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From the market trend of the world's laser cutting machine industry since 2015

Release time: 2015.07.27 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
From the perspective of the world laser industry market trend since 2015, the laser cutting machine industry will usher in a low season that lasts for a period of time. However, due to the consumer application characteristics of the laser industry, it is relatively small to want to quickly reduce the production cost of laser cutting machines to increase profit margins. It is hoped that the price of raw materials will fall. The passive operation situation, so as a laser cutting machine manufacturer must fully adjust the marketing strategy in order to occupy the market in a cruel situation.
The first step is to shift from product price competitiveness to brand competitiveness, strengthen the ability to respond to emergencies, and build your own competitive bastion. All signs indicate that domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers have entered the era of low profit. Some laser companies believe that laser cutting machine manufacturers should establish a brand image as soon as possible if they want to win a sustainable and stable development space. Large laser factories can increase advertising efforts by optimizing production management capabilities. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it may be better to unite and reduce production costs through centralized procurement of raw materials.
Second, we must strengthen international trade and expand the world market. Compared with the domestic laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine market status, domestic laser equipment products have a price advantage in the international market, are increasingly valued, and have relatively high profits.
Once again, we must increase the development of new products and open up new profit points. Compared with advanced countries, the laser industry in China has many blank areas. This is the new market capacity, such as the research and development of special materials laser cutting machine products. At present, laser cutting machines produced by domestic laser manufacturers are mainly used in cutting some common materials such as clothing fabrics, leather, acrylic, and wood boards. There are relatively few companies that produce laser cutting machines that involve special material cutting, so the market is relatively small. Broad, especially high-precision laser cutting machines with high technical content, which have few competitors and high profit margins.

The last is to improve marketing innovation capabilities. In the past, domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers mostly used traditional acquaintance introductions and some common industrial product marketing and promotion strategies. In fact, in terms of the essential characteristics of laser cutting machines , some laser cutting machines, especially industrial products, may wish to adopt consumer product marketing strategies to establish brand names. As far as the current product sales channels of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers are concerned, the network marketing efforts should be strengthened and the market terminal promotion efforts should be strengthened, such as cooperation with some large state-owned enterprise schools.
Laser Cutting Machine | Laser Marking Machine | Laser Engraving Machine | Fiber Laser Marking Machine | Laser Equipment Manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. I believe that as long as the laser cutting machine manufacturers strive to achieve the above points, they can turn things around. Occupy the market and stabilize the market.
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