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How laser manufacturers ride the waves to break the UHD video industry

Release time: 2019.07.10 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
As an industrial refrigeration high-tech enterprise, Special domain chiller is customer-oriented, providing precision, high efficiency, intelligent convenience, stable refrigeration performance, and temperature control solutions that support communication with computers for the laser manufacturing industry. It has gradually established an outstanding performance in the laser industry. Brand. Various models such as CW series standard machine, CWFL series dual temperature fiber optic water chiller, and CWUL series ultraviolet chiller are selling well in hundreds of countries at home and abroad, with annual shipments exceeding 60,000 units, contributing an important force to the global technology industry in the future. . The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" targets that the total size of China's ultra HD video industry will exceed 4 trillion yuan by 2022.

When it comes to HDTV, people are no stranger. ,还有像今年的两会直播,很多媒体也用上了4K高清技术。 In the early years, 4K high-definition televisions have already entered the homes of millions of ordinary people, such as high-definition set-top boxes, showing people a higher-definition, more gorgeous, more display-efficient visual experience, enriching daily life , and live broadcasts like the two sessions this year, Many media also use 4K HD technology.

Data show that in 2017, China ’s output of 4K high-definition televisions was 33 million, accounting for 42% of the global total of 4K televisions. Among them, the domestic sales of 4K TVs accounted for nearly 60%, much higher than the global average of 35%. It is estimated that by 2020, the number of 4K households worldwide will exceed 330 million, and China will become the world's largest 4K TV consumer market, with more than 120 million users.

Obviously, smart HD is an important wave of the future technology industry. What technologies does Smart HD have? Chips, devices, panels, cameras, etc. The breakthrough of these core devices is the main direction of the development of intelligent high-definition technology, and also an important task for state-owned enterprises. With the support of the state, increase research and development efforts, localize these core devices, and master the core technology in their own hands.

In the process of "localization" of these devices, the contributions of many industries are indispensable, such as the laser industry. The precision welding of chip integrated circuits and the ultra-fine cutting of panel screens require laser technology to assist and support them. As early as a few years ago, domestic ultra-precision laser welding manufacturing technology and equipment have been implemented and promoted. Last year, ultra-precision laser welding and cutting technology was widely used in the production of mobile phones.

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