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Laser processing promotes "Made in China" towards "Smart Manufacturing in China"

Release time: 2014.11.29 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

For the global of the 21st century, this is an era where "madeinChina" is everywhere. "Made in China" is popular all over the world with the advantages of "cheap prices and good value for money", but under the squeeze of the two sides of developed countries that are well-positioned and emerging economies are catching up, the big but not strong "Made in China" is Suffering serious challenges. Under such a competitive environment, intelligent manufacturing, the core driving force of the new industrial revolution, is undoubtedly the lifeblood of China's manufacturing industry.
As an emerging processing method, how should laser respond in this "intelligent" change, Huagong Laser gave a beautiful answer to the thinking of China's manufacturing industry in 6 exhibitions this fall.
Breaking the game, "wisdom" paints the future

The dilemma of "Made in China" is concentrated at the cost of excessive consumption of resources and environment, reliance on low labor costs, lack of core technologies and independent brands. How to break the situation, as the Chinese laser industry veteran Huagong Laser, gave its own answer with the industrial transformation of "manufacturing to high-end, manufacturing and service". Because of the technological know-how of Huagong Laser, we know that innovation, and only innovation, can seize the context of the development of the times, and can be a bridgehead in the torrent of competition. 3D printing, LED lighting, sapphire cutting, and laser welding of automobiles. Behind these hot words is a leap in laser technology, and it is yet another proof of innovation by Huagong Laser. At this session of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Achievements Fair, Zhang Lihua, general manager of Huagong Laser Precision Laser System Division, gave his opinion on the role of laser technology in the intelligent wave: "Intelligent manufacturing is indeed a new trend in industrial development now China is undergoing industrial transformation and upgrading, and laser precision processing is bound to be applied on a large scale. Consumers are increasingly demanding on product functions and quality, and the era when the market favors low-end and mid-range manufacturing products has passed. Huagong Laser will also grasp this Opportunities, continuous technology upgrades, develop laser products more suitable for the Chinese market, and work with domestic and foreign partners to promote the healthy development of the industry. "As President Zhang said, the combination of laser processing systems and computer numerical control technology has become high-quality, efficient and low-cost. The cost-intensive processing and production methods, and the intelligent manufacturing technology that wins the competition, have played an increasingly important role in the transformation and technological upgrading of traditional industries, especially the equipment manufacturing industry.
Tactics, "Smart" for the future "At present, the sapphire is used for the home button and camera lens of Apple mobile phones. Synthetic sapphire is particularly high in hardness, second only to diamond, sturdy, wear-resistant and light-transmitting. It is becoming a lot of mobile phones. The material of choice for manufacturers. " This media report on the Wuhan Optical Expo made the 杏鑫平台 that "HuaGong Laser has officially conquered the sapphire laser cutting industry's skill" in the industry.
Sapphire laser cutting technology is mainly applied in the two major directions of the green lighting LED industry and the 3C consumer electronics industry. However, its technical threshold is relatively high, and there are many requirements in terms of angle, thickness, and efficiency. Its technology was once held by foreign companies. High-hardness screens such as sapphire and other display materials are the future development trend. The "sapphire glass cutting machine" of Huagong Laser is preparing for the mass production of the next generation mobile phone screens. For Huagong Laser, the previous technology reserves It is very sufficient and is now gradually entering the harvest period.
For example, in the application field of the LED industry, Huagong Laser already has mature substrate stealth cutting, filament precision cutting and other sapphire precision processing equipment, and has realized batch supply to customers. In the application field of the 3C consumer electronics industry, window applications such as the sapphire home key and cover key have become very mature, and Huagong laser-related standard machines have also begun to be rolled out to customers in batches. And all this is just the beginning. With the continuous deepening of cooperation between Huagong Laser and partners, we have reason to believe that the core process breakthrough of the sapphire industry chain is just around the corner.
Nowadays, smart phones are pursuing the ultimate in functions and thickness of mobile phones. How to make more and more antennas cleverly hidden in mobile phones without increasing the thickness of mobile phones, laser 3D printing technology is undoubtedly the best solution. Huagong Laser's LSF-3D molding equipment uses 3D laser marking graphics intelligent processing software and continuous surface processing technology to mark the antenna trajectory on the phone case, whether it is a straight line or a curve, as long as the laser can reach it, it can create 3D Effect, to save the mobile phone space to the greatest extent, and the antenna trajectory can be adjusted at any time. Compared with the traditional antenna track that takes several days to complete, the 3D laser marking can be completed in 5-8 seconds, and it is accurate to one-fifth of the hair silk accuracy, and the yield is higher.
The fully-automatic CNC laser tube cutting production line exhibited at the Shanghai Industrial Fair is the star product of the Chinese high-power laser brand FARLEY · LASERLAB. As the first full-automatic CNC laser tube cutting production line in China, its launch has attracted attention from all sides. This product integrates automatic feeding system, multi-tube automatic detection and sorting system, automatic clamping identification system, high-speed cutting processing system, automatic sorting and unloading system, safety protection and air purification system, etc. At the same time of flexible production, it also breaks through the limitations of previous tube cutting, and can achieve multi-dimensional cutting to meet the needs of different customers.
In the industrial era of intelligent manufacturing, Made in China has begun to move toward "China's intelligent manufacturing" with higher added value and stronger voice. Deng Jiake, General Manager of Huagong Laser said, "Especially in the field of aerospace and weapon manufacturing, some of our high-end precision processing equipment was subject to import. After decades of efforts, our own laser manufacturing has developed and improved accordingly. Manufacturing capabilities and levels in these areas. "
"Made in China" turns to "Smart Manufacturing in China". This is a great change. How lucky we are to be among them. As the "national team" of China Laser, Huagong Laser has the responsibility to use its wisdom and strength to play its unique "light" and "heat" in this intellectual change to seize the commanding heights of the laser industry in the "next decade". Laser cutting machines , Laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. promotes the Chinese industry to a new high-end leap forward in the global value chain.

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