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Laser marking machine adds new technology to the appearance of electrical switches

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With the rapid advancement of laser technology, the advantages of laser applications are becoming increasingly obvious. Not only has it been widely used in many fields, but excellent performance has gradually replaced traditional marking methods. Compared with traditional processing methods, laser processing is not only more efficient, but also more effective. This has made many companies more and more favor laser processing. In the current electrical industry, laser marking is used for marking products such as wall switches, wiring boards, and switch buttons. Due to the uneven surface of products such as switches and buttons, the operation of traditional pin contact marking machines is complicated It is inconvenient, and because the spray marking method is directly sprayed on the surface of the product, it is easy to wear off and no texture, which makes the marking effect unsatisfactory.

Laser marking machine process makes electrical switches more beautiful

Laser marking is different from traditional marking. Laser marking is a technology that uses the high energy of a laser to rapidly oxidize the surface of the material to leave a permanent mark. Not only can the marking product surface be refined, but the marking surface is smooth and naturally textured, and the marking process can be achieved for a long time without adding consumables. In terms of price, although the price of laser marking machines is much more expensive than traditional marking equipment, but in terms of maintenance and use of consumables, today's laser equipment is much lower than traditional marking equipment. It has no need to add any substances and is non-toxic. No pollution. At the same time, the laser equipment does not need to contact the product surface during the processing process, and is not affected by the surface unevenness. It can also mark products of different sizes. In terms of materials, laser equipment is widely used in various metal materials and non-metal materials. Meets the diverse and complex processing requirements of electrical switch products. For current stainless steel products, electronic products, hardware products, auto parts products, etc., laser equipment has a wide range of applications. Laser application technology is being widely used in various industries, opening up broad prospects for high-quality, efficient, green and pollution-free modern processing and production. With the continuous expansion of laser application fields, the application of lasers in the electrical industry will become increasingly widespread .

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