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At present, UV laser cutting machines are mostly used for PCB cutting.

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In recent years, the development of mobile phones has gradually shown a trend-the number of cameras is increasing, such as the Mate 30 series that Huawei just launched, which has four cameras, and the iPhone 11 Pro of Apple phones has three cameras.


These cameras are stacked together and look like a Yuba, or a drum washing machine. Ridiculous and ridiculous, it is undeniable that the camera performance of mobile phones is indeed getting stronger and stronger, and many flagship mobile phones can easily shoot stylish movies comparable to digital cameras.


With the increase in the number of cameras, the number of components that make up a mobile phone camera is also more complex, such as a PCB board. A PCB is a printed circuit board.


With the intelligent development of the electronics industry, the number of PCB layers is increasing, the smaller and the thinner, the thinner and the thinner the electronic components are, and the higher the precision of the processing, the higher the precision of the processing. Claim. In recent years, laser technology and laser processing equipment have continued to mature, providing effective solutions for PCB boards.

At present, UV laser cutting machines are mostly used for PCB cutting. Ultraviolet laser cutting does not touch components, has little thermal influence, does not cause damage to components, and has high accuracy. The light spot can reach 10 μm (1 μm is one millionth of 1 m). Biologically, they are on the order of cell size. Such a fine laser also places higher requirements on the corresponding laser chiller.

Special domain UV laser chiller is the research and development result of Guangzhou Special domain Electromechanical Co., Ltd., and its temperature control accuracy can reach ± 0.2 ℃. Many people will ask, is this temperature difference of a few tenths so important? Very important!


The higher the temperature control accuracy, that is, the smaller the water temperature fluctuation, the more stable the water pressure, thereby reducing the load on the laser pipeline and avoiding air bubbles. (The life of the wafer is closely related to the stability of the water pressure of the circulating cooling water. The larger the fluctuation, the larger the loss of light, and at the same time, bubbles may be generated, which will cause cavitation and vibration of the internal pipeline of the laser, which greatly reduces the life of the laser.)

In addition to stability, what is the special domain UV laser chiller? 1. Equipped with two modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature adjustment. Under the intelligent temperature adjustment mode, the water temperature can be automatically adjusted as the ambient temperature changes. The manual adjustment OR is automatically adjusted by you. It is very stable anyway. 2. The environmentally friendly refrigerant is used, with CE and ROSH. Such certification is a green product; Third, it has a variety of signal output control functions such as compressor delay protection, overcurrent protection, water flow alarm, temperature alarm light, etc., to monitor your production operation at all times; Fourth, the model is compact, convenient for transportation and Mobile; five, can be equipped with heaters, water purification devices and other components ...

Therefore, the special-domain UV laser chiller has become the refrigeration standard in the UV laser processing industry, and has been loved by many manufacturers and users. Last year, the annual shipment volume of the special water chiller exceeded 60 million units.
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