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There are two types of laser laser color-changing anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels

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Due to the existence of counterfeit cigarettes, cigarette anti-counterfeiting technology is an eternal topic. Cigarette packs generally use first-line anti-counterfeiting and second-line anti-counterfeiting. First-line anti-counterfeiting is a relatively straightforward anti-counterfeiting method. At present, cigarette packs tend to use more first-line anti-counterfeiting, which is easier for consumers to identify, such as printing anti-counterfeiting instructions on the inside of the cigarette packet. In packaging printing, anti-counterfeiting technologies include anti-counterfeiting in printing processes, anti-counterfeiting in printing materials, anti-counterfeiting in inks, and anti-counterfeiting in design. Many cigarette packages use a combination of multiple anti-counterfeiting technologies.

There are two types of laser color-changing anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels: one is a laser holographic type. This type of cigarette label will look at the pattern from different angles, and will produce different colors, such as the dark blue "Furong King" cigarette label, " Anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels such as the Wanyan cigarette label belong to this type. The second is a three-dimensional stealth technology, which reflects multiple patterns with different levels from different angles. Such as the "little panda" series of cigarette labels, Changsha Cigarette Factory's "Jinsha" anti-counterfeiting cigarette labels, under sufficient light, can show the "jinsha", a pair of cranes, the running script "Jinsha" three levels of change patterns. For example, the laser film of the "Ashima" hard box has three orbital pop-up images. From different angles, three different patterns of "Sky Tower", "Red Tower", and "Hongta" can be clearly seen. The laser film on the back of the "little panda" hard box can show three pictures of the red panda's photo, text and background from different angles.

Laser code anti-counterfeiting technology is to use the world's advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and equipment to set an anti-counterfeiting mark or a specific digital at a specific position of the box mark. Its characteristics are clear patterns or digital, no embossed feeling on touch, and ink is not easy to wipe off. Most of the cigarette labels of the Xiamen Cigarette Factory and the "Red Flag Canal" cigarette labels of the Anyang Cigarette Factory adopted digital anti-counterfeiting technology. Taking the cigarette label of Xiamen Cigarette Factory as an example, all hard box products are printed with digital anti-counterfeiting, and the printing position is before and after the factory site under the front of the small box trademark. There are 21 digits of anti-counterfeiting code, the first 12 digits are identification codes, and the last 8 digits are anti-counterfeiting codes. Enter the first 12 digits of the identification code through the anti-counterfeit identifier, and see if the 8-digit anti-counterfeit code appearing on the identifier is the same as the back digit printed on the package.
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