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Heli Laser Equipment analyzes the status and application of the domestic laser industry

Release time: 2014.11.18 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

The world's first laser was born in 1960, and China also developed the first laser in 1961. It has been half a century. In the past 50 years, laser technology and applications have developed rapidly, and have been combined with multiple disciplines to form multiple application technology fields, such as photoelectric technology, laser medical and biophotonics, laser processing technology, laser detection and metrology technology, laser holography technology, laser Spectral analysis technology, nonlinear optics, ultrafast laser science, laser chemistry, quantum optics, lidar, laser guidance, laser separated isotope, laser controlled nuclear fusion, laser weapons, etc.
The emergence of these cross-cutting technologies and new disciplines has greatly promoted the development of traditional and emerging industries. After nearly 50 years of hard work, China's laser technology research has achieved a major breakthrough, and the laser industry has also developed from scratch. China's laser processing industry has been growing exponentially and has become one of the most active industries in China's science and technology applications.
At present, there are 5 national-level laser technology research centers and more than 10 research institutions in the country. There are 21 provinces and municipalities that produce and sell laser products. There are more than 200 units that produce and sell stereotyped products all year round.
At present, domestic laser enterprises are mainly concentrated in economically developed provinces and cities such as Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Guangdong (including Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zone). Four major laser industry groups in central China, the Bohai Rim, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta have been formed, with laser crystals, key components, supporting components, lasers, laser systems, application development, and public service platforms. More complete laser industry chain.
Laser applications are mainly divided into six fields: industrial, medical, commercial, scientific research, information and military. The scale of China's laser processing industry has increased by nearly 500 times in more than ten years. In industrial laser applications, there are two major categories of material processing and measurement control.
Laser material processing is the use of the characteristics of laser beams and substances to perform laser cutting, laser welding , laser surface treatment, laser drilling, laser micromachining and laser marking on materials (including metals and non-metals).
Laser material processing technology is a comprehensive technology that involves multiple disciplines such as light, machinery, electricity, computing, materials and testing. To develop laser technology and promote laser applications, we cannot talk about it from only one aspect, but we must comprehensively consider these disciplines. In order to facilitate the description and research, and to grasp the typical, we use the laser industry chain as the main clue to talk about the development of laser technology, but the laser industry chain is still a big topic. I mainly analyze the industrial chain of industrial laser application systems.
The industrial chain of industrial laser application systems should be composed of the following four aspects: laser applications, laser processing systems, lasers and laser accessories. It can be seen that each laser application field can form an industrial chain, and each industrial chain must include laser processing systems, lasers, and laser accessories. At present, the most mature laser industry chain should be the industrial laser application industry chain, which includes the laser cutting industry chain, laser welding industry chain, laser marking industry chain, laser surface treatment industry chain, laser drilling industry chain, and so on.
Therefore, any small industry chain has its own development process and characteristics. Each link in the chain is important. If any link is under-developed or lags behind, the industry chain will be incomplete and it will be difficult to obtain prosperity. development of.
Classification of laser processing applications in China: laser cutting accounts for 21.84%, laser marking accounts for 45.35%, laser welding accounts for 11.4%, and the three together account for 78.59%. In order to clarify the links of the industrial chain, as a typical case, I mainly analyze the three industrial chains and components including the laser cutting industry chain, laser welding industry chain, and laser marking industry chain, which are the most important industrial laser applications. Find out our advantages and problems in these industrial chains, and point out how we should break through bottlenecks, expand the industrial chain, and make our laser industry bigger and stronger.

I. Laser cutting industry chain At present, laser cutting applications include high-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machines , small and medium power carbon dioxide laser cutting machines , Nd: YAG laser cutting machines , and the other most popular application recently is high-power fiber laser cutting machines . Generally speaking, carbon dioxide lasers are mainly used for steel plates above 5mm, but more and more Nd: YAG lasers for cutting below 5mm are benefited from the growing maturity of high-power Nd: YAG lasers.
Non-metal materials mainly use carbon dioxide lasers below 1000W. The size of laser cutting equipment in China's laser processing equipment is about 1.5 billion yuan, of which the market size of small and medium power laser cutting equipment is 402 million yuan, and the medium and small power laser cutting processing equipment is mainly low-cost glass tube laser cutting processing equipment. It accounts for 85.57% of the market share of small and medium power laser cutting and processing equipment, which is about 344 million yuan. Therefore, the main cutting applications are carbon dioxide laser cutting machines and Nd: YAG laser cutting machines .
Laser cutting is suitable for the automotive industry, computers, electrical enclosures, wood knife mold industry, various metal parts and special materials, such as circular saw blades, acrylic, spring washers, copper plates for electronic machinery below 2mm, Some metal mesh plates, steel pipes, tin-plated iron plates, lead-plated steel plates, phosphor bronze, bakelite plates, thin aluminum alloys, quartz glass, silicone rubber, alumina ceramic sheets below 1mm, titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry, and so on.
From the perspective of the industrial chain, laser cutting applications mainly include laser cutting processes and laser cutting machines . Cutting process research mainly includes materials, testing and analysis. Almost all research is done in colleges and universities. Institutes mainly do some simple cutting tests. There is no perfect instrument and analysis method, and more rely on repeated tests and simple Analytical methods, such as looking at a magnifying glass and touching by hand, rarely analyze changes in material composition.
At present, China has strong laser cutting machine production capabilities, including design and manufacture of cutting systems, light guide system table motion systems and their key components, as well as strong software development capabilities. Typical enterprises producing high-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machines include Wuhan Farley, Chutian Laser, Shanghai Tuanjie Prima, Shenzhen Han, etc., but the carbon dioxide laser and focusing lens in the cutting machine mostly rely on imports, almost half of the cost of the cutting machine is laser, so we are basically in A large part of China's profits have been taken away by foreign companies.
In terms of power indicators of high-power carbon dioxide lasers, Wuhan Keweijing can produce lasers up to 4kW and 7kW lasers are being developed. Nanjing Dongfang can produce 4kW lasers and Nanjing TRUMPF can produce 3200W lasers.
But these companies contain components of joint ventures or the introduction of foreign technology, and key components in lasers also rely on imports, such as fans and resonator lenses. In the application of low-power carbon dioxide laser cutting, China is the country with the largest production and sales, not only occupying the domestic market, but also exporting in large quantities, forming the most mature medium and small-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machine industry chain, including system integration, laser production and related lasers. Accessories.
Typical manufacturers include Wuhan Zotye, Sangong, Jinyun, Dongguan Yueming, Jinan Jinwei Carved, etc., but our products are mainly low-end DC-excited glass tube carbon dioxide lasers, which are low in price, average in quality, and high-end RF-excited carbon dioxide lasers are only produced and supplied by Nanjing Chenruida, but the output is small and the maximum power is only 50W.
Fortunately, related laser accessories such as optical components, motion systems, and control software are quite mature.
High-power Nd: YAG laser cutting is a new type of industrial chain in China's laser industry that has developed rapidly in recent years. The main driving force comes from the relatively mature development of cutting of thin steel plates and the development of high-power Nd: YAG lasers.
In the cutting of steel plates below 5mm, the overall investment in the use of solid-state laser cutting machines is low, which is suitable for SMEs to purchase independently. Currently, 500W pulsed solid-state lasers are mainly used. The laser-related industries such as laser power supplies, metal and ceramic pump cavities have also developed relatively maturely, and their quality has reached industrial requirements.
The main manufacturers of lasers and accessories are Wuhan Xinte, Zhonggu, Beijing Huaze Hongda, etc. Typical laser cutting machine manufacturers include Wuhan Huaruo, Aohua, Huagong Laser, Tianqi, Jinyun, Guangzhou Ruitong, etc. Wuhan has Advantages, there are more manufacturers in the development and production of high-power solid-state lasers and cutting machines. The main components are made in China, and all products have a price advantage. At present, the key problem is how to obtain high beam quality and high peak power under high power in order to obtain better cutting quality.
In summary, we need to strengthen the research on laser cutting technology. The secondary development and industrialization of the existing laser cutting system, providing high-performance and cheap NC high-power carbon dioxide laser cutting machines , and carrying out corresponding laser and cutting process research, making this process widely used in material processing, Automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding, with emphasis on laser peripherals such as light guide systems, process monitoring and control, design and development of nozzles, floating devices, and CAD / CAM.
Second, the laser welding industry chain Laser welding is an early application and relatively mature industry in laser processing . It has been used in automotive body thick and thin plates, automotive parts, lithium batteries, pacemakers, jewelry, sealed relays and other sealed devices, and Welding of various devices that do not allow welding contamination and deformation. Currently used lasers include YAG lasers, CO2 lasers, fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers, and fiber lasers. It is worth mentioning that the fiber-coupled semiconductor laser is directly used for metal and non-metal welding, which greatly improves the welding efficiency and reduces the investment cost.
From the perspective of the industrial chain, laser welding applications mainly include laser welding processes and laser welding machines . The laser welding process is more complicated than the cutting process. The welding quality is not only related to the laser parameters, but also closely related to the laser welding parameters. The welding effect of the same laser welding machine using different parameters may be very different.
At present, there are studies on the online detection and control of laser welding quality. The use of plasma light, sound, and charge signals to detect the laser welding process has become a hot topic at home and abroad in recent years. A few research results have reached the level of closed-loop control. .
Laser welding machine consists of three parts: welding machine system, laser and laser accessories. Welding machine systems mainly include light guide and focal length systems, mobile and control systems, etc. At present, these systems are mature in both carbon dioxide and solid-state laser systems, and laser equipment manufacturers have strong integration capabilities. Typical manufacturers include Chutian Laser, Unity Laser, Guangzhou Ruitong, Century Huatian, etc., there are also a large number of laser welding machine exports, especially in the jewelry industry widely used spot welding machine exports a lot.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. In terms of lasers, pulsed solid-state lasers and cross-flow carbon dioxide lasers are all domestically produced, and their quality also meets industrial requirements. Typical manufacturers are Unity Laser, Jinshikai, Shenyang New World, Xinte Optoelectronics, etc. High-power axial carbon dioxide lasers, fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers, and high-power fiber lasers are basically imported.
In terms of welding solid laser accessories, laser power supply, pump cavity, laser light, optical components, refrigeration system, mobile motor and control and other technology developments are very mature, mainly domestic devices, typical manufacturers are Wuhan Zhonggu, Xinte Optoelectronics Huaze Hongda, etc.
From a development perspective, we should focus on researching high-power solid-state lasers, high-power semiconductor lasers, and high-power fiber lasers for laser welding , while strengthening laser welding processes and materials, welding process requirements for equipment, and welding process parameter monitoring and control technologies. Research to master the welding process of ordinary steels, non-ferrous metals and special steels.
3. Laser marking industry chain Laser marking is the largest laser processing equipment industry in China. It is the most widely used and has the most equipment. There are also many manufacturers. Almost all laser companies produce or assemble laser marking machines . Han's Laser is a listed company that mainly produces marking machines and is also the world's largest manufacturer of marking machines. Half of its products are exported. Therefore, China is a strong country in the production and use of marking machines.
The laser marking industry chain includes two aspects: laser marking machines and marking processes. Relatively speaking, the marking process is simpler than cutting and welding, but if it is UV laser marking and color laser marking, it will not be easy. The marking mechanism is also complicated. Marking usually occurs when the depth of engraving or thermal effect forms a contrast with the natural material, and more marks are physical changes.
China's technology for manufacturing marking machine systems is quite mature, and there are many signs of division of labor and cooperation, forming a variety of professional upstream accessory companies supporting marking machine manufacturers, such as laser power companies specializing in the production of lamp power, semiconductor laser power, Q switching power supply, optical company produces lenses, beam expanders, field lenses, motor companies specialize in producing galvanometers, galvanometer drive cards, software companies specialize in laser marking software and control interfaces, and machining companies specialize in producing cabinets and precision mechanical parts , There are also one-stop professional supporting accessory companies that provide a full range of marking machine accessories.
There are many types of lasers used in marking machines. Gas lasers include pulsed carbon dioxide lasers, continuous wave carbon dioxide lasers, excimer lasers, etc., but mainly continuous wave carbon dioxide lasers. The lasers produced in China are basically DC-excited glass tube carbon dioxide lasers. The advantages are low cost, but there are problems with beam quality and service life. However, the lasers are widely used in laser medical treatment, which basically meets the requirements of laser medical treatment. RF-excited carbon dioxide lasers are basically imported, and Coherent, Synrad, and Universal monopolize the domestic market, and the price is not low.
Lamp pumps and semiconductor side pump solid-state lasers are mainly domestically produced. Related accessories such as lamps, rods, optical lenses, pump cavities, laser power supplies, Q-switched power supplies, and semiconductor laser power supplies are mainly domestically produced. The ceramic reflector in the optical Q switch and the pump cavity is mainly imported.
Among the semiconductor end pump lasers, the 1064nm and 532nm wavelength lasers are mainly domestically produced, but the 355nm and 266nm wavelength lasers are mainly imported. The acousto-optic modulators and drivers of the acousto-optic Q-switched lasers are also mainly imported, and are based in the United Kingdom. Gucci products monopolize the domestic market. In addition, there are TEA pulsed carbon dioxide lasers and excimer lasers for mask marking, but the amount is small and no climate is formed.
Fourth, laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Conclusion After decades of development, China's industrial laser has basically formed a relatively complete industrial system and industrial chain. The laser industry is still a rising sun industry. In the future development, we should focus on the upstream products and technologies of the industrial chain, such as new lasers and core components, and vigorously develop laser technology to bring China's laser technology to the forefront of the world.

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