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The Pentium Cup 2015 China Laser Cutting Operator Elite Trial (Tianjin Division) semi-final will also be grandly opened

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The Pentium Cup 2015 China Laser Cutting Operator Elite Trial (Shanghai Division) grandly opened in the Jiuxing Stainless Steel Market (Phase III). All 10 finalists reached the arena. After a day of competition, Wujiang Juli Machinery Qijian and Shanghai Lute Machinery Yujiangxia made a breakthrough and advanced to the National Finals. The judges who attended the competition were Yu Jiazhu, sales director of Pentium Laser, Yang Changguo, general manager of Shanghai Kunying Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Liu Xin, general manager of Shanghai Yousai Metal Products Co., Ltd., and Hu Hanlong, general manager of Shanghai Mingjie Metal Products Co., Ltd., and Pentium Laser Cai Weigang, Minister of Technology.

At 8:30 am on the 28th, the finalists arrived on time. The main sponsor of the event, the Pentium Laser Process Engineer, introduced the basic use of the FIBERPLUS 3000W fiber laser cutting machine to the 10 players. Training to ensure that players can operate the cutting equipment independently during the official competition. Mr. Liu Zuyao, a training craftsman, revealed to reporters that the contestants took a long time to operate the laser cutting machine , were very proficient in basic operation skills, had a solid theoretical knowledge, and had a strong practical ability, although some people had not used fiber optic models before. , But the impact on the game is not great, the strength of this game will not show much disparity.
After the training and trial cutting, the game officially started at 1:00 pm. Mr. Yu Jiazhu, Director of Pentium Laser Sales, as a special guest at the conference, addressed the competition. Mr. Yu Jiazhu expressed his gratitude to the organizer China International Cooperation Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, and represented the participants on behalf of Pentium Laser. Points to ask and wish. After the speech, the organizer conducted a theoretical assessment of the contestants. 10 multiple-choice questions on the operation and maintenance of the laser cutting machine increased the tension of the competition, and there was a certain gap in the rankings.

The second item of the competition is graphic nesting. The contestants will nest and cut the specified graphics in turn. The two engineers will record and score the whole process. The cut samples will be scored by five experienced judges. This is a comprehensive test of the psychological quality, professional skills and on-the-spot adaptability of the contestants. Each player will have obvious differences in the utilization rate of the graphics nesting material, the speed of cutting the plate, and the quality of the cutting. These specified figures are common in ordinary times, but it is very testable to put them on a plate reasonably. The utilization rate of the plate is difficult to guarantee. This assessment can really test the skills of each operator. level. Contestant Wang Xianqiang said.
Autonomous cutting is the last content of the contest. The contestants take out the graphics prepared in advance to cut, and score by observing the exquisiteness and creativity of the sample. The content of this content is very different, the prototype is innovative, the cutting will be difficult, and it will easily affect the cutting quality. To guarantee the cutting quality, there will be discounts on the degree of fineness. This requires that players must have excellent choice, excellent drawing ability, and excellent cutting experience. This topic seems to allow us to play freely. In fact, there are many things to investigate. It requires us to carefully consider and make reasonable choices, otherwise it will inevitably lose sight of each other and affect the final results. Qualifying player Qi Jian explained the content.

After a fierce competition in the afternoon, the game ended successfully in a thunderstorm. Qi Jian and Yu Jiangxia successfully advanced to the finals with excellent results. Although other players regretted to go out, they were not disappointed. They said they were opponents in the game, but after the game They are friends. They will cheer for Qi Jian and Yu Jiangxia at the final scene. They represent the best level of the players in Shanghai. They are brothers in the trenches in the finals. After the results were announced, the judges issued certificates and prizes to the contestants, and took a group photo. After the match, the contestants gathered together for a banquet, and the rematch of the Shanghai Blade Division successfully concluded.
In September, the rematch of the Pentium Cup 2015 China Laser Cutting Operators Elite Trial (Tianjin Division) will also be grandly opened. I believe it will be a fierce competition and you will catch up with us.

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