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IPG unveils 30,000 watt fiber laser cutting solution at Shanghai Industrial Fair 2019

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The 21st China International Industry Fair 2019 opened recently at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As an innovator in the fiber laser industry, IPG debuted at the Shanghai Industrial Fair 2019 with a 30,000-watt fiber laser cutting solution. This is also the first time that IPG ultra-high-power cutting heads have been exhibited in the Chinese market.

As the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in the manufacturing industry, this exhibition gathers giant companies in the laser industry. In this feast of 10,000-watt laser processing equipment, IPG's 30,000-watt fiber laser cutting solution is undoubtedly the focus of this exhibition. At 11:00 am, Mr. Zhou Jianbo, General Manager of IPG China delivered a speech at the launch ceremony and unveiled the mystery of the new product-YLS series 30,000 watt fiber laser and ultra-high power cutting head, which won high praise from the guests present. It also made the industry look forward to the future of laser cutting.

New product

IPG's new YLS series of erbium-doped fiber lasers, while achieving ultra-high power, also have ultra-high stability, greatly improving production efficiency. This product is based on the characteristics of cutting applications-cutting high-reflection materials such as copper and aluminum and 2D and 3D thin plates under harsh conditions. The laser has the most compact design on the market today and is easy to integrate into a cutting system. A completely sealed cabinet with a built-in drying system can be used in harsh production environments.


In order to make full use of the laser's application potential and make a breakthrough in the application scope of laser technology, IPG has expanded its own beam transmission product line. The ultra-high-power cutting head released this time is a new breakthrough. With excellent reliability and cutting quality as the main considerations, the completely sealed design helps to extend the life of the optics, so that gas will not leak even in high pressure environments. The new optical design can effectively ensure the beam quality and optimize the spot size. Therefore, with the same power, the IPG cutting head is faster and of higher quality. In terms of compatibility, the IPG cutting head can be connected with a variety of collimating and focusing optics, and can also be equipped with a variety of accessories.


new development

So far, laser cutting solutions have been regarded as an efficient means of production, and they are increasingly being used to increase equipment utilization, improve processing quality, and thereby increase production efficiency. Today, the ultra-high-power cutting fiber laser has unique cutting speed, large cutting thickness and wide cutting material, which represents the new trend of the future development of metal material cutting technology.

IPG is China's largest supplier of high-power lasers. It processes more than 1 billion parts every day, manufactures high quality at low cost, achieves higher productivity with less energy consumption, and achieves maximum power with the smallest footprint. . Focus on the research and development of "the most flexible, highest yield, most reliable, largest power, smallest footprint" products, to help major cooperative enterprises in the context of industrial 4.0, to seek new industrial development and comprehensively enhance competitiveness.

About IPG

IPG Photonics is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers that cover many applications and markets. Low power, medium power and high power lasers and amplifiers are widely used in materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, technology and advanced applications. Our products are replacing traditional laser applications in many fields and pioneering new applications of laser technology.

As a pioneer and innovator in the development and commercialization of fiber lasers and amplifiers, the company has gradually increased its market share in an expanding market by virtue of its brand and status. Benefiting from superior performance and value, IPG lasers continue to replace traditional laser equipment in many existing applications. Simply put, IPG products are changing the market structure, making tomorrow's applications possible today.
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