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Application of advanced laser and sheet metal processing manufacturing technology

Release time: 2014.11.13 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Sheet metal processing and sheet metal, as basic industries in the industrial field, are widely used in many fields such as automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, engineering machinery, communications and so on. In recent years, the sheet metal industry has developed rapidly and has a huge market potential. The development of the sheet metal market has brought convenience to production and daily life, and also brought good economic benefits to enterprises. Advanced laser technology and equipment will become the key to comprehensive advancement of sheet metal processing technology. Therefore, laser processing and manufacturing technology will be highly valued by the sheet metal industry. In this context, the 2014 Sheet Metal Processing Technology Summit Forum with the theme of "Docking and Development-Application of Advanced Laser and Sheet Metal Processing Manufacturing Technology" came into being. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
Song Yongzheng, an expert and consultant of the China Sheet Metal Association, made a detailed discussion of sheet metal processing from several aspects such as sheet metal equipment technology, sheet metal process technology, and sheet metal networking. Sheet metal processing technology is divided into two aspects. One is sheet metal equipment. Technology, the second is sheet metal technology. Sheet metal equipment serves sheet metal technology. Modern sheet metal equipment mainly includes: CNC turret punches, CNC hydraulic shears, CNC bending machines, CNC laser cutting machines , CNC laser welding machines and flexible sheet manufacturing systems. Sheet metal technology serves for the production of sheet metal parts, which is a direct embodiment of sheet metal technology. Laser processing mainly includes: cutting, welding, heat treatment, marking, engraving, etc. Laser cutting accounts for about 60%, laser welding accounts for about 20%, and laser heat treatment and cladding account for about 15%. Laser cutting has a narrow slit, high cutting speed, high precision, and low noise, which is suitable for CNC or computer numerical control. High-power CO2 lasers are mainly used, and fiber lasers have been used in recent years. Suitable for cutting metal and non-metal materials. The maximum cutting speed can reach 50m / min, the positioning accuracy is 0.01mm / 500mm; the thickness of the cutting plate is 1mm and the diameter of 3mm small holes, 100 per minute, the diameter error is ≤50μm; The future development trend is high-speed and high-precision, cutting thick plates and large pieces, three-dimensional cutting, unmanned automation, and small footprint. Sheet metal networking is a virtual simulation system for the entire process from drawing to machining. It can simulate the machining process, inspect the machining, reduce preparation before machining, and can manage all engineering data to realize the network of designing and processing sheet metal parts. Faster, faster and more rational, is a new processing concept to improve production efficiency, and also the main development direction of sheet metal processing technology. Liu Yongsheng, an industry researcher of the China Forging Association, gave a speech titled "Analysis of the Operation Situation of the Sheet Metal Industry at 杏鑫平台 and Abroad". He reviewed the comparison of the metal forming industry surveys in China and the United States in 2013 with various data, and compared the 2014 sheet metal industry The semi-annual operation and forecast for the second half of the year are explained. In 2013, the comparison of the sales revenue of the U.S. metal forming industry with that of China showed that the proportion of U.S. metal forming companies with sales below $ 5 million was 11%, China was 22.86%, and the proportion of Chinese sheet metal industry enterprises was 36.11%; sales In the US $ 20 million to $ 50 million, the proportion of companies in the US metal forming industry is 38%, that of China is 10%, and that of China's sheet metal industry is 5.56%. From these two data, we can see that the gap between Chinese metal forming companies, especially the sheet metal industry, and the United States is still very large. There is still a long way to go. Enterprises need continuous efforts to improve themselves and strengthen themselves. Foreign sheet metal companies have specialized and precise product positioning, high customer levels, product development capabilities, scientific and reasonable plant layout, and smooth on-site logistics, which is not only conducive to improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, but also adjusting hygiene and protecting employees' health and health. Safety. Chinese sheet metal companies should learn the advantages of foreign sheet metal companies and become stronger as soon as possible.
Professor Lu Delong, an expert and professor of the New Technology Promotion Institute of the Weapons Industry, gave a lecture titled " Laser Processing Technology and Its Strategic Application". Professor Lu talked about the application of sheet metal laser processing in ships, automobiles, aerospace and other industries. Yang Xing, a senior engineer of Dongfeng Automobile Mould Co., Ltd., as a representative of automobile users, introduced the application of sheet metal laser processing in the automotive industry in detail. Dongfeng Automobile Mould Co., Ltd.'s gages have always been the bottleneck in the manufacture of gages during the manufacturing process. It has a long processing cycle and high accuracy requirements. The manufacturing, testing, installation, and debugging of the gage section gauges account for almost 1/2 of the manufacturing cycle of the gage. In order to meet the market's requirements for the delivery time of the gage, it is necessary to break through the traditional manufacturing process of the gage section gauge and adopt new processes and new equipment. In response to this problem, the company improved the laser cutting machine from software programming, process parameters, cutting worktables, etc., and finally determined the machining allowance of the blank through a process test to meet the minimum machining allowance of the laser cutting to make the hair blank Minimize size. Improving the laser cutting technology can greatly shorten the processing cycle of the gage section gauge, reduce the number of processing steps, and reduce the processing cost. Laser hardening is the rapid heating of a metal surface by a laser beam with sufficient power density to strengthen its surface. It has the advantages of fast thermal cycling and no deformation of the quenched parts; fine structure of the quenched layer, good hardness and wear resistance, and good toughness and matching; the effective depth of the hardened layer is 0.5 to 0.7mm; almost does not damage the surface roughness; accuracy and accuracy Good controllability, laser quenching does not crack; laser quenching is clean and efficient, and does not require cooling media such as water or oil. The future research direction of Dongfeng Automobile Mould Company is to change the problems of unstable and slow speed of the traditional large-scale manual hardening process of the mold; make the hardening process of the mold more parameterized; extend the service life of the mold.
Dong Jie, Technical Manager of Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd., talked about the industrial application of advanced laser manufacturing technology. The company has five series of products, including lasers and their core components, laser precision micro-fabrication equipment, large-scale surface treatment and remanufacturing laser equipment, CNC laser cutting machine series and CNC precision plasma cutting machine series, which are widely used in various industries. Laser welding of automobile gears can improve the product accuracy of transmission gears, simplify the product structure and manufacturing process, and meet the needs of continuous adjustment of component structure and prototype manufacturing in product development and trial production. Laser welded gears have a compact structure, improved accuracy and reliability, which can reduce vehicle failure rates, improve vehicle handling flexibility, and improve product reputation. Laser cutting welding is also widely used in shipbuilding. Its customers include Jiangnan Shipyard, Hudong Shipyard, Waigaoqiao Shipyard, Nantong Rongsheng Heavy Industry, Wuchang Shipyard, Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Dayang Shipbuilding, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, Jiangnan Heavy Industry, Wuchuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., etc. In today's petrochemical companies, laser cladding technology is used to repair large parts. The size of the part can be restored without preheating the workpiece, and the subsequent processing volume is small, no metallurgical cracks occur, and the hardness is also very strong. The repaired The effect is very good. The strength of the repaired part will be double that of the original part, and the repair price will be very cheap, which will shorten the repair time and solve important troubles in the petrochemical industry. In addition, the company's products are widely used in aerospace, automotive electronics, engineering machinery, plastic mold and other industries.
Cui Kai of Jiangsu Yangli Group Co., Ltd. introduced the ML series fiber laser cutting machine and RL160 three-dimensional laser cutting machine . ML series fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of laser cutting machine with double-side synchronous driving of gantry short beams developed by Yangli CNC and equipped with fiber laser generator. High structural rigidity, good stability, high cutting efficiency and positioning accuracy. This equipment uses optical fiber for laser beam transmission, which guarantees the best cutting effect in the whole range of cutting. At the same time, the equipment has the characteristics of strong flexibility, safety, convenient operation, low energy consumption, high reliability, etc. It is an efficient CNC metal sheet cutting and processing equipment. RL160 three-dimensional laser cutting machine is a three-dimensional processing machine that combines industrial robots and fiber lasers to cut. It is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace and other fields. Among them, sheet metal coverings for cutting automotive parts are most widely used. The repeated positioning accuracy of industrial robots is slightly lower than that of five-axis machine tools, but this can fully meet the accuracy requirements of the automotive sheet metal cover and chassis parts industry. The manipulator fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, low operation and maintenance costs, and small floor space.
Li Songgang, Product Manager of Hangzhou Zhiwo Technology Co., Ltd. introduced Radan's professional sheet metal design and processing solutions. Radan, as a professional sheet metal design and processing system under Vero, provides users with a comprehensive sheet metal processing solution including product design, layout design, auxiliary programming and production management. Radan can complete two-dimensional drawing, three-dimensional sheet metal modeling, automatic three-dimensional model unfolding, sleeve design, cutting programming, stamping programming, bending machine programming and simulation. In addition, it also provides functions such as drawing document management, DNC program transmission, sheet metal production information management system, etc., which can cover almost all functions from design to processing to management in sheet metal production. It is the most comprehensive and highly integrated sheet metal software on the market. RADAN software not only improves the programming efficiency by 35%, but also improves the utilization ratio of board by 5%, the detailed improvement of the data report by 30%, and the collaborative work efficiency of 10% by all departments.
Gu Diou, the head of the sales promotion department of the sheet metal (press) business department of Amada (China) Co., Ltd. explained the AMADA laser technology solution for everyone. The new global standard CO2 laser processing machine LCG3015 uses a low-center-of-gravity beam and the latest drive mechanism, coupled with the use of a high-rotation motor and helical rack and pinion method, to achieve high-speed processing and increase cutting acceleration. High speed and high productivity. The fast forward speed reaches 170m / min on the XY axis. Equipped with a new vibrator designed for sheet metal processing, which improves sheet metal cutting performance and achieves high-quality processing. At the same time, it is equipped with an automatic power-saving mode switching function during processing standby, which realizes energy-saving functions. In order to achieve long-term continuous operation from thin plates to thick plates, AMADA provides a system upgrade solution for the LCG series to achieve unmanned operation. In the AMADA automatic warehouse "MARS", automatic loading and unloading of various materials and stacking products can be realized. The all-round upgrade brings greater flexibility and productivity to the LCG series. It can be said that the LCG series is equipped with colorful processing technology and advanced equipment with extraordinary high-quality processing capabilities.
Conclusion China's sheet metal processing industry is transforming from "mass production" to "multi-variety and small batch" production, and the corresponding equipment needs are developing towards flexibility. With the continuous improvement of product quality, the continuous shortening of production cycles, and the higher requirements for lower cost, the company's demand for equipment has gradually developed from the low end to the high end. This meeting established a good communication platform for both the supply and demand sides, and promoted the promotion and application of sheet metal laser processing technology. It is hoped that user enterprises will choose appropriate equipment according to the actual situation of the company and seek development in transformation and upgrading.
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