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The birth of laser laser marking washing for jeans replaces traditional denim washing

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According to the jeans washing factory, it takes 2,500 gallons to wash a pair of jeans. According to the jeans shipments in 2014, the amount of water consumed is calculated at sky-high prices. Such a water-consuming beast is really huge! But since 2010, a brand new denim washing process has appeared in denim garment factories. This process It only takes a few seconds to achieve the washing effect of cat whiskers, stables, holes, and abrasion. Compared with manual sandblasting, stone grinding, stone washing, the speed is even faster.

It is understood that this brand-new denim washing process was developed by a company called Haowei Craft Laser Studio. The person in charge of the studio introduced that the traditional washing process is time-consuming and consumes a lot of water. A variety of chemicals were invested, which seriously affected the health of workers and the ecological environment. Therefore, we decided to develop a pollution-free, water-wash-free green environmental protection process. We have used many years of experience in laser process development, plus several sets of successful cases, and successfully developed a jeans laser laser water washing process in 2009. Laser equipment is used to laser etch the yarn on the surface of the jeans. The yarns floating on the surface will undergo physical fading reaction due to high temperature, thereby forming the washing pattern we need. This process can not only process the jeans for garments, but also It can process large-area denim, cut pieces and other clothing fabrics, and can also laser different patterns, such as printed patterns.
The birth of jeans laser laser laser marking machine washing water is of great significance for traditional denim washing. At least each pair of jeans can save more than 50 liters of water. This is also the most effective production process for denim washing plants to reduce production costs.
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