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The market trend of laser cutting machine equipment in the display field at home and abroad

Release time: 2014.12.03 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

The 2014 Shenzhen International Touch Screen Exhibition (referred to as 2014C-Touch All Touch Exhibition) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The 2014C-Touch All Touch Exhibition is jointly sponsored by the China Touch Association and the Extended Exhibition, and will focus on the touch screen, touch screen equipment, touch screen materials, etc New technologies and products related to the industry.
Flexible, slim and lightweight have become the development trend of future displays and touch screens. This trend means that production equipment and technology need to be continuously improved to meet the growing market demand and open up more innovative applications. In recent years, Huagong Laser, Han's Laser, Yazhi, 4Jet, etc. have been competing to upgrade display laser processing equipment and continue to introduce related laser equipment solutions.
Huagong Laser is dedicated to sapphire glass processing equipment. The biggest advantage of sapphire glass is that it has strong abrasion resistance, is not afraid of metal and gravel scratches, and its thermal conductivity is better than plastics, ordinary glass and other materials. Applications in mobile phones, cameras, watches and other industries can significantly improve the scratch and scratch resistance of the screen. Huagong Laser has independently developed a series of ultra-fast laser precision micro-processing equipment for sapphire laser processing , bringing new options to the entire sapphire industry chain.

Product advantages 1. Non-contact processing without consumables: Traditional diamond tool machining is easy to cause material waste, and the tool is easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly.

2. Small heat effect and high processing accuracy: The sapphire cross-section taper after traditional processing is small, the roughness is high, and micro cracks are easy to occur.

3. Direct molding does not require grinding and polishing: traditional processing methods have complicated procedures, high labor costs, and adversely affect the environment. Application industries: LED sapphire substrate cutting, LED sapphire filament holder cutting, mobile phone sapphire HOME button cutting, camera protection lens cutting, sapphire Glass cell phone screen cutting, cell phone, watch and wearable device sapphire cover cutting, etc.
Introduction of two sapphire cutting products 1. Sapphire filament ultra-fast laser cutting machine
LUD3310 sapphire filament ultra-fast laser cutting machine is an exclusive equipment for processing LED filament brackets. The machine is equipped with imported ultra-fast lasers, a laser focusing system that uses the intellectual property rights of Huagong Technology, a negative pressure adsorption system, and professional cutting control software. It is equipped with an optical marble platform and a high-precision linear motor. Combined with years of research and development of sapphire cutting technology, non-contact processing, smooth cutting edges without chipping, high yield, processing speed is more than 10 times that of traditional tooling, high processing accuracy, no need to replace consumables.
1) Equipped with imported ultra-fast laser and laser focusing system using Huagong's intellectual property rights;
2) With optical marble platform, high-precision linear motor and negative pressure adsorption system;
3) Adopt non-contact processing, the cutting edge is smooth without chipping, the yield is high, and the processing speed is more than 10 times that of traditional tool processing.
Application fields: LED sapphire filament holder cutting 2. Sapphire ultra-fast laser precision cutting machine is equipped with imported ultra-fast lasers, high processing accuracy, small heat-affected zone, no burrs and residues on the processing edges, precision drilling and cutting of a variety of materials Micro-processing such as machine grooving.
1) High-precision and fast scanning galvanometer, high processing accuracy, small heat affected area, and good long-term stability;
2) Equipped with optical marble platform, high-speed and high-precision linear motor and negative pressure adsorption system, fast processing speed and high yield;
3) Equipped with the automatic alignment function of the side axis CCD, the exclusive cutting software has a friendly interface, and can perform cutting, punching, grooving, etc. of any shape;
4) Non-contact processing, no need to replace consumables, low use cost.
Application areas: mobile phone sapphire HOME button cutting, camera protection lens cutting, etc. German 4JET laser equipment company involved in the "laser glass + display" industry companies said: We manufacture laser equipment for emerging industries, such as display glass, OLED and flexible electronics processing.
The GLASSTEC 2014 Düsseldorf International Glass Technology Exhibition, which has attracted international attention and is the largest event in the world's glass industry, was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, October 21-25, 2014. At GLASSTEC2014, 4JET demonstrated its advanced laser cutting equipment (as shown below), which attracted the attention of customers around the world.

This equipment is manufactured by 4JET, which can solve the cutting precision, yield and efficiency of glass / sapphire and other issues, and has significant advantages in manufacturing costs compared to traditional CNC machinery. And can process a variety of different materials, such as tempered glass (CSGlass), sodalime glass (borosilicate glass), and current glass industry leaders such as Corning Gorilla Glass (GorillaGlass) and German company Schott glass, etc .; This equipment can process cell phone mirrors and chemically strengthened OGS substrates, and has a wide processing range.
Han's Laser: The advantages of laser cutting brittle materials are obvious. It is reported that many years ago, Han's Laser began to pay attention to the development and changes in the field of flat panel display and touch control. At that time, panel factories and glass factories were not so high in cutting technology. Traditional cutter wheels are used for cutting. With the rapid development of the flat panel display and touch industry, Han's Laser found that traditional cutter wheel cutting technology could not meet the market demand. Therefore, in 2013, Han's Laser seized the opportunity and quickly cut into the field of flat panel display and touch.
As a key material in the field of flat panel display and touch, the glass substrate is a brittle material. It is easy to cause defects or extend and expand existing defects due to deformation and stress during the processing of the operator, and finally cause the substrate to crack. In the field of fine and dense consumer electronics, the use of laser cutting technology can meet more process requirements.
In the first half of 2014, Han's Laser made a profit of 231 to 249 million yuan, an increase of 25% to 35% over the same period last year. It is understood that although most of the company's performance is still contributed by high-power laser equipment , the display and touch field are also growing very fast, gradually becoming the company's growth point.
Manz brings new technology to sapphire or higher-strength glass cutting. As the world's leading display and touch screen production equipment leader, Achitech can provide the industry with the most extensive and advanced such as precision coating, laser process, vacuum coating, Automation and chemical wet process technologies, these core technologies can effectively help manufacturers develop future innovative products in response to consumer needs. Zhu Deming said, "Yazi products have basically covered the entire Touchsenser manufacturing process, and are gradually improving in terms of TFT-LCD. GFF will continue to be the mainstream technology for smartphones. According to relevant data, in-cell / on by 2018 The market share of -cell will reach 30.1%, FilmSenser will reach 49.8%, and OGS will reach 14.2%. In the future, the touch panel industry will develop towards thinner, thinner and higher precision, which will pose new challenges to the touch screen manufacturing process. "
In accordance with the future trend of cover glass towards sapphire or higher-strength strengthened glass, traditional cutter wheels or CNC cutting processes can no longer cope with it. Therefore, Manz Yazhi Technology introduced one of the core technologies of the group: laser, including cutting, Drilling and chamfering can be used to process a variety of substrates, and use solid-state laser sources. The equipment has low operating costs and is easy to maintain. It is suitable for a variety of sizes, applications and industries, while ensuring the highest Accuracy, fast sample production, stable mass production and highest crop rate.

Manz laser cutting technology can perform various shapes and sizes of laser glass cutting laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Applications of thinner glass have gradually entered people's lives, and major glass manufacturers and panel stakeholders in the world are actively seeking solutions to improve the strength of glass substrates. Panel glass and display fields have gradually become a new display platform for laser technology. Global lasers It seems that a new round of "cake" battle for industry manufacturers has begun quietly.

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