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30,000 watt solution laser machine cutting head and laser appear simultaneously

Release time: 2019.09.20 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
In recent years, laser technology has become an indispensable force in industrial processing. Laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding and other technologies have made great contributions to the efficiency of the industrial market. While helping the rapid development of the entire industry, laser technology is also undergoing rapid upgrades and iterations. Both processing equipment and lasers are undergoing upgrades and reshuffles. At the Shanghai Industry Fair, many laser companies have successfully developed new technologies and introduced new products. As a core part of the entire laser application, what new technologies do lasers have? Next, let OFweek Laser Net work with you to see the new developments of major laser manufacturers.

IPG: 30,000 watt solution cutting head and laser unveiled simultaneously

IPG held a press conference on the morning of September 17th and announced the latest 30,000-watt fiber laser cutting solution. The YLS series 30,000-watt fiber laser and 30,000-watt ultra-high-power cutting head were unveiled simultaneously.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

30,000 watt fiber laser

It is reported that this 30,000 watt laser belongs to the YLS series, while the YLS series high-power erbium-doped fiber laser has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 45% and a maximum output power of 120 kW, which can work in continuous or modulation mode. The YLS laser has a dynamic range from 10% to full power, no beam divergence or beam profile change, high power stability, and stable beam quality.

Ruike Laser: a series of new products released a number of core technology breakthroughs

On the afternoon of September 18th, Ruike Laser held a full-scale product upgrade conference in 2019 with the theme of "Sharp ingenuity, casting the future", and carried out a comprehensive upgrade and transformation from the core to the appearance of two types of continuous and pulsed lasers.

The new series products include: 1000/1500 W handheld laser, 3000 W single-module continuous fiber laser, 6000W small volume continuous fiber laser, A6000D direct semiconductor fiber laser, 12-30 kW high-power fiber laser, and 100-2000 W narrow power line Wide fiber laser.

Among them, the 3000W single-module continuous fiber laser can achieve 25μm core quasi-single-mode output and 50μm core quasi-single-mode output, with a photoelectric efficiency of more than 35%, and can output multiple different mode light spots through the same fiber, making processing flexibility Greatly improve.

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3000W single module continuous fiber laser

The 30kW high-power fiber laser is part of a national key research and development project, and has achieved the localization of core components such as high-power fiber laser transmission components and high-power laser beam combiners. New generation of high-power erbium-doped fiber (50% increase in absorption coefficient, 40% increase in photo darkening performance and fiber withstand power), new generation pump packaging technology (Raycus 915nm pump module, improved reliability), new generation 20-30kW Breakthroughs in the four core technologies of high-power R-QD transmission cable (with significantly improved power tolerance, beam quality, and reliability), a new generation of beam combining and mode control technology (the beam combiner can withstand 50 kW, and enhanced anti-reflection capability) , To ensure a stable landing of 30kW high-power fiber laser.

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30,000 watt high power fiber laser

The new pulse series products include four series of pulse lasers, Q-switched, MOPA, cleaning and ultra-fast, and can provide customized products and services. It is worth mentioning that the dedicated pulse laser is cleaned. This laser has been able to achieve 1000W power output and the highest single pulse energy can reach 50mJ. The independent development of special optical fiber and beam homogenization patented technology ensures continuous high efficiency and stability.

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1000W pulsed laser for cleaning

Chuangxin Laser: Continuous fiber laser power ascends again

Chuangxin Laser brought three new products of 5000W single-module continuous laser, 35000W multi-mode continuous laser and 500W MOPA pulse width adjustable fiber laser. Among them, the single module 5000W and the multi-mode 35000W are the highest powers on display.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

5000W single module continuous fiber laser demonstration site

It is understood that the 35000W laser launched by Chuangxin Laser has the following characteristics: 1. The highest power in this exhibition; 2. Vertical integration and integration: The core components used in the 35000W laser are independently developed and produced with good overall matching; The best: Combined with a single-module 5000W continuous fiber laser with the highest power in the industry, fewer modules, small size, simple and compact structure, and high combining efficiency; 4. Excellent thick plate effect: uniform spot energy distribution ), BPP value is 8-10; it can process all kinds of high-reflection materials through innovative hardware-level anti-high-reflection technology.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

35000W Multimode Continuous Fiber Laser

During the exhibition, Bond Laser also performed a 30,000W ultra-high-power laser cutting demonstration at its booth. The laser was provided by Chuangxin Laser. It is reported that the maximum cutting thickness of a 30000W ultra-high-power fiber laser is 130mm for stainless steel plates and 70mm for carbon steel; and taking the most common 16-20mm carbon steel and stainless steel in the processing industry as an example, the 30000W laser cutting processing speed can reach 4- 5m / min, 5-6 times the traditional processing speed.

Jeep: quasi-continuous breakthrough MOPA laser power increase

JPT has launched new products such as QCW 150W laser, compact 2000W single-mode laser, 4kW single-mode laser, 12kW multi-mode laser, 350W M7 MOPA laser, and Lark-355-3A UV laser.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

QCW 150W laser

The QCW 150W laser has an average output power of 150W, a peak power of up to 1000W, a maximum pulse energy of 10J, and a BPP value of less than 4.5. It has advantages in laser cutting, laser welding , 3D printing, and precision punching.

350W M7 MOPA laser

The power of the M7 MOPA laser has been increased again, with an average power of 350W, a maximum pulse energy of 1.5mJ, and M2 <1.8. It is understood that the MOPA laser is a superior product of Jeep, and has continuously achieved the world's top sales volume since 2015.

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Lark-355-3A ultraviolet laser

Lark-355-3A UV laser adopts the integrated design of photoelectric integration, no external electrical control box is needed, and the internal components are highly integrated, which can efficiently use space; meanwhile, high frequency, narrow pulse width, and 3A under the same parameters (40Khz / 1μs) The peak UV value is twice as high as that of conventional models, while the pulse width is only 9ns. Under the effect of plastic marking, the efficiency of 3A models is 20% higher than that of conventional 3W.

Enna: Corona laser is the world's first laser to adjust the spot in the fiber

Enna Laser exhibited the upgraded and optimized new version of the nLIGHT CFX-15000 fiber laser, the higher output nLIGHT CFL-20000 fiber laser, and the Corona intelligent adjustable spot fiber laser.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

Enna Corona Intelligent Tunable Spot Fiber Laser

Corona's Intelligent Tunable Spot Fiber Laser is the world's first fiber laser that can adjust the spot inside the fiber. Through the innovative all-fiber intelligent adjustable spot design, this laser can achieve direct all-fiber control of the output beam shape, realize fast switching of thin and thick plates while maintaining high cutting speed, and can handle CO2 lasers. In terms of thinner metal parts.

Coherence: adjustable ring spot center and ring power can be independently adjusted

This industry fair coherently exhibited an adjustable ring spot laser-HighLight FL 10000-ARM.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

Adjustable ring spot laser

It is reported that ARM technology can provide two independently controlled coaxial laser beams through one fiber, and the power of the central spot and the ring spot can be adjusted independently. This flexible configuration can dynamically and accurately control the molten pool in welding applications, realize accurate optimization of energy distribution, ensure high speed, high production capacity and low spatter, while eliminating the need for subsequent processing, which greatly reduces the overall production cost.

Feibo laser: ring spot technology improved power higher performance stronger

This exhibition Feibo Laser brings high-power narrow-spectrum line-biased scientific research lasers (Zenith series), ring spot single cavity high-power lasers (Mars Plus series), high-power high-brightness lasers (Solaris series), 15kW multimode continuous fiber lasers And so on.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

Ring spot single cavity high power laser

According to reports, high-power narrow-spectrum line-biased scientific-grade lasers M2 <1.5, extinction ratio> 18 db, narrow spectrum <20 GHz, and output power of 1500 W. The ring-spot single-cavity high-power laser is technically improved on the basis of last year, achieving higher power and stronger performance. At present, the maximum output power is 4000W, which can increase the cutting speed of stainless steel thin plates by 20% to 50%, and reduce the cutting surface roughness of carbon steel thick plates by more than 30%.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

High power high brightness laser

High-power high-brightness laser can achieve 8000W power output, fiber core diameter is 50μm, M2 <6. Dake Laser: Long-distance transmission to maintain high brightness without water-cooled laser continuous power over 1,000

Daktronics launched 5000W single-mode continuous laser, 12000W multimode continuous laser, and water-cooled 500W fiber laser.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

12000W Multimode Continuous Laser

Daklas Laser exhibited the 12000W multimode continuous laser for the first time. It is understood that this laser can be equipped with a 100μm core fiber, M2 <9, and can maintain high beam quality in transmission within 20 meters.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

500W fiber laser without water cooling

At the moment when market demand for miniaturization and lightening is increasing, Dake Laser has also launched a water-cooled 500W fiber laser. At present, the air-cooled fiber lasers on the market are mainly in the 200W-300W power segment. By improving the cooling and thermal management technology, Dake Laser has improved the beam size while optimizing the laser size. It is understood that Dake laser water-free laser M2 <1.2, the maximum continuous power can reach 1000W (customizable).

GW Laser: The smallest 20,000 watt fiber laser has a photoelectric conversion rate of 40%

GW introduced a 20,000-watt multi-module continuous fiber laser at this exhibition. It is understood that this laser uses 976nm pumping technology, with a photoelectric conversion rate of 40%; compact structure design, the smallest volume at the same power section (length, width and height is 810 * 500 * 1200mm); sustainable in high temperature, high humidity, Operation in dusty environment.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

Han's Laser: From the equipment to the light source accumulated for the first time for the first time

For the first time, Han's Laser Intelligent Equipment Group has released its own self-produced lasers, and launched two power segments of 6kw and 12kw.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

It is understood that Han's Laser has been in the high-power fiber laser layout for a long time. The project was launched in 2009 and a subsidiary Hans Tiancheng was established in 2011 to overcome semiconductor laser module technology; 2012-2014 successfully developed 200W, 500W, 3kW fiber lasers; completed 1kW single-mode lasers and core components in 2015; 2016 Acquired Canadian high-power specialty fiber manufacturer CorActive in 2017; successfully developed a 12kW fiber laser in 2019.

Focus on the Expo and see what's new in laser manufacturers?

Han's Laser Technology Lecture

It is reported that Han's HL fiber laser uses phosphate gain fiber, which has no power attenuation caused by photon darkening effect compared with aluminate fiber, and has good power stability. It can realize continuous perforation and cutting of high-reflection materials such as copper, brass and aluminum alloy for a long time without interruption, and high-pressure nitrogen cutting of copper. The 12KW test beam quality BPP reaches 3.685.

Viewing experience

There are many new laser products at this Expo, which can be divided into two directions. First, the power continues to increase, new watt-level new products have increased significantly, and lasers above 30,000 watts will also enter the market. The second is that more companies have begun to explore the change of light spots, whether it is adjustable light spots or ring light spots, are trying to achieve a multi-purpose light through the control of the light beam, and explore more possibilities on the application side.

Regarding the many new products and technologies of this exhibition, some people think that the blooming technology pattern and forward-looking technology reserves will have a positive impact on the industry; others believe that the rapid development and disconnection from actual demand may cause adverse effects on the industry. But in general, the laser industry is still developing rapidly, and the trend will be clearer after the reshuffle.
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