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Customers who want to buy laser welding machine generally care about what point

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Customers who want to buy welding machines generally care about the following points: high-speed and low-speed configuration, whether the device is imported or domestic, how much is the price of laser welding machines, because the current price of most welding machines in China varies Also order according to your company's products, as well as the size of the power,

How much the price of a laser welding machine can not completely determine the quality of the positioning equipment, there is another matter that customers who want to buy a welding machine should pay special attention to! After-sales is very important. Although the failure rate of automated equipment is very low, after-sales service is still used. It involves an after-sales work for the lifetime maintenance of the machine.

How much is the laser welding machine ? The laser welding machine is equipped with a CNC or industrial PC controlled NC table. During welding, high-precision welding is performed by laser frequency, pulse width, table speed, and moving direction. Can complete automatic or semi-automatic spot welding, butt welding, overlap welding, seal welding, complete complex plane straight line, arc and arbitrary trajectory welding. Automatic laser welding machine brand, so its price is actually different from the size of the power from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands,

How much is the laser welding machine ! High-energy pulse laser is used to weld the objects. The high energy and high density of laser pulse can make the welding flat, the weld width is small, and the heat affected zone is small. The weld quality is high, flat and beautiful, without pores, and the toughness of the material after welding is at least equivalent to that of the parent material. The ergonomic design, LCD screen display and centralized key operation are simpler. Seco laser manufacturers provide free sample testing.
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