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Many people have heard of laser TV but know little about its advantages and disadvantages

Release time: 2019.09.11 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
Many people have heard of laser TV, but know little about the advantages and disadvantages of laser TV. As a matter of fact, as a new concept often mentioned in recent years, laser TV is still shrouded in the fog. Few people know its advantages and disadvantages compared with LCD TVs. Here we take BenQ laser TV as an example to guide you through the advantages and disadvantages of laser TV.

Compared with LCD TV, the advantages of laser TV are: large screen experience, thin and light enjoyment

One of the many advantages of laser TV is its large size. Compared with traditional 50-inch LCD TVs, laser TVs usually reach 100 inches or larger, and the total display area of 100-inch laser TVs is 4 times that of traditional LCD TVs with 50-inch LCD screens, greatly improving the viewing experience.

Thanks to the ultra-short throw projection technology, laser TV is very suitable for both large-sized customers and small-sized customers. Take the BenQ Laser TV i950L as an example, you only need a 28cm distance between the host and the screen to enjoy a stunning visual experience.

The screen thickness of BenQ laser TV products is only 3cm, and the bezel is only 1.1cm, which avoids the cumbersome look and feel of traditional TVs and brings a light and thin experience. Large screen, simple and thin, this advantage of laser TV makes many users very much like it.

Strive for color accuracy and trueness

There are many laser TV products on the market, and the picture performance is usually uneven. It is difficult to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of one size fits all. Here, BenQ laser TV is taken as an example. Compared with the saturated and vivid colors of ordinary LCD TVs, BenQ values the color standard more, pays attention to the balance of color and brightness, and only restores the true original colors of the picture.

BenQ has been cultivating in the field of projection for more than 20 years and has a solid technical accumulation. The laser TV i950L follows the color concept of BenQ's projector. It adjusts different parameters such as color, grayscale, and white balance in detail. After more than 200 color wheel tests, 2 months of 7 targeted color tracking for BenQ Laser TV 100% coverage Rec. 709 international color standard, restore the original colors of film and television works.

It is BenQ ’s continuous pursuit of laser TV color that has the confidence to allow users to enjoy more realistic colors and original image experience. This is one of the many advantages of BenQ Laser TV at present.

Soft eye protection, diffuse reflection principle

Laser TV guarantees better picture quality and longer service life, while also providing excellent eye protection. Laser TV products have passed the national CCC and US FDA laser safety certification, and the safety level of optical radiation also meets standards.

Laser TV uses the principle of diffuse reflection, and the light does not directly enter the human eye. The light reflected through the screen is softer than LCD TV. This is not pseudoscience, and the results have been confirmed by relevant special experiments: The Cexi Laboratory of the China Electronics Standardization Institute and the ophthalmologists of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital conducted a "human" experiment: 36 people were selected and divided into 6 groups. Watching laser TV and LCD TV under the same conditions, 144 sets of comparative test data were finally obtained. The data shows that the visual indicators, subjective feelings and other key indicators of the laser TV subjects did not change significantly, while the LCD TV control group showed "tragic" significant visual indicators, diopter, and ciliary muscles Variety.

In other words, laser TV protects the eyes to a certain extent.

Easy installation, elegant and concise, defining a new way of living room

Traditional LCD TVs are bulky and heavy, complicated to install, and have a large number of heads, and need to preset positions in advance, which is very inconvenient to operate.

In contrast, the advantages of laser TVs in terms of installation are very obvious: there is no need to preset the installation site in advance, and it is no longer necessary to move it. Taking BenQ Laser TV as an example, the weight of the host is 9.7kg, and the light-resistant screen weighs only 8kg, which can be easily carried. And most of the current laser TVs on the market are installed without wiring, which can more conveniently plan the space during the decoration, and avoid the unsightly layout of the living room due to the exposed lines.

BenQ Laser TV provides on-site installation, scheduled on-site service nationwide, and one-stop after-sales, making your experience journey faster and more comfortable.

However, compared with LCD TVs, laser TVs do have certain disadvantages: they are greatly affected by ambient light.

Although the brightness of laser TV is much better than that of ordinary home projectors, when the indoor ambient light is particularly sufficient, the display effect of laser TV will be discounted. In order to combat ambient light, laser TVs are generally equipped with soft or hard screens. Both have good viewing effects, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Take BenQ Laser TV's soft screen as an example. It has a wide viewing angle (160 degrees), can be rolled up, and is easy to install. It has good performance and brightness, three-way anti-light, longer life, but it is more expensive than the soft screen, and the viewing angle is similar to that of the LCD TV, which means that if you look at the screen too much, you may There is some reflection.
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