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Mechanical mark calibration is perfect with laser marking machine technology

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Today, almost everyone has a watch, adults have smart watches, electronic watches, children have phone watches. For many people, mechanical watches are their favorite type.


The mechanical watch is powered by the mainspring in the movement, which drives the gears and pushes the hands. It does not require battery replacement, and can be used for a long time through regular maintenance and washing oil.

Manually wound mechanical watches need to be wound to run, so people need to interact with it (winding). An automatic mechanical watch is an improvement of a mechanical watch. A pendulum is added in it. When a person walks, the swing of the arm will drive the pendulum to wind up. The mechanical watch is like a reminder of the owner: if you wear it every day, it will have energy to continue to operate and can urge the master to struggle; when the master is lazy, it will use the strike to remind the master. So to a certain extent, mechanical watches have human feelings, and this kind of feeling cannot be replaced by electronic watches.

In addition to "feeling", the precise inner core is also a favorite feature.


The construction of today's mechanical watches is even more sophisticated. In the manufacturing process, it uses many advanced laser technologies and equipment, including ultra-fine laser cutting, laser marking, and laser welding .

Take laser marking as an example: a high-energy continuous laser beam is generated by a laser generator. The focused laser acts on the parts, causing the surface material to instantly melt or even vaporize. By controlling the path of the laser on the surface of the material, the need is formed. Graphic marks, such as origin, logo, etc., can be retained forever. Through the temperature control of the laser chiller to stabilize the laser light, batch marking processing can be realized.

Because the internal parts of the mechanical watch are very small, and the marking machine on the surface is even more compact, a laser chiller with stable performance and stable water output is a good helper for laser marking mechanical watches-on the one hand, Stabilizing the laser light, on the other hand, can avoid the generation of air bubbles as much as possible, thereby protecting the laser and extending the life of the laser.

How to define the stable performance of chiller?

Temperature control accuracy.

Take the special domain UV chiller CWUL-05 as an example, its temperature control accuracy can reach ± 0.2 ℃. This shows that the temperature of the circulating cooling water has small fluctuations in water temperature and stable water pressure, which can effectively reduce the load on the laser pipeline and avoid the generation of air bubbles.


In addition to stable performance, there are many reasons for manufacturers to choose special domain laser chiller, such as "smart" temperature control, small size, energy saving and durable. If you want to know more, you can 杏鑫平台.
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