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National Defense University fiber laser represents the development direction and trend of high-energy lasers

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A research group of the School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering of the National University of Defense Technology, supported by the International Science and Technology Cooperation Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, has broken through the cores of independent intellectual property rights such as optical fiber post-processing, overall cooling of optical fiber disks, wide-band optical fiber dispersion characteristics measurement, and optical fiber mode control technology. Key technology, developed "high average power near-infrared all-fiber supercontinuum light source", the average power exceeds 3.6 times of similar international studies. This is the epitome of the institute's foothold in the field of optical engineering, carrying out scientific research work around "capable of fighting and winning the war", and bravely climbing the peak of science and technology in the world with a fighting attitude.

The laboratory is the battlefield

On March 22, Professor Qin Shiqiao, the dean of the academy, just hosted a project periodic report meeting, and hurried to a laboratory to organize a project leader to discuss a problem on the spot. He said: "Chairman Xi asked us to keep in mind that fighting and winning battles is the key to a strong army. As military science and technology workers, we must firmly establish the concept that a laboratory is a battlefield and engage in scientific research and warfare. Dare to beat hard bones and produce first-class results. "

Fiber laser represents the development direction and trend of high-energy laser, and has important application value. The institute's high-energy laser technology research institute aims at this key technology to carry out key research, and has achieved 3 "international first" results, creating "China brightness". How much power can a single fiber single-mode laser output? The Lawrence National Laboratory of the United States asserts that the maximum can reach 36 kilowatts. Associate researcher Zhou Pu did not believe this evil. He led the students to make a 73 kilowatt conclusion through a solid theoretical analysis. After the paper was published, it attracted great attention from the international optical community. This conclusion has now been recognized by most experts and scholars in the industry. Fiber laser coherent synthesis is a research hotspot in the field of lasers. Due to the complexity of the system and the difficulty of developing it, the maximum output power of such systems in the world was only 725 watts. Professor Liu Zejin led the research group. Starting from the most basic physical mechanism, after arduous theoretical analysis and a large number of experimental verifications, he invented two new phase control methods and developed a "kilowatt fiber laser coherent synthesis test system". Various technologies The indicators have reached the highest international level in this field.

Researcher Xu Xiaojun, the director of the institute, said: "On the battlefield, the winner is only the first, and the second means failure. We will always maintain a forward-looking attitude in the field of high-energy laser development, seize opportunities, innovate and develop, aim at first-class international, He firmly holds the initiative in key technologies. "

Carry out rigorous scientific research style

A research institute of the institute has been engaged in the research and development of a laser device for more than 40 years. Under the leadership and influence of the first-generation academic leader Academician Gao Bolong, the team has maintained a rigorous scientific research style. They had developed a prototype of the principle as early as the 1980s, but whether they could really play a role in weapons and equipment at the time was not clear to everyone. Academician Gao said: "The devices we develop can only fulfill their duties as soldiers if they can be applied to equipment. Now we must be determined to continue to tackle key problems until we have developed practical devices." Under the leadership of Academician Gao, the members of the institute worked hard on the battlefield application, successively solved a series of engineering and technical problems, and finally developed a practical laser device in the 1990s.

At the beginning of the new century, a new device was selected by the Navy as the core navigation component due to its excellent performance. The institute has organized several shooting range tests together with relevant units, and has achieved great success. However, the researchers in the institute were not immersed in joy. After returning from the shooting range, they organized rigorous experiments again and again, and found that the light intensity of the device was not stable. They took the initiative to find the relevant naval department and explained the situation. The Navy proposed to give half a year to find and solve the problem. Time is tight and the task is heavy. All the staff of the institute gave up the rest and stayed in the laboratory during the Spring Festival holiday. Finally, they found a small flaw in the design. After solving the problem, this type of device has greatly improved the strike accuracy of a certain weapon platform.

Cultivate tough scientific research capabilities

"Our research work is tight, the tasks are heavy, and the number of people is small, but front-line comrades are never tiring and can complete tasks successfully every time. This is because the college party committee attaches great importance to the cultivation of the fighting spirit, and the majority of researchers As a combatant, he overcomes difficulties with a tenacious will. "Political Commissar Yao Binghong said.

In 2010, the superior handed over the development of a major piece of equipment to the institute. The party committee of the academy intends to temper young people, and a group of young cadres with an average age of less than 40 serve as technical leaders.

Xiao Yuan and Xiao Zhang are husband and wife. They are both in the research institute, one is responsible for the development of the microwave source part, and the other is responsible for the antenna part. The couple entrusted the child to the elderly, and went out to test in the field every day. When they met, they discussed technical issues and gained a lot of inspiration from each other.

In 2012, the research and development work passed the phased review organized by the superior department. Cao Liang, a political associate of the institute, said excitedly, "Our young scientific and technological workers have inherited the fine tradition of the older generation of photoelectric people. They are very tenacious and successfully complete their tasks in the face of environmental pressures no less than that of the battlefield. Very proud and proud. "

In recent years, the academy has undertaken more and more equipment model development tasks. The college has set up an equipment development engineering and quality management office specifically, and draws experienced engineering and technical personnel from the front-line scientific research personnel to full-time engage in equipment development engineering and quality management. The director of the office said: "We know our responsibilities well, we need to attach great importance to the technical and tactical indicators of high-tech equipment in the construction of military equipment, and implement the quality and reliability of equipment development." They have formulated a series of quality management regulations. System and closely organize the quality work of the equipment development process. A certain type of equipment is delivered to the army. The general warranty period is one year. However, considering that the equipment is a high-tech weapon, the college offered to extend the warranty period by one year. This is not only a manifestation of the college's strengthening of quality management and self-confidence in the equipment developed, but also fully embodies the spirit of the college keeping in mind the requirements of being able to fight and win wars, and sacrificing dedication to protect national security interests!

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