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Backgammon Studios Oriental Red Square Store Held Hunan's First Laser Giant Screen Studio Media Meeting

Release time: 2014.11.10 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
Laser cutting machine manufacturers learned that the industry's laser display technology, BBK Studios Oriental Red Square Store held the first laser giant screen cinema press conference in Hunan, BBK Studios also invited hundreds of WeChat friends on the public WeChat platform to enjoy the laser together Audiovisual feast brought by the giant screen cinema.
Backgammon Cinemas Oriental Red Square is equipped with 6 hundred-person cinemas, 6 luxury private cinemas, 8 lovers' cinemas and a 7D cinema, and it also has the first laser giant-screen cinema in Hunan Province. The laser giant screen uses the world's top 4K laser projection technology, which is three times the size of ordinary movie screens, and the light source of the projector is as high as 50,000 lumens. In addition, in order to bring more shocking viewing effects to the people of Liancheng, the laser giant curtain hall is also equipped with Dolby Atmos technology and 64 speakers.
Commercial laser giant screen: Cinema laser projection From the principle of laser display, the full name of the laser projector is a three-primary color laser projector. Compared with projectors using xenon lamps as the light source, which are commonly used in theaters (including IMAX), laser projectors use red, green, and blue lasers as light sources, which not only excels in chromatographic bandwidth and grayscale expression, And its light energy can be fully utilized by the projector, the brightness is the highest, which is twice as high as the current image brightness in theaters. Hall 1 of Shanghai Studios continues the tradition of dual-screen projection in the past. It uses two laser projectors to project at the same time, simulating the left and right eyes of a person, and has a strong three-dimensional sense. The reporter learned from Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., which belongs to Shanghai Film City, that laser projectors are new equipment in recent years, but they have been stuck in the laboratory trial machine stage. The two laser projectors settled in Shanghai this time were developed by Christie and are the only two commercial laser projectors in the world that can be used in movie theaters.
At present, laser giant screen auditoriums have appeared in Shanghai, Suzhou and other places. It is understood that there are five "giant screen" brands in mainland China, IMAX in the United States, CGV in South Korea, and "China Giant Screen" and Poly's " POLYMAX "and" Oriental Giant Screen ", and these giant screen brands have already moved on laser projection.
In recent years, Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries have invested huge human and material resources in the research of laser full-color display technology. The Japanese industry called it "a revolution in the history of human vision", and with the power of the country, well-known multinational companies participated in joint development. In 2005, 100-inch TV prototypes using laser display technology have been exhibited worldwide. Even Japanese companies such as Mitsubishi and Sony have tried to promote it. However, because the technical difficulties have not been overcome, the cost of laser light sources is expensive and the use environment is very strict. Therefore, it has not been possible to form a large-scale commercial use and become a niche. However, the industry has not given up searching for a laser commercial solution that can be truly commercialized.
杏鑫平台 laser giant screen: For ordinary home projectors, home laser TVs use a light bulb as a light source and have a service life of only 2,000 hours, which is only one-tenth of that of a laser theater. Second, laser theaters use ultra-short focus lenses in the living room. It can be viewed simply by placing it; home projection is only suitable for dark environments, and Hisense laser TVs are not limited by ambient light and can meet the needs of all-weather viewing; Hisense VIDDA MAX laser cinema has a smart TV system and has a wealth of smart applications Network videos and games have shocking audio-visual effects, but home projection does not have TV, Internet and other functions.
With the increase of high-definition film and television technology production program sources, and the continued heating of special effects movies, coupled with the high integration of sports events and film and television broadcast platforms, movie viewers and sports fans have a higher demand for giant screen viewing, which is objective This stimulated the early arrival of the "giant screen era". Relevant industry insiders predict that in the next three years, enjoying a blockbuster movie at home will become the normal life of urban audiences.
Although the laser home theater is still only a “private possession” of a small number of consumers, this epoch-making product has really entered the domestic user's home and it is a good start. Relevant insiders said that in the future, the laser light source will become a "potential stock" in the home theater market. Especially in the face of changing market demands and taking into account the cost-effective features, the advantages of laser light sources will continue to stand out in the future and is expected to lead the industry development trend. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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