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The dawn of the light guide plate of the traditional silk screen technology behind the laser marking machine

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The traditional screen printing technology is backward, and the laser marking machine's laser dot light guide plate is dawning.
Today, the design technology of traditional silk screen dots is very mature, and the effect on brightness and uniformity is welcomed by many customers in the past, and its price and cost are low. With this advantage, it has an important position in the light guide plate processing market of laser marking machines . However, with the development of the times, especially in the recent years when laser equipment is widely popular in the market, the processing method of silk screen dots has been gradually eliminated, and replaced by advanced light guide plate laser dot machines.
First, the process of screen printing the light guide plate is more complicated. Acrylic boards need to be printed on screen and ink, and then the board is dried through a screen printing tunnel oven to form a dot light guide plate. Among them, the production time of the screen is relatively long, usually one week, and each link requires manual operation. Second, the environment is polluted. The production of silk screen light guide plates requires ink, but ink is the largest pollution source in the printing industry. Because it is organic volatiles, it will form oxides and photochemical smog under the sunlight, and it has a particularly strong and pungent smell. Long-term work may affect people's health. Third, it is easy to yellow and has a short life. Because the heat generated by LED in the lighting process will affect the ink, the ink dot will affect the light emission, which will cause the phenomenon of light decay, which will eventually lead to uneven light or yellowing of the LED flat lamp, and the use time is not long.

Laser marking machine Through the above, we can clearly know that the screen printing light guide plate can no longer meet the development needs of the market, and a new processing method is urgently needed to promote the development of the industry. Laser is another major invention of mankind after atomic energy, computers, and semiconductors. It is called "the fastest knife", "the most accurate ruler", and "the brightest light" by the world. Lasers have been widely used in various industries, and the use of laser equipment in the industrial processing industry has become mainstream. For example, clothing fabric cutting, packaging and marking industry marking, fine crafts carving, etc., laser equipment can be perfectly processed. So we also have reasons to believe that advanced laser equipment can bring a bright dawn to the light guide plate processing industry and the lighting production industry.
Laser marking machine, laser light guide plate marking machine , lighting the future of LED light guide plate
Science is developing and society is advancing. Only by keeping pace with the times, can we better create the value of the enterprise and win the market in a stable manner. As we all know, the rapid development of laser equipment has helped the LED lighting industry to a new level. Regarding the reasons why the light guide plate laser dot machine has more advantages than the traditional silk screen dot light guide plate, there are mainly the following points. First, the laser dot light guide plate eliminates consumables such as ink, which reduces the use cost and reduces environmental pollution. Secondly, in terms of lighting effects, the laser dot light guide plate does not yellow easily for a long time, and the light effect is good, the effect is durable, and the life is long. Finally, the use of laser equipment for processing can optimize the production human resources, without the need for a large number of manual operations. As long as professional training is used, one person can use the equipment to replace the silk screen printing of multiple people and multiple processes, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves Labor costs. Therefore, the light guide plate laser dot machine becomes the best processing method after the silk screen process.
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