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Laser marking machine cold water tank flow switch protection device maintenance instructions steps

Release time: 2014.10.25 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
The laser marking machine cold water tank flow switch protection device automatically disconnects the laser power when the light flow is too small to prevent the laser head from overheating due to lack of water. If the flow switch fails, there are generally two cases. One is that the flow switch signal cannot be turned on after the water is turned on, causing the laser power supply to fail to be powered on. The second is that the flow shape signal has been turned on without water. The laser power supply can work even when there is no water flow in the cold water tank, which may cause the laser hair to heat up or burn out.

Therefore, the maintenance and replacement of the cold water tank flow switch is particularly important. The following are the maintenance guide steps for the flow switch device:

1. First remove the filter mounting plate as a whole.

2. Take out the small wrench of the dirty water pipe connector, unscrew the top cover screw of the chiller, and take out the rear cover.

3. The flow switch is installed in the middle part of the water inlet pipe. The signal line is connected to the circuit board with a connector and can be replaced as a whole. The sensor is fixed to the black water pipe connector, and the disc stopper and the magnet cone can be removed inside the black water pipe connector Two parts.

4. Disassemble the disc baffle and the magnet push head to check whether there is any deformation or damage, and impurities and glass fragments are stuck. After cleaning, reinstall and check whether the signal is normal. If it is still abnormal, consider replacing the flow switch device as a whole. .

5. Detect the flow signal of the laser marking machine : open the back of the laser marking machine control cabinet, find the electric control box, find the flow signal line of the water chiller corresponding to the water protection; adjust the multimeter to determine whether it is conducting, and turn on the chiller After 1 minute of normal operation, you can determine whether the flow signal of the chiller is normal when measuring whether the flow signal of the fen water tank does not have the chiller on or off. Can make the laser power supply power, you should focus on troubleshooting the cold water tank system, flow signal problems
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