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Interpreting the characteristics of fiber laser marking machines and semiconductor laser marking machines and comparing their advantages and disadvantages in their respective marking fields

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Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd., read the characteristics of fiber laser marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine , compare them Pros and cons in their respective marking areas.

Interpretation of the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine The beam spot mode of the fiber laser marking machine is very good, the focus spot diameter is less than 20um. The divergence angle is 1/4 of the semiconductor pump laser, and the single line is thinner, which is suitable for precision and ultra-fine processing.
1. High reliability and good stability. The fiber laser marking system uses an integrated overall structure. The fiber laser marking machine has many unique advantages in laser marking applications. Unlike traditional solid lasers, which use a crystal rod as the laser medium, optical fibers The laser uses a long erbium-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium and is pumped by a high-power multi-mode laser diode, which greatly guarantees system reliability. At the same time, the laser is greatly stimulated in the fiber waveguide, so the loss is small. , Good stability, not affected by external dust and mechanical looseness, the output laser beam is a stable TEM00 mode; making the reliability and stability of the whole machine a high standard of its peers.
2. High-precision marking fiber optic laser marking system adopts German IPG brand fiber laser (including optical isolator), which is applied to a wider range of product marking, especially in the positioning of the product, the positioning accuracy is insufficient after the original graphics array has been resolved. The problem of inconvenient debugging greatly improves the positioning accuracy; for products that require high precision, such as mobile phone keys, power adapters, ICs, and metal products that are suitable for plastic and spray products.
The output of the full air-cooled laser marking system approaches the ideal mode TEM00, which can be adjusted to the ideal mode according to user needs. Under the control scanning of a servo galvanometer with repeat accuracy of 0.0025mm, ultra-fine graphics and text can be processed, which is more suitable. Ultra-fine processing.
3. Long life fiber laser has higher relative peak power, smaller current required during marking and longer life. The average life of fiber laser can reach more than 100,000 hours. Users strictly follow the equipment use procedures and requirements and maintain them on schedule. All are of great help to extend the life of the equipment laser.
4. The equipment can work normally in harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust. 5. The fast-speed fiber laser marking system uses an ultra-high-speed galvanometer system and an optimized software and hardware control system to achieve Super high speed marking
6. High pulse power, low power consumption and low operating cost. The fiber laser marking system adopts semiconductor matrix pump, which greatly improves the energy conversion efficiency. It consumes less than 500W and can process clear graphics on various materials. Compared with ytterbium- pumped laser equipment , it has a working life that is several tens of times longer and less than a quarter of the power consumption. Reduces the equipment's dissipation of external heat, and at the same time reduces the need for air-conditioning refrigeration, which has a lower cost and better stability.
7. The latest fiber laser can be equipped with an optical isolator to effectively shield the reflected light. It can be operated on high-reflective materials such as gold, silver, copper, and silicon. It does not need to deviate from the center of the field lens, which greatly widens. Application areas.
8. The consumable-free fiber laser marking system has a long life, is maintenance-free, and has no consumables, which reduces the system operating cost.
9.Adaptation range:
Electronic components, electrical appliances, electronic communications, auto and motorcycle accessories, precision hardware, gift accessories, medical equipment, glasses and clocks, instruments and meters and sanitary ware industries.
Semiconductor laser marking machine characteristics analysis semiconductor using international advanced laser technology, using semiconductor arrays, semiconductor light-emitting diodes with a wavelength of 808nm pumped Nd: YAG medium to form a laser output wavelength of 1064nm, small laser, photoelectric High conversion efficiency.
1. Wide range of application: Suitable for various metals (including various rare metals), plastics (including various engineering plastics), rubber, resin, ceramics, coatings, etc. Special note is that the light spot mode can be changed through the grating, which is especially suitable for fine graphic marking. The marked characters have good color contrast, smooth and delicate feel, and neat edges. They have excellent appearance effects, which can be comparable to similar foreign equipment, and can be used without The grating can also achieve a very good spot pattern, which is particularly suitable for the functional stripping of the anodized layer or coating. It is fast (especially faster than the thinner end pump) and has high stability and reliability. This ability It also reduces the possibility of choosing different models due to different requirements, provides better guarantee for the scalability and versatility of production equipment, and reduces the possibility of idle or insufficient equipment.
2. The fast-speed semiconductor pump laser marking system uses an ultra-high-speed angle servo motor. It only takes 0.001 seconds to accelerate from standstill to the fastest speed. A high-speed laser switch of 50,000 times / second is used to fully guarantee the efficiency and speed of processing.
3. High-power, high-effect high-side pumping system Although the conventional output is a multi-mode laser, the beam of the TEM00 mode can be obtained by mode limiting (although 50-60% of the energy is lost during the mode limiting process, the side pumping The output power can be far greater than the fiber optic system); the side pump system can also choose thinner laser rods, which can take into account the marking of metal and plastic, and can also be very fine; fiber laser systems are not suitable because of the high thermal effect High power, generally only 10W, 20W, 30w. Semiconductors can choose? 2 and? 3 laser rods, the light spot is relatively thick, can achieve high power of 50W, 75W, 100W, more suitable for marking requiring high depth , Metal and other products with imprecise patterns,
4. The spot mode is relatively thick under high power, and only water cooling systems can be used. The speed of marking is relatively slow compared to the optical fiber system, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is low. The marking is unstable and the whole machine consumes power when applied to high-precision fine products Larger than the optical fiber system 5. Semiconductor systems are greatly affected under harsh conditions in the production environment, and the machine has a high failure rate when subjected to vibration, impact, and high temperature, which makes the marked products unstable;
6. Due to the high power of semiconductor equipment, the service life of the laser is relatively low. Generally, it is about 8000-10000 hours under normal use conditions. The power consumption of the whole machine is relatively large, so the equipment use cost is relatively high compared to optical fiber;
7. The semiconductor system should not be made into low power, and it is not suitable to mark products with higher fine pattern;
8. The spot pattern of the semiconductor system is suitable for industries that do not require high precision, such as metal and plastic, and the optical fiber is more suitable for applications in the communication industry such as electronic components, ICs, and mobile phone keys because of the thin spot.
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