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2019 domestic high-power laser cutting process breakthroughs in the field of metal processing

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Hao Yongchao, the regional director of Leadtron Laser South China, attended the conference and brought a keynote speech on "Process Breakthrough in Laser Cutting in the Field of Metal Processing" to the audience, analyzed the reasons behind the strong growth of high-power equipment, and introduced Leadtron New processes, products and technologies for lasers. The following text is compiled based on the actual record of this speech, and it has been slightly changed on the basis of maintaining the original intention.

High-power laser equipment market grows rapidly

Dear professors, distinguished guests, good morning! I am Hao Yongchao from Suzhou Lingchuang Laser. Thank you OFweek Laser Network for giving me this opportunity to share with you the breakthroughs of Suzhou Lingchuang Laser, high-power lasers in the field of metal processing, and the latest development direction of the technology.


First of all, let me briefly introduce Suzhou Lingchuang Laser. Leadtron Laser was established in December 2010, but the predecessor of Leadtron Laser dates back to more than eight years. The founding team was first engaged in scientific research in the Laser Institute. Since its establishment, Leadtron Laser has been focusing on high-power laser cutting machines and laser welding machines , as well as special equipment for processing such as laser automation. At present, there are more than 2,500 leading devices in the market that have been applied. Leading's vision is to be a respected enterprise and make products respected by the market. The core values are leading technology and creating the future, and the business philosophy is integrity, unity, innovation and transcendence.

At present, Leadtron Laser has two major production bases in China, one in Kunshan and one in Cangzhou, Hebei. Kunshan headquarters has about 60 acres of workshops. Leadtron Laser has won awards in Jiangsu high-tech enterprises, and outstanding private enterprises in science and technology in Jiangsu Province. It has passed the certification of safety production standardization, and has received some financial awards including in the province.

Leadtron Laser received orders for 7 units of 6000 watts in 2016, 3 units of 8000 watts, and after 2017, we reached 15 units of 6,000 watts in the first half of the year and 6 units of 8000 watts. If you look at this data, it is a doubling of growth, indicating that the entire market is paying attention to high power, because high power lasers bring high speed and a high rate of return. In August 2017, we held a 816 event in the company, this event is equivalent to opening a situation in China's 10,000-watt laser cutting machine . From the entire data, the market demand for high-power laser equipment in the future is very large.

Multiple process innovations help laser cutting

Generally speaking, laser cutting must have a knife hole first, especially when cutting thick plate materials, the quality of perforation is very important. Excellent perforation is the basis to ensure the stability of the beam and airflow, and the quality of perforation directly affects the subsequent cutting process.

Leading ZOOM technology can change the spot size and shape of the focal position. With bright surface cutting technology, by cutting the beam, air pressure, air flow, and gas composition, the cutting surface can be cut without slope.

Due to errors in materials and sizes, there are slight differences in the processing of optical lenses. These errors will cause differences in the focal position of different lenses of the same specification. At the same time, when the light guide system of the laser cutting machine is installed, different adjustment links, gas types, and cleanliness will also cause the focus to shift. With the intelligent cutting control system, you can quickly search and determine the focus position automatically.
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