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Today, I will share the working principle of the laser marking machine galvanometer

Release time: 2015.09.02 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
The laser marking machine is more and more widely used, and the number of users is increasing, but the users are not very familiar with the composition of the laser marking machine .
Do you know how galvanometers work in laser marking machine accessories? Today I will share with you the working principle of the laser marking machine galvanometer.
Principle of laser galvanometer: input a position signal, and the swing motor (laser galvanometer) will swing a certain angle according to the conversion ratio of a certain voltage and angle. The whole process adopts closed-loop feedback control, and the five control circuits, such as position sensor, error amplifier, power amplifier, position distinguisher, and current integrator, work together. The principle of digital laser galvanometer is to convert analog signals into digital signals on the principle of analog laser galvanometer. Scanning laser galvanometer is the core component of the marking machine. The performance of the marking machine mainly depends on the performance of the scanning laser galvanometer.

Digital laser galvanometer
At present, the laser galvanometers used in China are all analog laser galvanometers. The implementation mainly uses analog devices. Because the analog devices are susceptible to electromagnetic radiation from the surrounding environment, there will be scattered points, curved lines, and filling. Regular shading and other phenomena. The speed of the domestic analog laser galvanometer is slower than that of foreign countries. Its small step response time is more than 300um.
The digital laser galvanometer uses digital signals to perform calculations to control the motor, which can effectively suppress environmental interference, and can be used normally even if the working environment has serious electromagnetic interference. This system adopts foreign control technology, the system response speed is very high, basically surpassing the domestic laser galvanometer system of the same type. The motor adopts special technology, with long life and stable and reliable performance.
Scanning laser galvanometer
The high-speed scanning laser galvanometer system is a high-performance rotating motor specifically designed for optical scanning applications. The motor part uses a high-precision position sensor. Mainly used for fast and precise positioning of the beam. High-speed laser galvanometer is the result of many years of industrial laser galvanometer scanning system development and production experience. The motor is specially designed for the lens load to achieve the best scanning performance. Special treatment of the bearing part is capable of long-term uninterrupted operation. The special design of the bearing can make the system achieve the highest dynamic performance and resonance characteristics. International leading digital control methods can effectively avoid various electromagnetic interference in the working environment, and advanced control algorithms can ensure the system has a faster response speed.
The high-speed scanning laser galvanometer uses a photoelectric sensor with high resolution and very good repeatability and very small drift. The motor has a heating device and a temperature sensor, which can still work stably under the conditions of environmental fluctuations. In summary, the high-speed scanning laser galvanometer can ensure long-term stable operation.
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