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Infrared laser energy is successfully used in laser cutting practice of many metals

Release time: 2014.12.02 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
Although almost all metal materials have a high reflectivity for infrared wave energy at room temperature, CO2 lasers that emit a 10.6um beam in the far infrared band are still successfully applied to the laser cutting practice of many metals. The initial absorption of a 10.6um laser beam by a metal is only 0.5% ~ 10%. However, when a focused laser beam with a power density exceeding 106w / cm2 is irradiated onto a metal surface, it can quickly make it within microseconds. The surface began to melt. The absorptivity of most metals in the molten state rises sharply, and can generally increase by 60% to 80%. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
(1) Carbon steel.
The modern laser cutting system can cut the maximum thickness of carbon steel plates up to 20MM. The slits for cutting carbon steel using the oxidative melting cutting mechanism can be controlled to a satisfactory width range, and the slits for thin plates can be narrowed to about 0.1MM.
(2) Stainless steel.
Laser cutting is an effective processing tool for manufacturing industries that use stainless steel sheets as the main component. Under the strict control of heat input in the laser cutting process, the heat-affected zone of the cutting edge can be restricted to be very small, thereby effectively maintaining the good corrosion resistance of such materials.
(3) Alloy steel.
Laser cutting can be used for most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels to obtain good cutting edge quality. Even for some high-strength materials, as long as the process parameters are properly controlled, straight and slag-free cutting edges can be obtained. However, for high-speed tool steels and hot die steels containing tungsten, ablation and slag sticking can occur during laser cutting.
(4) Aluminum and alloys.
Aluminum cutting belongs to the melting cutting mechanism. The auxiliary gas used is mainly used to blow away the molten product from the cutting area, and usually a better cut surface quality can be obtained. For some aluminum alloys, care should be taken to prevent micro-cracks on the surface of the slit.
(5) Copper and alloys.
Pure copper (copper) cannot be cut with a CO2 laser beam due to its too high reflectivity. Brass (copper alloy) uses higher laser power, and the auxiliary gas uses air or oxygen, which can cut thinner plates.
(6) Titanium and alloys.
Pure titanium can be well coupled with the thermal energy converted by the focused laser beam. When the auxiliary gas uses oxygen, the chemical reaction is fierce and the cutting speed is fast. However, it is easy to form an oxide layer on the cutting edge, and accidental overburning can also occur. For the sake of stability, it is better to use air as the auxiliary gas to ensure the cutting quality.
Laser cutting of titanium alloys commonly used in the aircraft industry has good quality. Although there will be a little sticky slag at the bottom of the slit, it is easy to remove.
(7) Nickel alloy.
Nickel-based alloys are also called super alloys, with many varieties. Most of them can be subjected to oxidative fusion cutting. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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