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The possibility of integrating the laser industry with other industries is obviously infinite.

Release time: 2019.09.20 News source: laser cutting machine | laser marking machine | laser engraving machine | fiber laser marking machine |
When it comes to " laser processing ", many people are impressed by the giant machine tools, thick metal plates and tubes, and the spark-splattered processing site. Indeed, most of the laser processing that S & A chiller Xiaobian personally came into contact with is like this. However, in fact, lasers are used in a wide range of applications. They can be used to process giant objects such as rockets and ships, as well as micro materials such as semiconductor chips. The possibility of integrating the laser industry with other industries is obviously unlimited.

The combination of laser technology and traditional culture and art can open a new and splendid chapter. Such as laser 3D modeling and laser 3D printing technology, restore Notre Dame, repair damaged cultural relics. The combination of laser technology and modern culture and art can also be creative. Do not believe? Take a look at these creative works:

1. Metal sculpture made by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye using laser cutting. The use of cunning, humorous metal techniques makes the intricate and decorative architectural spiral even more fascinating.

2. "Erembald" bike by Eleven Twenty Seven. It is also made using laser cutting technology and is made of stainless steel. Therefore, it can meet the requirements and meet the expectations of cyclists. Inspired by the cell structure, this bike enjoys a unique organic pattern. In addition, the user can engrav his own name between the locks of the bicycle (laser marking) to express his personality.

3. Designer Antonio Rodriguez uses precision laser cutting technology to process stainless steel plates, and the exterior is covered with natural leather to form this very elegant chair.

4. Blush chair by Danish designer SOFIE Brenner. The surface of the chair is made of a rigid aluminum shell, and the perforation of the surface of the seat is processed by laser cutting technology, and then a soft cushion is equipped. The entire design combines tactile, sensory, and visual artistic effects.

The above examples are just a few of the works. With the rapid development of laser technology, the degree of integration of laser with other industries is also deepening. In the future, the integrated development of laser technology and industry will create excellent works with both value and connotation. The future development space is much larger than we think.

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