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Laser marking machine adds extra points to food packaging and tobacco and alcohol packaging

Release time: 2015.05.09 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
In addition to the price of the laser marking machine is determined by its value, it is also closely related to market demand. On the contrary, the fluctuation of the price of the laser marking machine has a great impact on the market sales of the equipment. When customers purchase laser marking equipment, it is often difficult to make up their minds because of the price difference. In fact, price is a major factor affecting consumer spending. The adjustment of the price of the laser marking machine will affect the customer's ability to purchase the equipment, or increase its desire to purchase, or reduce its sales in the market. All in all, the price of laser marking machine has a significant effect on market sales. Therefore, laser marking machine equipment manufacturers should adjust their equipment prices to cope with the changing market economy and avoid vicious competition in price wars.

The laser marking machine industry has been quietly developed for more than 50 years. From the beginning of the unfamiliarity and understanding of the public, to the gradual replacement of traditional processes and the addition of new models, it has achieved rapid development. However, another phenomenon is that domestic laser marking machine enterprises have sprung up in the market, and the brands and models of marking machines in the market have also become diversified. In this way, customers will also shop around and compare when buying. Mainly compare prices, quality, etc. Market demand has grown, but supply has also grown. Therefore , the competition of laser marking machines is gradually increasing. This has also created problems for many enterprises. Companies have to survive in this fierce competition. So where do the fierce competition come from?

First, the scope of application has become more and more extensive, quietly occupying the market share of traditional crafts. But the traditional things have not completely disappeared. The existence is reasonable, and the traditional processing technology also has their unique advantages. At present , the favorable traditional competitor of laser marking machine is inkjet processing. The advantage of inkjet processing is that it is suitable for small and particularly delicate artworks. But laser marking machines are all processing large quantities of products. Work on the assembly line. Therefore, if the laser marking machine wants to replace the traditional inkjet, it is necessary to improve its own technology, make its own technology stronger, and can adapt to various processing requirements.

Second, there are more manufacturers, more brands and more machine models. Customers have more choices. Competition will inevitably increase, and to stand out from these "multi" s, you must have your own advantages. So upgrade technology and develop new machines. Improve cost performance. To attract customers. Improve competitiveness.

3. The impact of imported equipment on the Chinese market. At present, many customers have the idea that the equipment of foreigners is good. In fact, the current situation is not necessarily because the core technology of domestic equipment is also mostly imported foreign technology. There is no big difference on the technical level, and the cost performance of domestic equipment is not a little higher than imported equipment. And after-sales service is also timely. So when you choose, you need to understand all aspects.

In the food industry: Application of laser marking machine

Food packaging has the highest requirements in the packaging industry and is also closely related to people's daily lives, so it has always been highly concerned by people.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, while the consumption power of people is increasing, the requirements for packaging are also constantly being strengthened.

In fact, food packaging has a negligible effect on food sales. After all, everyone likes things that look beautiful and easy to use.

In the field of consumer goods industry, packaging has always been an important aspect of special attention, especially food safety is the top priority of food packaging. However, while attaching importance to food safety and beautifully packaged appearances, people often overlook many details, such as neglecting how people feel when they open food packaging. At present, the most commonly used sealed packaging often has problems, and sometimes even causes some minor injuries, such as:

When opening a peanut or salad dressing package, the contents of the package are prone to overflow, especially in some tightly sealed or ill-designed packages. There are also tear lines made due to inadvertent leakage, or tear lines made by mechanical methods, which usually take a lot of force to tear, so it is difficult to control the strength when opening certain food packaging.

The current advanced laser technology has given us a solution to the problem. The laser system can select a single film layer in the flexible packaging for scribe.

In this way, the perfect easy to tear effect of the flexible packaging is achieved, and the integrity of the film can be maintained, so that the outer film is intact and not damaged, so that we can effectively prevent the appearance of light and moisture in the package.

Secondly, today's advanced laser marking machine systems are completely able to scribe lines in a freely combined manner. For example, many snack packages are currently used to design a line based on the outline of the printed pattern on the package. This is the advantage of the laser scribing system.

And when the packaging belt needs to have holes, the laser system can make "ventilation and freshness" perforation of the packaging. This is the most advanced technology in the world. Perforation can increase the shelf life of the products in the packaging, or cater to the product through the microwave oven. Pressure on food packaging after heating. Now, the laser perforation line can achieve the effect of tearing the entire package along the dotted line. Unlike mechanical tools such as screwdrivers or punches, laser work does not require direct contact, and only minimal wear and cutting can provide the best processing method.

Application of laser marking machine in tobacco and alcohol industry

The laser marking machine has played a great role in all walks of life, and has become an indispensable good helper in all walks of life. The anti-counterfeiting of the tobacco and alcohol industry is very important. It seems particularly important.

High-tech laser marking machines can print a variety of unalterable graphics, characters, numbers and other information on various packaging materials at high speed. Generally, it is widely used on cigarette cases and wine bottles. The unique special function of laser marking is that it can effectively prevent the circulation of fake and shoddy products and cross-region sales and channeling; print information such as serial number, barcode, and destination on the product packaging and carton packaging, and connect to the database system at the same time. The function on the security label is self-evident.

Like metal marking machine, laser marking machine has the function of printing random code or anti-counterfeiting code. It can also make each bottle of wine or each small wine bottle cap have a separate code, which can be directly identified, fast and easy. Printing price, promotion and other information on the wine box can effectively control the sale price of wine and prevent market fluctuations.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are organically combined. Users can realize laser output by programming on the computer. It can also make clear marks on several materials or irregularly convex surfaces at the same time. It has the unique effect of "a dozen double marks" or "riding seam marks", which is not easy to imitate. The laser can form a very thin beam, and the finest line width on the surface of the material can reach 0.1 mm.

The laser marking machine has epoch-making significance in the special application of tobacco and alcohol marking. It changes some simple functions of printing in the traditional sense, making the marking more precise and professional.

Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. It can be seen that from packaging to labeling, it is an indispensable enterprise An important aspect of improvement is that the outer packaging can reflect the outstandingness of our products in similar products, make it easier for users to remember us, know that we will choose us next time, and get a reliable and secure feeling. These results will undoubtedly require a lot of Brand building, and the marking effect of the laser marking machine , from one aspect, can greatly improve product visibility and enhance corporate brand image. In the case of many similar products using ordinary inkjet printers, we have basically surpassed our opponents and outperformed our competitors in terms of "environmental protection", "sustainable development" and "economical energy saving", especially the fresh logo effect and laser burning The characteristics will make all users have a refreshing feeling, which is very beneficial to the early competition. The core competitiveness of the company comes from its own quality, which also depends on the quality of the surrounding supporting facilities. From multiple aspects, it starts from the product identification and packaging Analysis will give customers a brand new laser marking solution, which will perfectly replace the printer and become the new generation of king of marking.
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