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Reliable and efficient wiring scheme behind laser cutting machine manufacturer laser shoe making equipment

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I do not know when, a wave of sports swept, since then, beautiful and comfortable sports shoes have become an important choice for the public. At the same time, in order to meet the increasing market demand, traditional shoe-making technology is increasingly relying on industrial automation to complete. The advantages of uniform process standards, high efficiency, and low defect rate make enterprises happily adopt automation equipment.


As an ITU expert, Weidmüller is committed to providing customers with integrated automation and digital solutions. Among the solutions provided to a high-end industrial laser equipment supplier, Weidmüller combines automation, digitalization and customer needs , Let customers successfully provide a well-known sports shoe brand with laser shoe equipment that meets their needs. Perhaps the brand of sports shoes you wear includes Weidmüller's contribution and wisdom.

Behind laser shoemaking equipment: Reliable and efficient wiring solutions

In the shoe production line, laser cutting quickly cuts the uppers required by various software systems such as camera positioning, projection registration positioning, automatic feeding and other systems. Behind perfect smoothness, excellent laser equipment is the key. The manufacturer specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of various high-end industrial laser equipment . The annual production and sales of various industrial laser equipment exceeds 10,000 units. The various high-end laser equipment developed by it cover 8 major industries such as packaging, clothing, and footwear. 7 series of nearly 80 major product clusters, relying on more than 30 industry laser application process solutions, advanced laser system control technology and excellent product quality to win the market.

The good market image makes customers' cooperation with a well-known sports shoe brand very cautious. After rigorous screening, laser equipment manufacturers choose to incorporate Weidmüller's highly reliable and efficient wiring solutions into customized tailored judgments. Among the laser equipment of the process, it is the icing on the cake of automated production lines.

The customer's new equipment R & D department hopes to improve production efficiency in various ways. It just happens that wiring takes up most of the time of their production line workers. At the same time, in the process of promoting products, they also understand the pain points they encountered in application: screw terminal wiring The efficiency is low, and there is a risk of no tightening; if a fault occurs after the wire is welded, it is difficult to find the fault point, and all soldering is required.

In response to these two pain points raised by customers, Weidmüller recommends PUSH IN plug-in terminals of the Klippon® Connect A series instead of screw terminals. Compared with traditional terminal blocks, Klippon® Connect A series terminal plug-in terminal technology can realize safe wiring and simple operation, which can save wiring time. Both hard wires and wires with tubular ends can be directly inserted, and they are easy to remove, and the wires can be easily pulled out by simply pressing the colored buttons.

Based on superior wiring technology, A-series terminals can save at least 50% of man-hours and save wiring costs for laser shoe manufacturing equipment. At the same time, Klippon® Connect A series terminals also have standardized detection points and test adapters, which are highly versatile and can test the potential of the terminals, making maintenance and troubleshooting in the electrical cabinet simple. Klippon® Connect A series terminal blocks include two types of products-general purpose and application type terminals, which also gives customers a variety of choices.

Combined attack, multiple products to meet customer needs

Do you think Weidmüller's advantage is only in wiring? Of course not. Weidmüller can provide customers with various types of solutions according to their needs.


In the customer's initial on-site wiring, aerial plugging was used for power and signal transmission. However, this method has obvious disadvantages and requires welding. When there are many wiring points, it is labor-intensive and prone to errors, and subsequent maintenance costs are high. . After understanding and communication, the customer finally adopted Weidmüller HDC heavy-duty connectors. Weidmüller heavy-duty connectors can meet the diverse needs of field wiring, simplify the workflow, save time, and also meet high standards. , Meet the needs of customers with high quality.

In the process of planning for customers, digital information is also very necessary. Starting from product selection, configuration, and creating a virtual prototype through automated production and installation, the point-to-point available data model is the cornerstone of digital production. This requires a network of energy tools between standardized product data and interfaces to be integrated into the corporate IT environment. Weidmüller WMC software forms the ideal foundation for planning a clear point-to-point cabinet. The A terminal solution configured through the WMC software can intuitively reflect the advantages of saved space in the cabinet and present 3D renderings. At the same time, the software is also compatible with software such as CAD, which makes customers very satisfied.

After the WMC is applied, users can obtain corresponding product data support during the configuration process, ensure accurate configuration, easily achieve reasonable configuration and wiring of the cabinet, and strong compatibility allows WMC to be integrated into all common engineering tools. In the installation application, WMC is equipped with a CAD program and an interface of M-Print®PRO software. The user can plan and mark the components in one step, making the marking of the entire project easier and faster. In addition, in the process of wiring terminal blocks, WMC's automatic filtering function can assist users in selecting suitable accessories for configuration, for prevention and automatic error correction assembly, which makes planning easier and saves a lot of time.


From wiring to the management of the entire process, Weidmüller provides customers with a total solution. Except for laser models, the terminals of customers' common models have been changed to Weidmüller Klippon® Connect A series in-line terminal blocks. Currently in the process of gradually installing a prototype switch. At the same time, the HDC heavy-duty connector solution has been fully affirmed by customers.

This is a perfect cooperation. With the help of Weidmüller, the customer's laser cutting machine has entered the list of well-known footwear industry designated models. In fact, customers have not contacted Weidmüller's products before. The superior performance of Weidmüller products meets the needs of customers, which is also what Weidmüller has been pursuing.

Constantly exploring new industries, persistent innovation, and intimate service will help Weidmüller to steadily fight in more industries, and we will also see more outstanding industrial ITU experts!
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