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What is the story of the development of laser marking machine?

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Although many people do not understand laser, laser has become an indispensable part of people's daily life. Laser technology has been shadowed in every aspect of our lives. 作为最常见的激光加工设备,它的巧夺天工让大家享用到了它的精深工艺。 Laser marking machine is the most common laser processing equipment. Its ingenuity allows everyone to enjoy its sophisticated technology. So what kind of story is there in the development of laser marking machines ?
Laser is regarded as a leading material processing method. It has experienced more than 40 years of development. The control system has experienced the large format era, the mirror era and the galvanometer era in the field of laser marking machines . The control method has also completed a series of evolution from direct software control to real-time processing and time-division multiplexing. Today, semiconductor lasers, optical fibers The emergence of lasers and ultrafast lasers has brought new challenges to optical process control.

Every step of the laser marking machine has been criticized and questioned by people. Each innovation is a sign of the advancement of science and technology.
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's economic status, the demand for high-quality modern processing methods has become increasingly urgent, and domestic laser marking machine manufacturers have sprung up. Some insiders claim that laser marking will become the most widely used and most common marking method. Facts have also proven the wide application of laser marking machines , such as non-metal industries such as plastic products, handicrafts, food and medicine, cigarettes and alcohol, PVC boards, PCB boards, MDF, organic boards, wood boards, bamboo products, luggage , And aviation, precision instrumentation, auto parts, petroleum machinery, coal machinery, mining machinery, plumbing hardware industry, general machinery, household appliances and other metal industries, as well as some special materials, laser marking machines are playing a pivotal role. effect.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., laser marking is currently the most advanced technical means in the field of industrial product marking. The continuously innovative high-speed and high-efficiency laser marking machine equipment has continued to increase its application value in the market.In addition to plane marking, lasers can also print various texts, symbols, patterns, serial numbers, Bar codes and QR codes. At present , the application of laser marking machine is focused on more fine and higher precision occasions. Laser marking machines are mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machines , semiconductor laser marking machines , CO2 laser marking machines . Users can choose different laser marking machines according to specific marking needs.
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