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Heli laser equipment can provide laser technology support for the development of fashion industries such as Wenzhou shoes and apparel

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The Laser Technology Application Demonstration and Promotion Center was unveiled and established in the high-tech zone of our city (1, Shengteri Group, Gao Er Road, Longwan District) to accelerate the widespread application of laser technology in traditional industries such as shoe leather, clothing, printing and packaging, etc., for Wenzhou The development of fashion industries such as shoes and clothing provides laser technology support.
Using laser technology to save labor costs of 1 million yuan
Entering the center, 9 laser marking machines and laser cutting machines are arranged staggered. Workers put the materials to be processed on the operation table in front of the machine, a flash of electro-optical flashing, using laser cutting machine technology, leather The engraved flower on the card instantly "blooms", and the beautiful and complicated beautiful ornamentation on the card is instantly displayed; the laser marking is used, and the fonts and patterns on bamboo and wooden crafts, towels, leather and other materials are instantly processed.
"From the product development to the design and manufacture of the high-end brand of Kangnai Shijia shoes we have launched, more than 80% of the technology has been completed by laser and optoelectronic technology." Wu Shengneng, deputy general manager of Kangnai Group Co., Ltd. introduced the application of laser scanning molding The technology promotes the establishment of human foot and cymbal databases, gradually realizes the digital product research and development model, and finally breaks through the bottleneck of technology transition. Use laser cutting, marking and punching equipment to improve work efficiency and product quality. The outstanding characteristics of laser equipment are accurate, efficient and stable, which overcomes the shortage of labor, meets the needs of enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce costs, and at the same time better controls quality, saves operating space, and facilitates data accumulation. Up to now, the labor cost has been saved by 1 million yuan, and the defective rate of products has decreased by 0.12% (the company's product qualification rate is higher, reaching 99%, and fewer waste products).
Bringing change in production methods and production thinking
"Customers are increasingly demanding product quality, especially women's shoes, they also have high requirements for fashion, and laser application technology is in great demand." Cai Yanjiong, secretary general of the Longwan District Footwear Industry Association, saw the processed shoe samples displayed in the center. It is deeply felt that, because Wenzhou shoe companies still lack the concept of applying laser technology in design, manufacturing and other links to improve production quality, the center as a public scientific and technological innovation service platform will accelerate the promotion of the docking of laser technology with shoe companies.
Wu Shengneng said that the application of laser technology is not a simple technical transformation, but also a change in production methods and production thinking. Only by relying on technological innovation and realizing transformation and upgrading can we cope with the ever-changing business environment. As the industry leader in the industry, Cornell Group has made a number of breakthroughs in technological innovation in this industry, with obvious demonstration effects. The application of Cornell's laser technology will drive the transformation of Wenzhou shoe companies' thinking, model innovation, and lead the industry technology. progress.
"We will launch service vouchers to reduce the cost of laser technology for enterprises, and the center will also directly provide laser processing services for enterprises." Said Yao Zhili, the head of Wenzhou Laser Technology Application Demonstration and Promotion Center. The center has a team of laser experts to provide enterprises with Laser technology solutions to ensure the quality of laser processing technology and the quality of processed products.
Laser cutting machine | laser marking machine | laser engraving machine | fiber laser marking machine | laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.
"Laser technology has promoted the replacement of enterprise machines, improved production efficiency and product quality, while achieving green and environmentally friendly production, and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of our city's traditional advantageous industries." A person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the laser and optoelectronic industries were included in the list. The top ten strategic emerging industries to be cultivated are to be created as a new sample of the integrated development of the city's high-tech industry and traditional advantage industries and a new growth pole for economic development.
Although the laser and optoelectronic industry in Wenzhou started late, it has developed rapidly. Especially since the laser and optoelectronic industry cluster was approved as a national top ten innovative industrial cluster in July 2013, the laser and optoelectronic industry in our city has ushered in rapid development. Focusing on building a global laser technology application center, the output value continues to increase, the industry concentration continues to increase, and the entire industry shows a good development trend.
According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 110 enterprises engaged in the laser and optoelectronic industries in our city, with an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan. An industrial chain featuring laser applications has been initially formed. The introduction and cultivation of Pentium Laser (Wenzhou) Limited The company and a group of industry leading enterprises or key supporting enterprises have demonstrated and promoted the application of laser processing technology in characteristic advantageous industries such as clothing, footwear, pumps and valves.
"The center will serve as an important platform for laser technology to process non-metallic materials in our city, and provide a carrier support for the construction and development of the laser and optoelectronic industry cluster in China (Wenzhou)." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that at present, the company has Material laser application demonstration and promotion center. Next, a laser technology application demonstration and promotion center for pumps and other products will be set up in Yongjia to promote the deep integration of laser technology with the "intelligent manufacturing" upgrade of the city's traditional advantageous industries.
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