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Laser marking machine electroplating technology has the advantages over ordinary electroplating is

Release time: 2015.05.25 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
The advantages of laser marking machine electroplating technology compared to ordinary electroplating are:
a, fast deposition speed, such as laser gold plating can reach 1μm / s, laser copper plating can reach 10μm / s, laser jet gold plating can reach 12μm / s, and laser marking copper laser marking machine can reach 50μm / s;

b. Metal deposition only occurs in the laser irradiated area, and localized plating can be obtained without using shielding measures, thereby simplifying the production process;

c. The coating binding force is greatly improved; marking machine

d. Easy to realize automatic control;

e. Save precious metals;

f. Save equipment investment and processing time.

In the traditional sign industry, the use of chemical consumables cannot be avoided during the production and processing process, so there is a natural pollution problem. Some mechanical control technologies will cause some waste of materials and errors in accuracy! This runs counter to the trend of green environmental protection in contemporary society. China has also been vigorously advocating the path of sustainable development, which has caused many conflicts between the traditional sign industry and society. The advent of laser marking machines has promoted the sign industry to embark on a green and sustainable development path. Compared with coding, laser marking machine has no contamination of consumables, avoids the use of printer ink and printer solvent, and rejects these pollution sources from the source, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection!

The laser marking machine has the characteristics of no pollution, good effect, no contact, and good anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, it is increasingly used in various technical fields. Recently, another emerging field has been involved and that is the electroplating industry-laser electroplating technology! Laser plating is an emerging high-energy beam plating technology, which has great significance for the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits. Although the price electroplating principle, laser ablation, plasma laser deposition and laser jet lamps are still being tested, the feasibility study is verified. Laser marking machine electroplating technology-Not only can greatly increase the metal deposition speed, but also can use computer to control the laser beam movement trajectory to obtain the expected complex geometric unshielded coating.
     在企业的投入方面 ,由于激光打标机的普及,在成本上和技术上是完全大众化了,一般的中小型企业就可以投入少量的资金就可以拥有一台使用寿命长的激光打标机设备。 Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., in terms of enterprise investment , due to the laser The popularity of marking machines is completely popular in terms of cost and technology, and ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises can invest a small amount of money to own a laser marking machine with a long service life. And in the process of operation is simple, no security risks. Chuangxiang Laser Marking Machine advocates: One machine can be used for the maximum production capacity of the enterprise to obtain the maximum benefits for customers!
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