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China's small and medium power laser cutting equipment market sales may reach 1.6 billion yuan

Release time: 2014.10.24 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Laser technology is one of the four major inventions of the twentieth century that are famous for atomic energy, semiconductors, and computers. For more than three decades, laser-based laser technology has developed rapidly in China, and has been widely used in various fields such as industrial production, communications, information processing, medical and health, military, cultural education, and scientific research. Very good economic and social benefits will play an increasingly important role in national economic and social development.
Analysts point out that the commercial use of lasers originated in the United States. After the 1980s, with the development of economic globalization, more and more industrialized countries found that laser processing has a huge potential demand for replacing traditional manufacturing technologies, and developed the laser industry one after another. Japan and Europe, especially Germany The industry is rapidly rising, and the commercialization of lasers is becoming more and more widespread. According to relevant statistics, in the developed European and American industrial countries, 70% -90% of parts are cut and welded by laser processing . Since then, developing countries have increased their investment in the research and development of the laser industry, and have occupied an increasingly important position in the commercial laser market.
In recent years, China has intensified the implementation of laser processing technology industrialization. Industrial enterprises have gradually introduced laser equipment into production to replace traditional processing methods or add new processes, which has promoted the steady development of the laser industry. The sales of laser equipment market in 2001 was only 632 million yuan, and by 2013 it had exceeded 6 billion yuan. The laser equipment market showed a steady and rapid growth.
The "2014-2018 China Laser Industry In-depth Research and Prospect Forecast Report" shows that China is in a critical period of manufacturing industry upgrading, and traditional production processes are facing urgent needs for upgrading. At present, in the downstream industries such as clothing and home textiles, packaging and printing, furniture decoration, the penetration rate of laser equipment is less than 2%. Therefore, the recovery, integration and industrial upgrading of these downstream industries will bring huge market demand to this industry.
In 2008, China's small and medium power laser cutting equipment market sales were about 402 million yuan, accounting for about 12% of the total laser equipment market sales. Affected by the global economic crisis, the growth rate of China's small and medium power laser cutting equipment market slowed down in 2009, with sales of about 449 million yuan. In 2010, the sweat growth rate increased rapidly and maintained a rapid growth. In 2012, the scale of China's small and medium power laser cutting machines was RMB 1.04 billion. In 2013, the market size of China's small and medium power laser cutting equipment reached 1.304 billion. The sales scale of cutting equipment market may reach 1.6 billion yuan.
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