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Comparison of high-end laser cutting machine equipment at home and abroad

Release time: 2015.03.13 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd

Laser cutting machine manufacturer product performance comparisonLaser cutting machine rankingLaser cutting machine principleLaser cutting machine brandOne: Principle of laser cuttingLaser cutting machine uses a focused high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, so that the irradiated material quickly melts and vaporizes , Ablation or reaching the ignition point, and at the same time, the molten material is blown out by means of a high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, thereby cutting the workpiece. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. The principle of the laser cutting machine is shown in the figure below.

Second, the domestic and foreign high-end laser cutting machine equipment ranking comparison foreign brands: TRUMPF, Swiss Bystronic, Japan TANAKA (Tanaka), Japan KOIKE (Koike), Japan Mazak and so on.
TRUMPF and Bystronic's benchtop laser structures are developed based on CNC punches and shears. Its advantage is that it has advantages when cutting steel plates below 6mm, and the cutting speed and moving speed are relatively fast. However, his disadvantage is that the work surface is small, generally 1.5 * 3 meters or 2 * 4 meters. If cutting 6 meters or 9 meters long boards, it must be disassembled into several parts and cut on the laser cutting machine , which makes production efficiency and The use of materials has decreased.
TRUMPF: If the product material is relatively single and in large quantities, TRUMPF is a good choice. The replacement of the cutting head and the cleaning of the cutting lens are very convenient, but its manual operation function is not very easy to use.
Bystronic: In terms of manual operation, Bystronic can be said to be a better one. The adjustment of processing parameters is more foolish and may be preferred by ordinary operators. But the manual adjustment method is not as good as Bystronics. Richer (for materials such as hot-rolled sheet that are not very stable)
Tanaka, Koike's gantry type large table structure laser cutting machine . Its advantages are cutting of medium and thick plates, and large worktables (can be tens of meters long and 3-6 meters wide). For example, boards with 3 * 9 or 2 * 6 meters can be placed directly on the workbench. On the cutting. The disadvantage is that the laser generator moves together with the random machine, so it is very heavy. When cutting thin plates below 3mm, the speed is far faster than the desktop laser cutting machine .
Tanaka: Japan's Tanaka laser cutting machine is the most capable in cutting thickness and size. The thickness of medium and thick plates can reach 30MM. It is mainly used in the processing of structural parts and has a long service life. There are few competitors in large workpieces and thick plates.
Mazak: The most intelligent laser machine in the world is Mazak. Not only can it cut three-dimensional workpieces but also special profile cutting and software. It is also equipped with props. After laser cutting, it can perform tapping and chamfering and reaming. Domestic brands: Shanghai Tuanjie Prima, Shenzhen Han's, Jinan Senfeng, Wuhan Falilai, etc. Most manufacturers of laser cutting equipment in China are still in the low-end product stage, and high-power lasers, laser dedicated control systems, laser beams Most of the core technologies, such as transmission control and laser cutting know-how, also rely on imports. Since foreign countries have clear restrictions on exports in this field, a licensing system is adopted, and it is strictly stipulated that this technology cannot be used in military, aerospace and other fields, so China urgently needs to break through this technology. However, despite this, many domestic laser application equipment brands still hope to break this limitation and promote the continuous development of laser technology in China. In recent years, many major technological advances have also been made.
Shanghai Solidarity Prima: It should be a brand with a high market share from the perspective of sales volume alone. The technical content and application support are insufficient. The start of most installations and commissioning is also the beginning of maintenance. The company ’s technical staff is particularly mobile. There are no professionals for more than 10 years, and the installation and maintenance of the whole machine are very poor. However, due to the ultra-cheap price and the advantages of payment, it is very attractive for the few buyers in the Chinese domestic market.
Shenzhen Han's: Han's company has been established for a long time. It is an old brand of domestic laser equipment , and its overall popularity is loud in the industry. It is one of the few vertical integrators who can independently develop numerical control systems, precision machine tools and high-power CO2 lasers, and has strong technical strength. Product performance has not been a major breakthrough in recent years, and is in the mid-range level in the industry. Shenzhen Han's equipment is cheap, stability and control are not very good, and easy to break.
Jinan Senfeng: Senfeng is the only domestic brand that adheres to the high-end product line of laser cutting machine equipment. The overall machine performance is among the best in domestic brands, and the cutting speed and quality are superior to other brands. However, at present, it is mainly used for small and medium power laser cutting equipment, so there are often limitations in cutting thickness. In the future, it may be involved in high power laser cutting equipment. It must be mentioned that Senfeng's laser cutting strength is still very strong, mainly reflected in their industry custom R & D capabilities in the cutting industry, which is currently leading.
Wuhan Falilai: Falilai Book belongs to Wuhan Huagong Group. After the listing of Huagong Technology in 2000, Huagong Technology wholly-owned the Australian cutting system Farleylaserlab, and established in China as a high-power laser cutting and laser welding high-end equipment company. . Compared with the above-mentioned counterparts in terms of overall technology, Wuhan Huagong's equipment is less stable, but suitable for some small cutting and low budget procurement.
In addition, there are many laser application brands in the market, basically each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, users should choose carefully according to their actual needs, or they will be greatly troubled by the subsequent after-sales service and use.
Questions about cutting accuracy are related to many factors: such as the quality of the material, the surface condition of the material (with or without rust), the purity, pressure, flow rate of the gas used, and the level of the operator and programmer.
In fact, the mechanical accuracy of the cutting machine is similar, but the product accuracy will certainly be different due to the above factors.

Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to market-oriented since its establishment. It has continuously developed and innovated in laser applications such as laser cutting, engraving, and laser die. It has now developed leading products laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser engraving machine, laser Cutting machine, laser marking machine and other series of laser processing equipment, widely used in clothing, leather, advertising, craft gifts, plexiglass, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware, auto parts, apparel, wood industry, furniture manufacturing, model manufacturing, Plastics, tobacco, packaging and printing, etc. .
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