurement mapping is as follows:
The 3D laser scanning technology is different from the simple mapping technology (because traditional high-precision mapping technology is already many and sufficient), it is mainly oriented to high-precision reverse 3D modeling and reconstruction. You know, traditional mapping technology is mainly a single point Accurate measurement, but can't help when using it for modeling, because describing the complete properties of the target structure requires a large number of surveying and mapping points collection, ranging from tens of thousands, as many as millions, so that the target can be completely moved to Coming from a computer, this problem is solved with the help of modern high-precision sensing technology. 3D laser scanning technology is such a fully automatic high-precision stereo scanning technology.
The application of 3D laser scanning technology is very broad. It is a symmetrical application of forward modeling (such as: CATIA, UG, CAD, ...), so it is called reverse modeling technology (such as from solid or real scene). Directly restore the model). Reverse modeling can reconstruct the changes in design, production, experiment, and use, and then analyze various structural characteristics (such as deformation, stress, efficiency, process, process, attitude, prediction, etc.), inspection, Simulation, simulation, CIMS, CMMS, virtual reality, flexible manufacturing, virtual manufacturing, virtual assembly, etc. This is very important for software such as finite element analysis, engineering mechanics analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, etc., and can be used for tasks with suitable accuracy. Perform post-processing mapping, measurement, etc.
In short, spatial data is a complex, interlaced, and changing attribute. Surface structure is only one of this attribute, and the task of reverse engineering will also be accompanied by environmental quantification, virtual manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, tooling technology, workpiece assembly, digital The applications of factories, process operations, visual simulation, virtual reality, etc. have been extended and expanded, and the horizontal application of society will be further broadened. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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