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With the changes in the economic environment, the market demand for laser cutting machines has decreased. Competition between brands and manufacturers has almost heated up.

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Today, with the changes in the economic environment, the market demand for laser cutting machines has decreased, and competition between brands and manufacturers has almost heated up. In this regard, everyone intuitively feels that there are fewer new engineering projects that require laser cutting machines , fewer people are inquiring, and it is more difficult to buy equipment to pay back, and the cycle has become longer. Customers are not as open and generous as before, and they are beginning to look for faults. Picking and choosing ... These are all signs of "business" being difficult to do. If such a "bunch" of messy performances are to be solved, it will make people confused. However, if the current competition of the laser cutting machine industry is summed up, it can mainly be attributed to the competition in the major aspects of brand, price and channel, and service.
Brand competition 1. Brand demand differentiation The purpose of brand differentiation of laser cutting machines is to transform the core advantages or personality differences of products into brands to meet the individual needs of target customers. Successful laser cutting machine brands have a differentiating characteristic, which is different from competitors, and then connects the brand differences with the psychological needs of customers in a consistent form. In this way, the brand positioning information is accurately conveyed to The market, occupying a favorable position in the minds of potential customers. The purpose is to create and cultivate certain characteristics for their own laser cutting machine products, with a distinctive personality, and establish a unique market image to distinguish them from competitors and effectively determine the neutral position of the product in the minds of customers. In the trend of laser cutting machine companies and products becoming more and more homogeneous, more and more similar products, competition is becoming more and more fierce. To break through, companies must choose a brand positioning strategy that suits them according to actual needs. Find the right market place for your business and products.
2. The brand quality is king. The reason why a laser cutting machine brand is well-known and can get praise from customers must be derived from excellent quality and perfect service. This is the basis of the brand. There is no good quality and perfect service guarantee. No matter how good a brand is, it will be cast aside by customers. This shows in the market that customers who have purchased a laser cutting machine product are enthusiastic about the brand's continued purchase and recommendation to others. Improving the quality of products and services is the prerequisite for improving the brand, and it is directly related to whether it can become a real brand and a famous brand.
Here, competition is divided into two parts: product quality and service quality. With the rapid development of metal laser cutting machines in the Chinese market for more than a decade, the barrier to entry has been rapidly reduced. Metal laser cutting machines are no longer a mystery, but due to differences in processing levels and manufacturing accuracy of various companies, the efficiency of various brand products , Consumption and stability show a great difference, especially compared with foreign brands. In the future, where the requirements for energy consumption and environmental protection are becoming higher and higher, the role of product quality in market competition will become increasingly significant. Services include pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale services. The pre-sale and on-sale services can be integrated into one. As a sales technique, this is also the place for sales staff to pay attention to. After-sales service, as a separate service category, has been increasingly valued by various laser cutting machine manufacturers and channel vendors. Because it is not only a continuation service of a transaction, but also a marketing idea and method, creating its own high-end after-sales service brand is the direction that the laser cutting machine supplier actively implements next. We can see that not only the manufacturers have proposed to strengthen after-sales service, but also agents at all levels have a new understanding of after-sales service. But at the same time, there are also negative phenomena in after-sales service. One is over-service. The repairs that can be repaired during repairs are full replacements, small repairs are changed to middle repairs, and middle repairs are changed to overhauls. Keep one hand and solve the need for a moment, just like Jianghu Langzhong ’s “ear-earners”. Third, grab services and steal the original after-sales service items with low prices and alternatives. However, this type of service team's maintenance work is simple and rude. , Easy money-making maintenance projects are rushing, and incurable diseases or minor diseases caused by inadequate technology are repaired and disappeared. As a result, the relationship between customers and merchants is tense, forming a vicious circle. The supplier believes that he sold the equipment to the customer at a modest profit and did not make any profit other than providing warranty. Once he encountered a problem that the customer was difficult to solve, he retaliated: either he was unwilling to provide the service or raised the service cost. The customer believes that the equipment was purchased at their own expense. Moreover, the original after-sales service price differs greatly from the market price. Whoever they want to serve will be served by them. However, when the equipment encounters problems that cannot be solved, the manufacturers and agents also return Service obligations must be fulfilled.

In fact, there is only one reason for such a contradiction, that is, the cost of after-sales service, that is, price competition, which is mainly reflected in the price difference between genuine and high imitation and substitutes.
Price competition Price is actually a sensitive topic for the laser cutting machine industry, but we can analyze what is controlling the price of the laser cutting machine . 1. Production and transaction costs, 2. Information asymmetry, 3. Profits of manufacturers and channel vendors.
In theory, the larger the production scale, the lower the production cost, but in the laser cutting machine industry, the production cost difference due to the production scale is not very large. As the expansion of production scale can bring the advantages of low volume production and procurement, but it will also lead to an increase in management costs. In the past, large-scale production was mainly based on low labor costs to reduce production costs. However, due to the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, human resources costs have become more and more important in economic activities. ) The higher the grade, the higher the investment in human resources management. Based on this balance, the difference in production costs is not very large. Take a small power laser cutting machine as an example. The cost difference between international brands and domestic small brands is at most 1000-2000 yuan, which is about 20,000 yuan. Laser cutting equipment is normal, because the overall price difference is about 5,000 yuan.
Improving brand competitiveness by reducing production costs is the primary stage of competition, because to a certain extent, production costs cannot be infinitely reduced. In today's severe homogenization of laser cutting machines , the result of over-pressing production costs is to reduce the allocation and quality, and to recharge. This is nothing new in the laser cutting machine market. So to raise the brand premium, we have to start from other aspects.
Another cost is the transaction cost, including various taxes and fees generated by the operation of the company, and logistics and public relations expenses generated by the laser cutting machine transaction. The first two are related to the state policy and logistics development level, and the third is related to the level of laser cutting machine market development. Since the laser cutting machine industry is in the buyer's market in recent years, it has become a hidden rule in the industry to open trading joints through some abnormal means. Changes in public relations costs will affect the price of the product in a single transaction.
The more asymmetric information, the greater the price fluctuations. Information asymmetry used to be a major reason for the huge profits of the laser cutting machine industry. This has both the objective conditions of social communication and communication technology, and the subjective reasons of in-house manufacturers' artificial restrictions on the information circulation in various regions. With the gradual deepening of marketization and informatization, the problem of information asymmetry is being solved, so that the price of conventional laser cutting machines and accessories is basically transparent. And with the promotion of media tools such as the Internet, brand awareness diffusion (non-customer recognition) is very easy and simple. Eliminating information asymmetry and expanding visibility can be done from different sales channels of laser cutting machines .
The profits of manufacturers and channel vendors are both unified and antagonistic. Only when both make money can the cooperation continue, and the brand can penetrate into various fields and regional markets to become bigger and stronger; but at the same time, the product quality and brand image are fixed for a certain period of time, and the price that customers can afford is also The limit is that in a limited price range, profit is constant except for various costs. The more you are, the less I am, and the more you are, the less you are. In order to ensure their own interests, both parties have a profit bottom line. Below the profit bottom line, it may not be a single order. Therefore, the price is limited by the profit bottom line of manufacturers and channel vendors. Then the price can go lower.
Price competition often appears not in the form of high or low prices, but in the form of a mixed price-performance brand. For example, the same price of 2,000 yuan, Apple and Xiaomi, one makes consumers feel very cheap, one feels slightly more expensive, customers will make different choices for the same price. Similarly, for different laser cutting machine brands and the same price, customers will also make different choices based on their actual needs and economic conditions. This is why the current laser cutting machine manufacturers are positioning their products and prices high, medium and low. Different grades of products and prices can meet different needs and customers.
Channel competition A very important development of laser cutting machine companies is the development of agents (dealers) If a strong and powerful agent (dealer) can be recruited, the brand will soon be in the regional market Take root, so almost every manufacturer is looking for a suitable agent (dealer) and development agent (dealer). This is the power of channels.
What exactly is a "channel"? There is a "difference" in thinking and methods between manufacturers and agents (dealers) in their understanding and mastery. From the perspective of manufacturers, “channels” are “agents (distributors)”, so when formulating channel strategies, they have given too much consideration to how to formulate agents (distributors) strategies, including channel incentive plans for agents (distributors). , Agent (dealer) management, etc., while ignoring channel construction and management itself; from the agent (dealer) perspective, the channel is itself. Therefore, they are positioning themselves as "channels". Some agents become increasingly impetuous because of "cognitive" biases. They use the resources they have in downstream distribution channels and some experience in market operations as "capital" to play against manufacturers. "Sometimes, there is a phenomenon of" shop bullying ", and I want to blame a certain manufacturer: On my site, the customer is me. I can't make a market, and no one else wants to make it. These are the key factors that cause contradictions in the relationship between manufacturers. It is impossible for a person to make all the money in the industry chain. Direct selling has the advantages of direct marketing, and agents have the strength of agents. Generally speaking, for the sales of industrial products, manufacturers will adopt the method of setting up agents at all levels in the local area to quickly and cost-effectively, and closer to the development model of the market. Authorized agents can only sell. In China's laser cutting machine industry, the channel model of headquarters + offices + agents + informal authorized dealers is more popular, which is also in line with the marketing ideas of laser cutting machines as industrial products. This channel model will generate the following competition in the development: competition between agents and offices in the same market, competition between agents and agents, cross-border competition between agents in different markets, competition between different brands in the same market against agents ... ...
Relatively speaking, manufacturers will be in a stronger position between manufacturers and agents, but this also varies depending on the brand, agent and regional market. In particular, many small domestic brands have little influence on their own. A single authorized agent cannot support an agent at all, so it is not binding on the agent. As the entry threshold is lowered, small domestic brands continue to emerge, and there are many companies looking for agents to represent their own brands. Competition for agents with scale and strength is very common. These agents, which are being scrambled by manufacturers, have gradually evolved. Become a "consignment" model, which means that you do not need to take responsibility for the product, regardless of whether the product is sold, whether it is sold well, whether it is sold profitably. At the same time, the agents lack the corresponding loyalty to the manufacturers and brands, because their products can be made or not, so the manufacturer's tying behavior to the agents will also open their eyes and close their eyes.
Another problem that arises is that due to the price problem and lack of binding force, a large number of agents provide high imitation and substitutes in after-sales services, which makes the quality of after-sales service in the laser cutting machine industry uneven, which reduces the client machine. Operating costs have also led to various customer contradictions and equipment failures.
The profit of the channel operator may be difficult to solve, but the marketing model can be changed. The current distribution agents are mostly small companies with a few or a dozen people, and there is no standardized and standardized system. Such companies may gradually be replaced by large-scale chain-type or MRO sales models. Although channel winning has become a thing of the past in the laser cutting machine industry, for the exploration of marketing channels, laser cutting machine companies have never stopped.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. As the laser cutting machine becomes more and more mature today, the competition among various brands, products and enterprises has been It is not a single factor competition. In addition to the obvious factors such as price and quality, hidden factors such as services, added value, channels, and corporate development strategies are also important aspects for the long-term development and sustainable development of enterprises and brands. Only by preparing for brutal competition in a complex market environment can we stand in the forest of world laser cutting machine brands.

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