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What is the difference between handheld and desktop laser welding machines? Which works well? You are here: 杏鑫平台 - Company News - Company News

What is the difference between handheld and desktop laser welding machines? Which works well?

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Laser welding is a non-contact welding. It does not require pressurization during operation. Its working principle is to directly irradiate a laser beam with high energy intensity on the surface of the material. Through the interaction between the laser and the material, the interior of the material is melted, and then the crystal is cooled to form a weld. Seam.

According to the different use methods, laser welding machines are divided into handheld laser welding machines and desktop laser welding machines , so what are the advantages of these two types of laser welding machines ?

Advantages and disadvantages of handheld laser welding machine


1. The laser beam has good quality, fast welding speed, firm and beautiful welding seam, and brings efficient and perfect welding solutions for users.

2. Hand-held water-cooled welding torch, ergonomic design, flexible and convenient, longer welding distance, can realize the welding of the workpiece at any angle.

3. The welding area has a small thermal influence, is not easy to deform, is black, and has traces on the back. The welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and it is firm and reliable.

4. The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. Without a professional welding master, ordinary workers can take up their posts after a short training. Long-term use can greatly save processing costs.

5. High safety, the welding tip is only effective when the metal tip is touched, and the touch switch has temperature sensing.

6. It can realize welding at any angle, and can weld various complex welded workpieces and irregular shapes of larger workpieces. Achieve welding at any angle.


The hand-held laser welding machine requires the user to hold it by hand. Working for a long time will cause fatigue, and it is not conducive to the welding of large originals. The scope of use is severely limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of desktop laser welding machine


The use of desktop laser welding machine can reduce the workload of workers and reduce fatigue; it is more convenient for large objects or thicker plates, and the welding quality is quite high.


The desktop laser welding machine takes up a lot of space and is not as flexible as a handheld.
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