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The new product update cycle of the metal laser cutting machine industry becomes shorter and shorter with the development of technology

Release time: 2014.12.20 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

The new product update cycle of the metal laser cutting machine industry has become shorter and shorter with the development of technology. As a very important metal laser cutting machine product, it is very important for companies that need it, so with new products The changes and launches have increased the requirements for metal laser cutting machines. Manufacturers of metal laser cutting machines have also continued to change metal laser cutting machines in accordance with market requirements, only to better serve the public. The successful transformation of the metal laser cutting machine is the embodiment of many years of metal laser cutting machine manufacturers in the metal laser cutting machine industry. China's metal laser cutting machine has made breakthrough progress in technology and has entered a new stage of self-development. It has also promoted the development of other related industries.
Metal laser cutting machines, as a large class of products in the metal laser cutting machine industry, play a very important role in various industries that require metal laser cutting machines . Especially in recent years, China's advanced technology has been rapidly improved, and many advanced technologies have been continuously applied to metal laser cutting machines , making domestic metal laser cutting machines strengthen their own functions, further consolidate the stability of their own performance, and improve The degree of automation of metal laser cutting machines , etc., has further accelerated the rapid progress of various industries in China.
After more than 30 years of development, China's cutting machine technology has changed the state that has lagged behind for a long time, and the development of the metal laser cutting machine industry has achieved a qualitative leap. Some laser cutting machine manufacturers have developed semi-automatic and fully automatic metal laser cutting equipment.
Some well-known foreign cutting machine tool manufacturing companies, such as Germany Isa, Messer, American Jet, Japan Tanaka and Koike Acid, etc., have also invested and built factories in China, pushing the numerical control technology to a new stage.
Looking back at the domestic laser cutting machine market in 2013, the general increase was between 4% and 10%. The increase of imported brand laser cutting machines has reached about 10% or even higher. Under the premise of rising costs of various raw materials and labor costs, the operating burden of manufacturing enterprises has become heavier, which is also the reason why China's macro economy has affected the laser cutting machine market.

This also means that the development of China's metal laser cutting machine industry not only has pressure from international brands, but also the impact of domestic economic policies. Cutting as a necessary material processing technology has penetrated into all areas of manufacturing. Metal laser cutting equipment is also widely used in shipbuilding, chemical, metallurgy, construction, machinery, automotive, light industry, power and other industries. It is also indispensable in cutting-edge industries such as defense and atomic energy, and has become an important processing equipment for modern industries. At present, some of the domestic and low-end products are close to the international advanced level, but in the high-end product market, they are basically imported products.
The domestic research strength of high-end metal laser cutting equipment is weak, the quality and reliability of cutting machine products are not recognized, and the development of high-end metal laser cutting machine industry is difficult.
There are many metal cutting equipment, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, punching, sawing, electrical processing, water cutting, etc. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these technologies compared with the current mainstream laser cutting machines ? Can you replace the laser cutting machine with a traditional cutting machine? The answer is obviously unwise to do so. Laser cutting machine is currently the most flexible, fastest, highest precision, most complex metal laser cutting machine equipment. With the rapid development of the metal machinery industry over time, the finish, speed, precision and thickness of metal cutting are also continuously improved, and the functions and requirements of CNC laser cutting machines are constantly improving. With the unstoppable development of science and technology today, CNC laser cutting machines on the market can no longer meet the normal needs of related manufacturers. This has also urged the R & D departments of various equipment suppliers to spare no effort to research more precise CNC metal laser cutting machines .
As we all know, CNC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high precision, and smooth cut. It is the so-called "backward sailing boat will not advance without advancement". With the rapid development of the industry today, only continuous improvement can meet the increasing market demand. The development of CNC cutting machine must inevitably aim at meeting the needs of the development of modern machining industry. In the future, what is the trend of metal laser cutting opportunities , and what are the characteristics compared with traditional processes? (1) Oxygen-combustible (such as acetylene) cutting. This method is mainly used for cutting low-carbon steel. Due to its large heat input and low cutting speed, most of the products processed require secondary processing and rest. Mostly used for roughing and cutting plates with low accuracy requirements. Mostly used for processing heavy industry more than 20mm, the process does not require high accuracy.
(2) Plasma cutting. The cutting speed is significantly faster than that of oxyacetylene cutting, but the cutting quality is poor. The top of the cutting edge is rounded, and the cutting edge is obviously wavy. The ultraviolet radiation generated by the arc must be prevented.
(3) Die punching. The die punching method for mass-produced parts has low cost and short production cycle. However, its adaptability to design changes is very poor. The new mold requires a long time design and high cost. For medium and small-scale production, the characteristics of laser cutting will be fully displayed. In addition, the laser program-controlled cutting facilitates the close arrangement of the workpieces and saves materials, while the die punching needs to reserve materials around each workpiece.
(4) Sectional punching of complex parts. In general, punches often punch workpieces that are much larger than the die size, and some workpieces are still very complicated, which results in many small shell-like cutting edges on the cutting edge, which requires a second preliminary machining and repair. In addition, the punch will form a much wider cut than the laser cutter , generating a large amount of iron filings.
(5) Sawing. Cutting thin metal is significantly slower than laser cutting, and as a flexible non-contact, contour cutting tool, laser can cut from any point of the material and cut in any direction. This is difficult to do with sawing.
(6) Electric processing. Generally, there are two methods, electric spark and electrochemical machining, which use the electric corrosion or melting effect, for fine machining of hard materials, and the notch roughness is better, but the cutting speed is several orders of magnitude slower than the speed of the laser cutting machine .
(7) Water cutting. Can cut many metal materials, but the cost is high. Water pollution is serious.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Summary In the new economic era, the metal laser cutting machine industry needs to continuously improve itself if it wants to survive. , Continuously innovate and launch distinctive metal laser cutting machine products that are suitable for market development and satisfy entrepreneurs. The innovation of metal laser cutting machine is inseparable from the advanced technology and the support of the market. Therefore, at the same time of innovation, keep in touch with the market and keep an eye on the development of the market. The needs of entrepreneurs and ensure the quality of metal laser cutting machines. Under the premise of changing at any time to meet user needs, this is the success of metal laser cutting machines .

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