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Laser marking machine for ultra-precision processing of the mobile phone industry has become a trend

Release time: 2015.07.10 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd

At present, laser processing has been widely used in laser marking, laser drilling, laser cutting and welding, surface modification of materials, laser rapid prototyping, and laser composite processing. In the manufacturing process of smart phone components, laser processing technology can be found everywhere, such as mobile phone case cutting, marking, welding, motherboard manufacturing, keyboard chip marking and handset, earphones, trimming and punching of accessories. During the marking process, fiber laser marking machines are generally used to mark related information. Although in many micromachining applications, we can use nanosecond laser marking machine to achieve, but there are still some shortcomings in the degree of refinement. The main reason is that the use of this laser device for micro-machined marking of mobile phones can easily give more heat to fine products related to mobile phones, resulting in melting, cracking, changes in surface composition and other harmful side effects. However, with the current picosecond laser marking machine , true thermal processing can be achieved in the refined marking of mobile phones. In the actual marking process, picosecond laser equipment can be used to achieve high-speed and high-quality fine marking on mobile phone-related products, while nanosecond laser equipment is often difficult to achieve the same quality and is prone to various defects. The long nanosecond pulses can cause a series of related problems, including raised edges, melting, chipping, and cracking or damage to the substrate.

In addition to avoiding thermal-related defects, current picosecond laser equipment can also improve processing efficiency. The use of other marking equipment for the fine processing of mobile phone-related parts requires a long interaction time, which results in more waste of energy, so the heat causes melting, and it also spreads rapidly in the modified area. On the other hand, picosecond laser equipment has a very short interaction time. Almost all of the energy is directly applied to the marked mobile phone component related products directly by laser pulses. .

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