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Robots and automatic laser welding technology in the process of automobile welding have greatly changed the face of automobile welding

Release time: 2014.11.03 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Laser equipment , laser cutting machine manufacturers analyze welding is a necessary process method in modern machinery manufacturing, and is widely used in automobile manufacturing. With the progress of science and technology, the welding of coated steel plates and light metal materials has brought new challenges to automotive welding. Robots and automated laser welding technology in the process of automobile welding have greatly changed the face of automobile welding. The rapid development of the automotive industry has made laser welding technology a new era in automotive welding.
1. The characteristics of laser welding technology In the automobile manufacturing process, welding is an indispensable process on the automobile assembly line. Generally speaking, body welding mainly includes resistance welding, seam welding, carbon dioxide welding and other methods. In the welding of parts, the welding technologies applied also include flash welding, electron beam welding, bolt welding, pulse welding, friction welding and so on. In recent years, the world's latest laser welding technology has appeared and is developing rapidly.

Different from the current traditional spot welding process, laser welding can achieve the molecular bonding between two steel plates. In general, the hardness of the steel plate after welding is equivalent to that of a whole steel plate, thereby improving the strength of the vehicle body by 30% and the accuracy of the vehicle body. Also greatly improved. Of course, the practical significance of laser welding does not end there. Generally speaking, when the vehicle is traveling on the road, the bumps from the ground will be converted into thousands of twists per minute to test the vehicle body. If the vehicle body is combined with insufficient precision and strength, the abnormal noise and noise in the vehicle may be frequent and serious. Damage to components mounted on the vehicle such as the gearbox, front and rear axles, or body breakage.
Robot welding workstation laser welding is characterized by minimal deformation of the workpiece to be welded, almost no connection gap, and high welding depth / width ratio, so the welding quality is higher than traditional welding methods. However, how to ensure the quality of laser welding , that is, laser welding process monitoring and quality control is an important content in the field of laser utilization, including the use of various sensors such as inductors, capacitors, acoustic waves, photoelectricity, etc., through electronic computer processing, for different welding objects And requirements, to achieve such items as welding seam tracking, defect detection, welding seam quality monitoring, etc., and adjusting welding process parameters through feedback control, so as to achieve automatic laser welding . Therefore, laser welding is a highly technical advanced manufacturing process.
2. The application of laser welding technology for robots in foreign automotive industry Robot control system is the brain of the robot, and it is the main factor that determines the function and performance of the robot. The main task of industrial robot control technology is to control the movement position, attitude, trajectory, operation sequence and action time of the industrial robot in the working space. It has simple programming, software menu operation, friendly human-computer interaction interface, online operation tips and Easy to use and so on. At present, the application engineering of robots has developed from a single robot workstation to a robot production line. The networking technology of the robot controller makes the monitoring, diagnosis and management of the robot production line more convenient.
Robot welding has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry, such as welding of automobile chassis, seat frame, guide rail, muffler and torque converter. Toyota uses spot welding as a standard to equip all of its spot welding robots in Japan and overseas. This technology can improve the welding quality, and even try to use it to replace some arc welding operations. At the same time, the movement time in a short distance is greatly reduced. The company introduced a low-profile spot welding robot that uses it to weld lower parts of the car body. This short spot welding robot can also be assembled with a higher robot to process the upper part of the car body together, thereby shortening the entire welding production line length. Car chassis components such as rear axles, sub-frames, rocker arms, suspensions, and shock absorbers are mostly mechanical safety components based on inert gas shielded welding (MIG). The main components are stamped and welded. The average is 1.5 to 4mm. The welding is mainly in the form of lap joints and corner joints. The welding quality requirements are quite high. The quality of the welding directly affects the safety performance of the car. After the application of robot welding, the appearance and internal quality of the welded parts are greatly improved, the stability of the quality is guaranteed, the labor intensity is reduced, and the labor environment is improved. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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