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Common problems and solutions in laser cutting machine

Release time: 2014.12.30 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

1. Cutting and perforating technology Any kind of thermal cutting technology, except in a few cases, can start from the edge of the board, generally a small hole must be punched in the board. In the laser punching compound machine, a hole was first punched out with a punch, and then the laser was used to cut from the small hole. There are two basic methods of perforating a laser cutting machine without a stamping device:
Blast perforation-the material forms a pit in the center after continuous laser irradiation, and then the molten material is quickly removed by the oxygen stream coaxial with the laser beam to form a hole. Generally, the size of the hole is related to the thickness of the plate. The average diameter of the blasting perforation is half of the thickness of the plate. Therefore, the blasting perforation of the thicker plate is larger and not round. On waste. In addition, because the oxygen pressure used for perforation is the same as that for cutting, the splash is large.
Pulse perforation——Pulse laser with high peak power is used to melt or vaporize a small amount of material. Air or nitrogen is usually used as auxiliary gas to reduce the expansion of holes due to exothermic oxidation. The gas pressure is lower than the oxygen pressure during cutting. Each pulsed laser produces only small jets of particles, stepping deeper, so thick plate perforation takes a few seconds. Once the perforation is complete, the auxiliary gas is replaced with oxygen for cutting. In this way, the diameter of the perforation is small, and the quality of the perforation is better than that of blasting. The laser used for this purpose should not only have a high output power; more importantly, the time and space characteristics of the beam, so the general cross-flow CO2 laser cannot meet the requirements of laser cutting. In addition, pulse perforation also requires a more reliable gas path control system to achieve the switching of gas type, gas pressure, and perforation time.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. In the case of pulse perforation, in order to obtain high-quality incisions, from pulse perforation when the workpiece is stationary to Attention should be paid to the transition technology of constant-speed continuous cutting of workpieces. In theory, the cutting conditions of the acceleration section, such as the focal length, nozzle position, and gas pressure, can usually be changed. However, it is unlikely that the above conditions will be changed due to the short time. In the industrial production, it is more realistic to adopt the method of changing the average laser power. The specific methods are to change the pulse width; to change the pulse frequency; and to change the pulse width and frequency at the same time. The actual results show that the third effect is the best.
2. Analysis of the deformation of small holes (small diameter and plate thickness) during cutting This is because the machine tool (only for high-power laser cutting machines ) does not use blasting perforation when processing small holes, but uses pulse perforation (soft puncture) ) Method, which makes the laser energy too concentrated in a small area and burns the non-processed area, causing deformation of the hole and affecting the processing quality. At this time, we should change the pulse punching (soft puncture) method to blast punching (common puncture) method in the processing program to solve it. For the small power laser cutting machine, it is just the opposite. In the processing of small holes, the method of pulse perforation should be adopted to obtain better surface finish.
3. When the laser cuts low-carbon steel, the burr of the workpiece is resolved. According to the work and design principles of CO2 laser cutting, the following points are analyzed to be the main reasons for the burr of the processed part: the upper and lower positions of the laser focus are incorrect. The focus position test needs to be performed and adjusted according to the offset of the focus. The output power of the laser is not enough. You need to check whether the laser generator is working properly. If normal, check whether the output value of the laser control button is correct and adjust it. The line speed is too slow, it is necessary to increase the line speed during operation control; the purity of the cutting gas is not enough, and high-quality cutting working gas needs to be provided; the laser focus shift requires a focus position test, and the adjustment is based on the focus shift amount; The instability that occurs when the machine runs for too long requires shutdown and restart.
4. When laser cutting stainless steel and aluminum-zinc plate, analysis of the occurrence of burrs in the workpiece appears above. First, consider the burrs that occur when cutting low-carbon steel, but you cannot simply increase the cutting speed because the increased speed sometimes occurs. The case where the board is not cut through is particularly prominent when processing aluminum-zinc plate. At this time, other factors of the machine tool should be comprehensively considered, such as whether the nozzle is to be replaced, and the guide rail movement is unstable.
5. Analysis of the state that the laser is not completely cut through. The following situations are found to be the main causes of processing instability: the choice of the nozzle of the laser head does not match the thickness of the processing plate; the laser cutting line speed is too fast and requires operation control Reduce the line speed; in addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the need to replace the 7.5 ″ focal length laser lens when the L3030 laser cutting machine cuts more than 5mm carbon steel plates.
6. Solutions to abnormal sparks when cutting low carbon steel This situation will affect the cutting quality of the cut surface of the part. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the following should be considered: the loss of the laser nozzle NOZZEL, the nozzle should be replaced in time. In the case of no new nozzle replacement, the pressure of the cutting working gas should be increased; the thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head is loose. At this time, cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection status of the laser head, and re-thread.
7. Selection of puncture point during laser cutting processing The working principle of laser beam during laser cutting processing is: During the processing, the material forms a pit in the center after continuous laser irradiation, and then the working stream is coaxial with the laser beam. The molten material is quickly removed to form a hole. This hole is similar to a threading hole for wire cutting. The laser beam uses this hole as the starting point for contour cutting. Generally, the direction of the laser beam in the flying optical path is perpendicular to the tangent direction of the contour of the cut part.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Therefore, from the time when the laser beam starts to penetrate the steel plate to the part contour cutting, its cutting speed will change greatly in the vector direction, that is, 90 ° rotation in the vector direction, and the tangent line perpendicular to the cutting contour will change. The direction turns to coincide with the tangent to the cutting contour, that is, the angle with the tangent to the contour is 0 °. In this way, a rougher cutting surface will flow down the cutting section of the material to be processed. This is mainly due to the rapid change in the vector direction of the laser beam during movement in a short time. Therefore, pay attention to this situation when using laser cutting to process parts. In general, when the design part has no roughness requirements for the surface cutting fracture, the manual cutting process can be omitted during the laser cutting programming, and the control software can automatically generate a puncture point; however, when the design has a higher roughness on the cutting section of the part to be processed When required, we must pay attention to this problem. Usually we need to manually adjust the starting position of the laser beam when programming the laser cutting program, that is, manual control of the puncture point. It is necessary to move the puncture point originally generated by the laser program to a reasonable position required in order to meet the requirements for the accuracy of the surface of the processed part.
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