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Simple? 您的位置: 首页 - 公司动态 - 激光设备知识 All you need is a laser cutting engraving machine and a Heli chiller. You are here: 杏鑫平台 - Company News - Laser Equipment Knowledge

Simple? All you need is a laser cutting engraving machine and a Heli chiller

Release time: 2019.09.23 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
What is most afraid of summer is sultry! The body temperature of 45 ℃ + is almost stuffy from head to feet. Such sultry, people in the south have to endure for up to five or six months. In order to cope with this eternal problem, many cool things have been created, and sandals are one of them.

Sandals are the earliest foot products in human history. Suitable for a wide range of people, other footwear cannot be compared, except for some solemn occasions and special occasions such as sports. So far, the development of sandals is still very simple. Most of them consist of soles, heels, fronts and straps (or backs).

With the improvement of consumption level and aesthetic ability, people have begun to think about simple structures and design more personalized sandals, such as hollow sandals. It has charming beauty and taste, which is a style that many women love.


Next, please follow the vision of the S & A Heli laser equipment processing chiller to a large factory in Xiamen, Fujian specializing in laser hollow sandals, and experience the process of making laser hollow sandals:

The diligent Heli laser equipment for processing the circulating cooling water tank CW-5200 first started running for a while, and gave the single-head laser engraving and cutting machine "cool" to work. Okay, start! The operator imports the pattern of a sandal, then spreads the material, sets the parameters ... and starts carving the hollow. Soon, 200 sandal leather fabrics were ready. Then cut it, and it will be fine soon. Hollowing, cutting, the whole process is very stable.

Simple? Only one laser cutting engraving machine and one Heli laser equipment are needed to process the chiller.

Laser cutting and engraving machine is an advanced laser precision processing equipment, using CO2 glass tube as laser. Heat will be generated during operation, and a laser chiller is required for cooling, and it must be configured with stable performance, otherwise the life of the CO2 glass tube will be greatly reduced.


Buy good products and find good manufacturers. S & A Heli Laser Equipment Processing Chiller is a company specializing in the research and development and production of laser chiller and has realized independent mechanical processing. On the one hand, we will increase technological research and innovation and introduce advanced equipment such as IPG fiber laser cutting machines , welding robots, and condenser production equipment to improve product processes. On the other hand, from the purchase of parts to the delivery of the factory packaging, we have to check every level and strictly meet the requirements to continuously improve the quality. After 17 years of precipitation, Heli laser equipment processing chiller has gradually developed into an industry standard, sold to more than 50 countries and regions, with an annual shipment of more than 60,000 units, which has won the trust of nearly 1,000 customers.
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