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Laser cutting machine equipment is mainly the integration of machine and photoelectric

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The structure of laser cutting machine and its application: The laser cutting machine equipment is mainly the integration of machine, light, electricity, and the whole system is mainly composed of the main machine part (mechanical part), laser (+ external light path component), numerical control system and operation The three parts (electrical control part) are equipped with auxiliary auxiliary equipment for laser cutting: stabilized power supply, chiller, gas cylinder, air compressor, gas storage tank, cooling dryer, filter, exhaust dust collector, exhaust The slag machine and so on constitute the system integration of a complete set of equipment.

The role of each part of the laser cutting machine is as follows:
1) Machine tool part: the machine part of the laser cutting machine , the mechanical part that realizes the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes, including the cutting work platform. It is used to place the workpiece to be cut and can move accurately and accurately according to the control program. It is usually driven by a servo motor.
2) Laser generator: a device that generates a laser light source.
3) External light path: refraction mirror, which is used to direct the laser in the required direction. In order to prevent the beam path from malfunctioning, all mirrors should be protected by protective covers, and clean positive pressure protective gas should be passed to protect the lenses from contamination.
4) CNC system: control the machine tool to realize the X, Y, Z axis movement, and also control the laser output power.
5) Regulated power supply: connected between laser, CNC machine tool and power supply system. It mainly plays the role of preventing external power grid interference.
6) Cutting head: It mainly includes parts such as cavity, focusing lens holder, focusing lens, capacitive sensor and auxiliary gas nozzle. The cutting head driving device is used to drive the cutting head to move along the Z axis according to a program, and is composed of a servo motor and a transmission member such as a screw rod or a gear.
7) Operation table: used to control the working process of the entire cutting device.
8) Chiller: used to cool the laser generator. The laser is a device that converts electrical energy into light energy. For example, the conversion rate of a CO2 gas laser is generally 20%, and the remaining energy is converted into heat. Cooling water removes excess heat to keep the laser generator working properly. The chiller also cools the optical path reflectors and focusing mirrors outside the machine to ensure stable beam transmission quality and effectively prevent the lens temperature from being deformed or cracked due to excessive temperature.
9) Gas cylinder: It includes the working medium gas cylinder and auxiliary gas cylinder of the laser cutting machine , which is used to supplement the industrial gas for laser oscillation and to supply the auxiliary gas for the cutting head.
10) Air compressor, air tank: Provide and store compressed air.
11) Air-cooled dryer and filter: used to supply clean dry air to the laser generator and the beam path to keep the path and the mirror working normally.
12) Exhaust dust collector: extracts the smoke and dust generated during processing, and performs filtering treatment to make the exhaust emissions comply with environmental protection standards.
13) Slag discharger: Eliminate the leftover and waste materials generated during processing.
Note: Due to the differences in manufacturers' design, the overall cutting mechanism can be divided into (1) * cantilever flying light path (2) * gantry flying light path (3) * economical supporting gantry flying light path (4) * airborne flying light path ( 5) Gantry type hybrid optical path (6) Special cutting machine (7) Die cutting board cutting machine (8) Rotary parts welding machine (9) Flat plate welding machine

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