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Huagong Technology has officially defeated the sapphire laser cutting industry

Release time: 2014.11.10 News source: Views:

Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. learned: Recently, at the Expo site, the author learned that Huagong Technology has officially captured the sapphire laser cutting industry. stunt. "At present, the sapphire is used for the home button of the iPhone and the camera lens." A person in charge of Huagong Technology said that the hardness of synthetic sapphire is particularly high, second only to diamond, and it is sturdy and wear-resistant and has light transmission. The material of choice for mobile phone manufacturers.
Analysis of industry prospects Some analysts said that sapphire will become the most widely used new material starting in 2014. It is expected to include wearables such as iwatch, smart phones such as iPhone6, LED lighting cycles, commercial NB changes (touch pads, heat sinks), and other camera applications (such as security). Sapphire is expected to become a segmented application component that runs through the entire terminal. From the perspective of domestic equipment suppliers, both Han's Laser and Huagong Technology will benefit.
Along with the sapphire concept, some invisible sapphire concept stocks in the A-share market are also expected to be deeply mined by funds. Huagong Technology has recently joined the ranks of sapphire concept stocks, and its internal staff said that the company's sapphire cutting equipment is in the debugging stage and is expected to achieve sales next year. Changes in the attitude of Huagong: hesitant to turn to affirmative. However, according to the author's understanding, Huagong Technology has stated that the threshold for sapphire laser cutting technology is relatively high, and there are many requirements such as angle, thickness and efficiency. Sapphire cutting technology can be used in the field of LED and consumer electronics. . However, the sapphire cutting equipment is currently in the pilot stage and has not yet been officially used by customers.
Previously, Wang Zhong, president of Huagong Technology, said that the single application of "sapphire" cannot bring sustainable development to the company and the laser equipment industry, and is optimistic about the development prospects of intelligent equipment in the laser application industry.
He believes that the concept of 3C applications has continued to create concepts in recent years, but in fact, functional demands have become less and less, and the ability to drive the industry and companies is relatively small. The demand for the company's laser cutting and confidential processing equipment is also not as good as before.
"Although the company has prepared technology and product preparations for sapphire applications, sapphire is not suitable for 3C product applications. From the perspective of materials alone, brittleness is an issue and the life cycle of concept applications is quite short." Wang Zhong It is said that what can bring continuous returns is a human-oriented intelligent equipment machine that adapts to current needs. "The core of manufacturing equipment is intelligent equipment. In terms of laser intelligent equipment, we must transform from selling a single device to selling small systems and production lines."
According to reports, the company's operating target for 2014 is 2.5 billion yuan. "This digital company has made serious preparations and researches." For this year's growth opportunities, the company's laser communications sector opportunity lies in 4G construction, laser equipment lies in intelligent equipment, and the main growth of sensors lies in automotive electronics.
However, at the Optical Expo, the above-mentioned person in charge of Huagong Technology stated that "Using ultra-fast laser cutting not only has high precision, but also does not leave any burrs and residues." It is understood that the company's sapphire laser cutting machine has been supplied to 3C manufacturing worldwide Giant. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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