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Modern laser cutting machine manufacturing as a universal processing method

Release time: 2015.07.25 News source: Views:
With the development of society and the change of times, the level of various science and technology is also constantly improved, and the most prominent one is laser technology. In the long development process, laser technology has become more and more mature, slowly infiltrated into all areas of social development, and has subtly changed people's lives. In particular, the fiber laser cutting machine has developed in a rocket style in recent years, has been widely used in many industries, and occupies most of the traditional cutting equipment market, becoming a new star in the future market.
China's laser processing industry has been growing exponentially. At present, China has formed four major laser industrial belts in Central China, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Rim. There are 21 provinces, cities, and regions that produce and sell laser equipment . There are regular products for production and sales. And there are about 200 companies of a certain size, and there are four listed companies whose main business is laser products. In 2014, the total sales of the national laser industry reached 50 billion yuan.
At present, the world's industrial field is developing in the direction of low energy consumption and short processes. Laser cutting equipment has many advantages unmatched by traditional manufacturing methods. Countries around the world have increased their emphasis on the development of manufacturing. However, compared with foreign countries, China's laser technology has not been widely applied and has not yet played its due role. The reason lies in the high cost and high investment of the laser manufacturing system. In order to more widely popularize the application of laser manufacturing technology and make up for the problem of high investment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the key factors that affect the application of laser manufacturing technology. Factors such as the needs of the ship itself, the investment in the laser processing system, control costs, find the best processing conditions, and improve the processing efficiency, and finally form a new generation of laser manufacturing industry chain in China.
Modern laser cutting machine manufacturing is a universal processing method. One of its frontier areas is the expansion of application fields. Laser manufacturing application technology proposes and solves new problems. Focus on the development trend of lightweight, metallurgical industry and circular economy of transportation machinery such as automobiles, aerospace carriers, ships and railway vehicles, and realize the industrial application of laser manufacturing technology in national defense and key industrial fields. At the same time, new requirements are imposed on laser manufacturing system technology, such as laser miniaturization, high conversion efficiency and integration, and fiber lasers and semiconductor lasers will be vigorously developed. Promote the development of China's laser manufacturing technology towards higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, shorter processes, higher beam quality, better performance, digitalization, higher intelligence, and lower costs, and change China's large industrial laser manufacturing Equipment is completely dependent on the status quo of imports. Laser cutting machine | laser marking machine | laser engraving machine | fiber laser marking machine | laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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