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Several laser cutting machine processes

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Laser cutting is a high-tech application technology of the modern industrial revolution. It is an industrial-grade production equipment with a high penetration rate in developed countries. It is controlled by computer programs and processed with good flexibility, which has largely replaced metal. The die stamping process in the plate processing process optimizes the production process and plays an irreplaceable role in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing.
However, the laser cutting process has not only become the sharpest "knife" in the manufacturing industry, but even the decorations and handicrafts that we can see in daily life cannot be separated from the laser cutting machine .
Cushion: Creative laser cutting process with various forms

Intricate laser-cut and thermoformed rubber with playful bright color design / silver-white metallic luster repeating pattern overlay on a contrasting plain linen substrate / delicate circles laser-cut from silk satin, inlaid to form a 3D surface / Paper-cut style cushions show bright contrasting colors hidden underneath / Organic floral shapes are cut with fine wool felt to form a complex organic tactile surface.
Carpets: laser cutting to create fun floor surfaces

Carpets with soft tones are laser-cut to create a burnout effect and natural style / text phrases are cut with felt to form interesting carpet designs / fine and elegant patterns. Carpets are made of imitation wood vinyl / geometry carpets are made of thick felt Highlighting the image / ElisaStrozyk cuts triangles with a wood laser and attaches them to a textile substrate, creating a "half-wood, half-textile" carpet.
Curtains and blinds: laser cut interesting surface patterns while letting light of different intensities shine into the interior space

The thick felt is delicately laser-cut to show the geometric shape, creating illusion curtains / opaque laminated polyester to display the delicately cut lattice pattern / cut into modern South American traditional textile patterns with plain weave shutters, creating a beautiful light effect / The delicate and elegant wood grain laser-cut lines allow small light to shine into the heavy fabric / luxury venetian blinds cut with glossy satin to show the Moroccan collage style.
Screens and dividers: creatively divide the space and let the light flow while adding decorative patterns

Exquisite wood screens are laser-cut with Moorish style collage patterns. Simple leaf design is made of thick wood. Ceiling screens have a complex design that changes, allowing light to change. FiyelLevent ’s flexible sliding screen doors use Middle Eastern patterns. Cut from lightweight aluminum / delicate and elegant butterfly shape cut from stainless steel.
Mirrors: laser cutting process to create a variety of eye-catching mirrors

Eye-catching bird patterns create eye-catching wall decorations / Gorgeous laser-cut wood covers exquisite mirror moldings / tropical leaf patterns create interesting mirror wall decorations / Abstract organic shapes The mirrors are fixed together with delicate nylon ropes to create a puzzle The effect / mirror is placed on a complex, delicate laser-cut metal, with a delicate and elegant bird and tree design.
Seat: The seat design uses laser cutting technology to try different materials to create interesting engraving forms

Diatom Studio SketchChair allows customers to design their own laser cutting chairs / laser cutting designs to increase flexibility and create a free-form curved bench design / LouiseCampbell's Veryround chair is made of a 2 mm thick steel plate frame and uses a stereo laser design / BenjaminHubert The "Cradle" seat uses a laser-cut textile fabric to create a hammock effect. BluDot's flat bag "RealGood" seat uses foldable laser-cut lines.
Furniture: Designers experiment with different materials and craftsmanship to create smart furniture

Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. The laser cut plastic cafeteria tray forms a combined table form, reminiscent of 3D printing / laser cutting The wood shows a light-toned embossed pattern / free-form geometric cutout appears on the wardrobe door, creating a unique one-time design, and showing the interior of the wardrobe / bright stainless steel curved coffee table is exquisitely laser cut with a floral pattern, Make the overall style look soft / JeroenVerhoeven's CinderellaTable uses CAD-CAM process to laser cut 57 wood chips to form a unique design.

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