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Presenting a technological feast for the laser industry to exhibiting customers

Release time: 2019.09.25 News source: Laser cutting machine | Laser marking machine | Laser engraving machine | Fiber laser marking machine | Laser equipment manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
On September 17, 2019, the China International Industry Fair (CIIF)-CNC Machine Tool and Metalworking Exhibition opened in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. As an international-level equipment manufacturing event, since its establishment in 1999, the Industry Fair has been developing and innovating for 20 years. It has become the most influential international metal processing technology exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry, providing an excellent exhibition for major laser equipment companies. Platform and economic and trade exchange platform.


The scene of the 21st China International Industry Fair

As a leading brand of intelligent laser equipment in China, Leadtron Lasers joined forces with Italy's Prima Power to make a high-profile appearance with new products, new designs and new features, presenting a technological feast for the laser industry to the participating customers.

At this time, Leadtron Laser launched four products to the conference. At 10:30 on the 17th, leveraging the platform of the Industry Fair, the world's first new model 20000w LEAD-6025E laser cutting machine was launched, and it was a great honor to invite the China Industry Association. Secretary General, Mr. Shao Huo, Secretary General of Guangdong Laser Industry Association, Mr. Kong Lingguo, Hannover Milan Exhibition, Mr. Zhou Jianbo, General Manager of IPG China, Mr. Andreas Warth, Global Sales Director of Pretzt, Mr. Pei Jin, Sales Director of Pumabao, and Lead Innovation Mr. Shen Hui, Deputy General Manager and Technical Director of Laser, unveiled the new product launch and witnessed this wonderful moment.


Guests came on stage to unveil new product releases


World premiere of 20000W laser cutting machine

The climax of the event scene was enthusiastic, and the atmosphere was warm. In the sheet metal forming technology exhibition area, Leadtron Laser Equipment made the Eiffel Tower model on-site, from cutting to bending to welding, in one go, exquisite and beautiful. The finished tower was given as a commemoration to the audience, which once pushed the atmosphere to a climax. This is not only a small gift, but also our company's relentless pursuit of high quality.


A lively atmosphere at the event


Stunning debut of high-precision bending machine


Eiffel Tower model made live

The new cutting machine is equipped with global advanced light source IPG20000W laser, German LTI operating system, exchangeable hydraulic lifting platform, which is meticulous in terms of speed, stability and efficiency, helping users to improve the company's production capacity, and has won unanimous praise from audiences on site. Some old users of Leadtron said: "Each new product of Leadtron brings a different surprise."

OFweek interviewed Mr. Shen, the technical director of Leadtron Laser, about the exhibition topics and new product launches. Mr. Shen said that participating in the Shanghai Industrial Fair is not only a showcase of high-tech products, but also a good opportunity for industries to communicate with each other, expand their horizons, and innovate thinking. Good opportunity to make suggestions.


Exhibitors visit the new 20000W laser cutting machine

As a leading company in the field of lasers in China and the world, Leadtron Lasers has always adhered to the concept of quality and brand building. It has not forgotten its original intention and worked hard to meet customers' high-quality pursuit of product equipment, technological innovation and solutions. Become the vane of the world's smart laser field.


Warmly celebrate the successful launch of the new products of Leading Laser Industry Fair

Hearing is nothing but seeing is believing. Whether it is to find the latest equipment or technology, or to find customers, to promote cooperation, we are here to show you a one-stop visual feast.
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