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Heli Laser Editor compiled what happened in the laser industry at home and abroad in June

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Heli Laser Editor compiled what happened in the laser industry at home and abroad in June:

1. Han's Laser Exceeds 5 Billion to Create Three Major Projects On June 15, Han's Laser issued an announcement that the company plans to non-publicly issue no more than 175 million shares to no more than 10 specific investors at a price of no less than 30 yuan / share The total amount of funds raised will not exceed 5.228 billion yuan. These funds will be used for 4 projects including high-power semiconductor devices, special fiber and fiber laser industrialization, and industrial robot key technology R & D centers. On June 25, Han's Laser stated on the investor relations interactive platform that the pilot robot project company has completed the declaration and is currently waiting for a reply. Han's Laser said that related robot projects can significantly enhance the company's industrial robot key technology research and development capabilities, and build robot automation equipment business into the company's new profit growth point.
2. The road of reorganization of the laser industry in Hubei set sail again On June 11, the Hubei Provincial Laser Industry Association was established, and an important signal was released at the meeting: within 3 years, 2 billion yuan of capital will be invested in a batch of Optics Valley laser companies, and this year, 10 The company was listed on the New Third Board, and then resumed the long-awaited merger and reorganization through the capital market.
At the same time, the China-Europe Laser Industry Park, which was jointly created by members of the Hubei Laser Industry Association, with a total investment of 400 million yuan, is operating in Optics Valley, which is also Hubei ’s first laser-themed industry park.
3. Scientists have demonstrated through laser experiments that time can flow backwards. In modern physics, there is a core principle that light can only advance in one direction, that is, the past can only affect the future, and the future cannot affect the past. However, Australian National University scientists have experimentally found that at the quantum level, this core principle may not work. Researchers believe that this means that future events can affect events that have already occurred, and instant light can go forward or backward.
They used helium atoms and passed them through a grating formed by a laser beam. The researchers observed that the high-speed flying atoms crossed the lines of the first grating and the second one, and found that if there was no second grating, the atoms would follow A single line advances and behaves like a particle. This shows that if helium atoms really follow a specific route, future measurements will affect the atom's wiring. Researchers believe that this shows that future events are affecting the atom's past.
4. Laser giant TRUMPF settles in Wuhan Optics Valley On June 10, TRUMPF Laser Group, the world's largest laser company, announced that it will settle in the China-EU Laser Industrial Park in Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone. This is the first time that the world's top laser companies have entered Optics Valley. The matchmaker "matchmaker" for TRUMPF is Chutian Laser, a local company. Leander, President of TRUMPF Laser Group China, said that he has always paid close attention to the latest developments in China's laser field and has established cooperation with Chutian Laser, Huagong Laser and other companies. TRUMPF is a world leader in various lasers and processing technologies such as semiconductors. Its laser welding and cutting technology is widely used in steel, automobiles, mobile phones and other fields. It hopes to set up all-round cooperation with Chinese companies after its establishment.
5.Scientists use ultrafast laser to study the photo-induced phonation phenomenon in graphene sheets. Associate researcher Zhao Jimin, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and researcher Lu Xinghua, etc. Researchers such as Wei Zhiyi and others have discovered photoinduced phonation in multilayer graphene sheets. This is the first international observation of this phenomenon in graphene materials. They jointly analyzed the acoustic spectra in the time and frequency domains, especially comparing different experimental results under the excitation of fs, ps, and ns ultrafast laser pulses. They proposed the physical mechanism of photoinduced sound in graphene sheets, and pointed out that this material Photoacoustic sound in is a photo-thermal-acoustic process, not a direct photo-acoustic process: the energy of the photon is first transferred to the photo-generated carriers (ie, electrons), and then the energy is transferred to the photo-generated carriers Thermal phonons eventually form sound waves through the interaction of thermal phonons and air molecules in the surrounding environment. The unique strong electro-phonon interactions in graphene materials play a crucial role in the photo-induced sound phenomenon. In this research, they first discovered the existence of non-harmonic acoustic waves. Based on this discovery, they used ultra-fast laser pulse technology to achieve the coherent regulation of light to acoustic waves. The phase difference and intensity of acoustic waves can be determined by pulses. Accurate control of repetition frequency. Their work has opened up new application prospects for graphene in light energy utilization, optical speakers, and non-contact acoustic devices.
6. Marius and Jinyun Laser cooperated to establish 3D printing online platform Beijing, China-June 24, 2015. Materialise, the world's leading provider of additive manufacturing software and mature 3D printing solutions for the medical, industrial, and consumer goods markets, and laser cutting, engraving and marking system manufacturer Jinyun Laser sign a franchise agreement. The i.materialise3D printing platform will be gold Yun Laser provides support for 3D printing services in China, further expanding the technology's influence in the traditional manufacturing market. This partnership supports the two companies' expansion of 3D printing into traditional manufacturing outsourcing. The agreement was signed at a delegation meeting aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between China and Belgium, and the foreign ministers of the two countries attended the signing ceremony.
7. MIT uses lasers to cool atomic clouds to create ultra-low temperature records. For the first time, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have cooled molecules to near absolute zero-one hundred and a half billion degrees Celsius. MIT physicist Martin Zvierin leads a team that uses evaporation and lasers to cool individual atoms in an atomic cloud. This method matches the frequency of one laser with the initial vibrational state of the molecules, and the other laser matches their lowest vibrational frequency. Sodium and potassium molecules absorb the lower energy of the second laser and release energy to the high-frequency laser. This process finally cooled the temperature of the sodium and potassium molecules to 500 nanometers Kelvin, which is only one millionth of the temperature of the space in the universe, which is lower than the "afterglow" temperature after the big bang.
8. The Munich Optical Fair is held at the Munich Exhibition Center, Germany, June 22-25, 2015. The 2-year Munich Optical Expo is held at the Munich Exhibition Center, Germany. The German laser industry is world-famous. The Munich Optical Fair is a major event for the optoelectronics and laser industries in Europe and the world, attracting major laser brands from Europe and the United States. Domestic laser equipment companies led by Han's Laser, Huagong Laser, etc. appeared in Munich. During the exhibition, the Guangdong Laser Industry Association and the European Optoelectronic Industry Association signed the "China-Europe Industrial Cooperation Framework Agreement".
Just in the past June, two major regions representing the strength of the domestic laser industry have begun preparations for important adjustments. The reorganization of the Hubei laser industry and the listing of the group are expected to solve the problems of homogeneity and decline in competitiveness through market means. The financing of Han's Laser will further promote its expansion to the entire industrial chain. With the progress of technology, the domestic laser industry has the ability to compete with foreign companies. In addition to the Munich Optoelectronics Exhibition, domestic laser companies will have more and more confidence in opening up foreign markets. On the other hand, retrograde time, photo-induced sound, and breakthroughs in ultra-low temperature records have also shown that laser technology has become essential in cutting-edge research! Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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