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With its unique advantages and excellent performance, laser marking machines are favored by the majority of manufacturers.

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Since its inception, laser marking machines have been favored by a large number of manufacturers with their unique advantages and excellent performance, and have been more and more widely used in various fields. The laser machine has the advantages of high engraving accuracy, non-contact, permanent, anti-counterfeiting and high processing efficiency. Compared with traditional screen printing and pad printing machines, what are the advantages and disadvantages? We first distinguish by color. Lasers have not been able to produce various colors so far. It is the color that appears through the chemical reaction between the high temperature of light and the surface of the material, usually three kinds of black, white, and yellow. Screen printing, pad printing, the colors they can present, colorful, it is through the blending of inks, the ink has only six basic colors, red, yellow, blue, black, green and white, and a variety of colors derived from the blending of these six colors ; Matching.
From the perspective of production and application, we can understand from the six aspects of speed, efficiency, degree of use, difficulty in operation, safety risks, and product requirements.
In terms of speed, laser occupies an absolute advantage from typesetting to LOGO forming, getting rid of silk screen printing, pad printing, and printing LOGO from making film-plate making-woven net-sun board-ink adjustment-fixture-printing. Every step in the middle can't go wrong, the complexity of the process is far more than you and I imagine. The laser prints the LOGO from the drawing, typesetting, positioning, and intermediate processes as long as it is performed in two software. The operation is simple and the error rate is low.
In terms of efficiency, the laser has no consumables, eliminating the need for ink in screen printing. As long as the laser is adjusted, the workers need to pay attention to whether the screen is blocked during the use of the screen, and whether the printed image has a section, the screen is clean, and the external environment is clean and free of dust.
In terms of use, silk screen still occupies the market's head. After all, it is an old brand. In many product LOGO expressions, the laser is still not as colorful as silk screen. The single color of the laser has limited the development of laser in many industries.
Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. In terms of operation difficulty, laser marking operation is simple, silk screen operation is careful, laser operation is about learning CDR and The laser software comes with the operating software, so as long as you have a computer in this study, that is not a problem. In silk screen printing, you have to choose the ink first, choose the color you want, and get the color you want through a combination of one and multiple colors. Put the ink in the screen. During the use, you must devote yourself to it. Every time you print a part of the product, you have to repeat several actions, the strength of the scraper, whether the screen is blocked, whether the screen is dirty, how much ink is, and how evenly the ink is printed on the product.
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