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Double head automatic sapphire picosecond laser cutting machine

Release time: 2015.07.13 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
The “double-head full-automatic sapphire picosecond laser cutting machine ” independently developed by Huagong Laser has won orders from well-known companies in the industry. Manufacture of camera protection cover. The successful bid again proves that Huagong Laser's sapphire laser processing solution has won market inspection and recognition.
In recent years, the market call for sapphire glass is getting higher and higher. The biggest advantage of sapphire is that it has strong abrasion resistance, is not afraid of scratches, and has better thermal conductivity than plastics, ordinary glass and other materials. If it is used in mobile phones, cameras, watches and other industries, it can be significantly improved. Scratch and scratch resistance of the screen. However, the characteristics of "hardness and fragility" are like a double-edged sword, which also increases the difficulty of cutting sapphire, which is exactly a stumbling block for sapphire to be widely used. In this market background, domestic laser companies have made efforts to seize this big cake. In the industry, "technologists get the world" has long been a recognized view. Whoever overcomes this technical problem first has the most say.
Facing the difficulties, Shangong Gong's laser was the first to break the bottleneck of sapphire cutting technology. Sapphire cutting is difficult and the processing technology is extremely complicated. This is no secret in the industry. This is determined by the characteristics of sapphire materials. Take the mobile phone industry as an example. When the protective screen is made of sapphire glass, the entire piece of sapphire will be scrapped due to easy cracking only during the cutting edge process. From material selection, cutting, grinding to polishing, every process may have problems. From the perspective of the manufacturer, this is a great challenge to the processing technology.
In the face of this difficult problem, many domestic companies have chosen to give up, and some manufacturers have taken shortcuts—purchasing equipment from abroad and then selling it by OEM. However, Huagong Laser is not reconciled. As a leader in the domestic laser industry, it cannot simply give up. As a result, the company's R & D team began to study day and night, successfully developed a sapphire ultra-fast laser cutting platform with independent intellectual property rights, and quickly put it into use in the market. Product performance reaches the international leading level, which undoubtedly brings new hope for the domestic sapphire processing industry.
Sincerely touch "Critical Customers" with superior quality
In May 2015, a company in Zhejiang issued a tender, and the company urgently needed a mature "sapphire camera protection cover cutting solution", which will be applied to a well-known international mobile phone brand. As a leading company in the domestic optoelectronics industry, the company has extremely strict requirements when selecting suppliers, and its standards are almost exacting. Even so, the bid was still fierce.
In response to the company's claim, Huagong Laser responded immediately. The team repeatedly researched the characteristics of the customer's product line, and finally designed a set of efficient and reasonable "automatic loading and unloading, high-speed spectroscopic double-head simultaneous cutting" technical solution. The high-speed beam splitting of the light output system, simultaneous cutting by dual cutting heads, and automatic loading and unloading, which means that customers have at least doubled their processing output at the same input cost and processing cycle.

In this way, the marketing team sent the bidding scheme to the customer with confidence, and actively communicated with this "critical customer". Every problem raised by the customer is carefully recorded by the sales engineer and then researched repeatedly with the R & D engineer. In order to meet customer needs in the shortest time, the team works overtime every day and strives to be the best for customers.
Sincerely, Jinshi is open, and finally the other party has good 杏鑫平台. After comprehensive comparison, they think that the solutions provided by Huagong Laser can really solve their actual problems, coupled with the company's rapid response and human service, they finally decided to choose Huagong Bidding scheme.
Simultaneous cutting of sapphire with two heads is still in its infancy in China. The most difficult point of this technology is to ensure the stability of the optical path control and repetitive processing accuracy after the beam splitting, and also to control the work rhythm of the automatic loading and unloading fixtures to achieve the overall equipment Optimal operating conditions. Huagong Laser tells customers with practical actions that we can completely solve this problem.
Keep improving and promote the sapphire industry chain to continue to upgrade. This "sapphire double-head cutting technology" wins the big order, which proves that Huagong Laser's sapphire laser processing solution has won market inspection and recognition. With the progress of sapphire processing technology, in the future, the application of sapphire will become more and more extensive, and Huagong Laser will also assume the due responsibilities of industry leaders and provide richer and more complete laser processing application solutions for the entire sapphire industry chain. .
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