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The potential of laser micro-additive manufacturing technology is huge.

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On October 11th, "OFweek2019 (16th) China Advanced Laser Technology Application Summit & 'Vecco Cup' Annual Selection Award Ceremony" hosted by OFweek Veken Network, co-organized by OFweek Laser Network and co-organized by High-Tech Association, was successfully held in Shenzhen . Liu Jianguo, a researcher at Wuhan Optoelectronics National Research Center of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, delivered a keynote speech on "Application of Laser Micro-Additive Manufacturing Technology in the Electronics Industry", using typical cases to discuss and share its application.

Liu Jianguo: The application of laser micro-additive manufacturing technology in the electronics industry

Liu Jianguo, Researcher, Wuhan Optoelectronic National Research Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

technical background

Additive manufacturing technology is a high-tech manufacturing technology based on the material addition method, which is considered to be a major achievement in the manufacturing field in the past 20 years. The traditional manufacturing technology is widely used in the electronics industry, and the technology is relatively mature, but it can only be processed in a flat surface, which has serious pollution and has great limitations. The development of laser advanced additive manufacturing technology not only effectively and accurately transforms design ideas into entities, but also provides a high-efficiency and low-cost implementation method.

Laser additive manufacturing technology uses the basic idea of discrete / overlay. Firstly, the part model is divided into a series of slices, and then these slices are sequentially produced by 2D manufacturing process, and then stacked one by one to become the final 3D part. Laser additive manufacturing technology is used in the field of electronic manufacturing. Because electronic and electrical products are usually small in size, high in integration, and the line / pitch resolution is usually in the micro / nano level, this additive manufacturing technology is also known as " Laser Micro Additive Manufacturing Technology. "

Liu Jianguo said that this technology breaks through the limitations of traditional "removal" processing methods, so it has no molds, saves raw materials, has short manufacturing cycles, and is easy to manufacture 3D-multi-layer complex structural parts. It has significant cost and efficiency advantages.

typical application

At present, China has initially formed a laser additive manufacturing equipment and material manufacturing system. China has developed types of additive manufacturing equipment and materials such as light curing, metal cladding, bio-manufacturing, ceramic forming, laser sintering, metal sintering, and bio-manufacturing, and has achieved certain results in various application fields.

Liu Jianguo proposed that the current laser additive manufacturing technology and equipment are mainly laser 3D printing to produce homogeneous metal parts or homogeneous plastic parts. He also introduced the "micro-write + laser sintering composite manufacturing technology" and "Dry powder + laser cladding composite manufacturing technology" two dry manufacturing technologies, and dry and wet mixed manufacturing technology-"laser etching + chemical plating composite manufacturing technology". These types of technologies can be used in the manufacture of conformal circuits and three-dimensional electromechanical integrated devices, and corresponding high-end precision and intelligent laser manufacturing equipment has been developed.

In the field of military products, traditional manufacturing processes are difficult to meet the production of some emerging materials and products due to long processes and other reasons. The use of laser micro-additive manufacturing technology can not only improve the combination of materials, enhance product reliability, but also improve product reliability. Efficiency and product realization. For example, four-arm spiral antennas for navigation and positioning, ultra-high frequency circuits, waveguides, electromagnetic shielding products for aerospace, and special-shaped vacuum electronic products.

In the field of civil products, it is widely used, such as antennas for mobile phone frames and brackets, wearable products, high-frequency circuit boards, heating coils for high-grade rice cookers, high-power LED ceramic packaging substrates, and ceramic circuit boards for power electronics.

Liu Jianguo said that thin film manufacturing technology is difficult to manufacture products with high film thickness and high line width / line spacing resolution, but laser micro-additive manufacturing technology can show its skills and product reliability. In general, laser micro-additive technology has a wide application range, high reliability, high degree of flexibility, and good product stability. It is especially suitable for the manufacture of conformal and three-dimensional products. It can give structural parts new functions and form functions. Structure.

Future trends

Liu Jianguo believes that laser micro-additive manufacturing technology has broad application prospects in the field of electronic product manufacturing. At present, although laser micro-additive manufacturing technology has been developed, there are deficiencies in information asymmetry and slow promotion between technology and industry. In the future development, the technology will carry out more in-depth research on new materials, new processes, new equipment, and integration with traditional processes, and will expand the application scope of the technology.

The potential of laser micro-additive manufacturing technology is huge. In the future, through the further combination of production, learning and research, especially in the integration of various traditional processes, it will solve the multiple needs of engineering applications. Toward a manufacturing power has greater significance.

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